Social Networking Workshop for Accountants - May 2012


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Social Networking Workshop for Accountants - May 2012

  1. 1. IBLE F 25 IG O EL CPD R Yrs Trusted by Acc P ountants S C D POIN TSocial NetworkingFor AccountantsDiscover in just one day how your accountancy firm can use social media with easePlusYou will take away everything you need to implement this technology, even if you have limited time or budget available!
  2. 2. Why 2012 is a critical time for your accountancy firm to take action! Dear Accounting Professional, Since founding Insight more than 25 years ago, my principal aim has been to help accountancy firms grow profitably. In that time, the changes we have witnessed, socially, economically and technologically, have meant that we have had to keep on our toes to help firms like yours keep ahead of the game. When we started there wasn’t a single computer in any firm; now it’s hard to imagine surviving without them! Today we are advising your firm to use social networking, as one of the fundamental elements in the way your firm does business. We all understand the importance of networking as a source of quality leads and referrals. Indeed, many firms have grown exclusively through face-to-face meetings and word of mouth. Yet ‘the web’ has changed how Your special invitation from David Oliver we connect with each other, and today social networking is at the heart of the communication revolution. With the help of my team at Insight, we have selected your firm for this personal invitation to join us ‘live’ for It’s no longer used by a few kids, but by the entire business community, including a growing number of your Social Networking That Works. In one day I guarantee you’ll discover everything you need to know about clients, potential clients and fellow accountancy firms. This is why it’s absolutely critical that social networking social networking: what to use, what to avoid and what low-cost or no-cost options are available. It’s been becomes an integral part of your strategy for growth in 2012. designed exclusively for busy accountants like you so that you can take away new skills in social networking The latest feedback shows that 74% of professional firms see social media as the number one emerging you’d never thought possible. channel for lead generation. Yet 68% of the same group say they are unprepared for the challenges of social Please remember these 2 points, media marketing! That’s why I’m writing to you now. One: If you don’t attend you’ll miss out on an opportunity to give your firm real competitive advantage over your competitors. Two: It’s been carefully crafted for time-stretched accountants who have little time or resources – and limited technical ability. Accept my invitation and register by calling 01325 469603 or visit where you can register online. Warm regards, “ Our senior management team first heard David Oliver and the Insight team in Paris with 80 other accountants at an international convention. Their ability to present with passion and inspiration and their ability to combine online and offline marketing for proven results meant they were presenters of ” David Oliver David Oliver – Founder choice for our own MHA inaugural conference. I have no hesitation in recommending David Oliver & the Insight team for firms that are looking to grow. c i al Rakesh Shaunak Your Spe d Offer Early Bir re April 1 1th, befo for SNTW e ticket p rice Register 25% off th and yo u’ll save for every delegate! o n li n e a t, sntw social networking that works c o .u k Re g is te r rk in g th a tw o rk s. ia ln e tw o w w w.s o c sntw social networking that works2 Register online at or call the workshop hotline on 01325 469 603 Helping accountants win better quality clients... gain higher fees... and earn more profit! 3
  3. 3. Social Networking And Accountants “There’s been a huge increase in the number of accountancy firms using social networking – yet 68% of them say they don’t know how to use it!” A recent report confirmed a staggering increase in the use of Social Media by accountancy firms in the past 12 Social Networking That Works: The Programme months. You might think that shows firms are stirring from the usual reluctance to adopt new technology. Some are, but sadly, most are not! In fact 68% of them are not actively using it! How about you? Have you signed up In one great value day together, we will take the mystery out of social networking and provide you with an to LinkedIn or Twitter? Do you have a Facebook profile? Critically, are you actively using these tools or are they achievable plan that’s ready to implement across your firm. Here are just a few of the elements we will go through dormant? Are you left wondering what to do next? Adopting the technology for some is not the problem. It’s using with you: it on a regular basis that seems to be the biggest hurdle. • The past, the present and the future of social networking and what it means to your accountancy firm and the profession as a whole. Already tried it and got nothing from it? • Taming the social dragon – you will discover the myths, lies and fairy tales of social networking and how to One of the most frequent comments from our accountancy customers when we mention Social Networking is that get tangible results with ease. they have already tried it – and it doesn’t work! Many firms have simply dipped their toe in the water with some • Learn how you can easily identify prospects of the right type, in the geographic area you operate and how to form of social media presence, but not generated anything from it. That comes as no surprise to our team. Social connect with them at the touch of a button. networking is like anything else in life – to achieve results you need to know how to do it well; to get staggering results you need to have the confidence and understanding of how to do it very well. • Hear how fellow accountancy firms of all sizes are using social networking to connect with, communicate with, and protect their existing customers. That’s why, at Social Networking That Works, our team of experts will help to show you how to create new • Discover 7 proven steps to effortlessly unlock the power of LinkedIn for prospecting. contacts, gain interest, and uncover the right type of new opportunities to generate highly profitable business. Better still, social networking can actually help drive quality prospects to your website and improve your • How to identify the referral potential from the people you know within just a few clicks. relationships with existing clients . • Get to grips with Facebook and Twitter and how they can be powerfully employed. How to save time and money, ring-fence existing clients and generate new ones • How to connect and integrate your social networking platforms together, for true simplicity. It’s true! When you attend this low cost event you’ll discover how firms of all sizes are using social networking • Discover the number 1 mistake most firms make and why they don’t generate a return on investment. to retain current customers and win new ones, even in the current climate. You’ll discover proven strategies that • You’ll be shown step by step how to use new networking tools to gain significant coverage, search engine are simple to implement, cost next to nothing and require low management involvement. You’ll also see real-life rankings and enquiries. examples of how other firms have taken action under our tutelage in the past 12 months and are already reaping • 4 of the most well respected experts in their own field at one venue; this unique team of thought leaders the rewards. will reveal how to lift the lid on social networking and leave you with a comfortable plan you can implement Many of your clients will already be engaged in social networking, and if you don’t engage them your competitors without stress. No waffle or theory just great, proven, practical ideas jam packed into 1 day to give you probably will. During the day, we will share with you why social networking must start with your existing maximum value for your time investment. customers for immediate powerful results. If carried out correctly, it will help you forge even closer, interactive • Plus you can observe – live, real time demonstrations during the day. relationships, improve your online reputation, open new channels of communication, and help protect your most valuable asset. “I don’t have anything to say, write or communicate about!” A common cry from accountants faced with the prospect of writing something on one of the Social Media Register by phone and secure your place without risk platforms is that they ‘don’t know what to say’. It shows a surprising lack of confidence when you consider that the accountancy profession is overflowing with articles, tips, news stories, tax information – the very material that Plus we will immediately rush out your free bonus report! drives Social Media and exactly the sort of information that will help you cement your relationship with existing For the small investment of just £397 00 + VAT, you will have access to leading edge and potential clients. By sharing this knowledge with others, you’ll quickly differentiate yourself from the rest, marketing advice from 4 of the most knowledgeable and experienced presenters in the profession. This workshop is packed with easy-to-use content, and driven by ideas and build up market awareness of your firm and begin to develop relationships with non-client businesses. concepts used and tested for other accountancy firms. You will benefit from first-hand experience, confident in the knowledge that the ideas are proven and ready to implement. If you’re not confident about what to say, Social Networking That Works will show you where to get content and What’s more it’s backed by our 100% money back guarantee (see page 13) how you can very quickly ‘share’ it onto your social network channels with the click of just one button. Your free report IBLE F Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn for Accountants IG Visit O EL CPD R IBLE F Or register by calling 01325 469603 IG O EL CPD R P S C P D T POIN S C D T POIN from Insight4 Register online at or call the workshop hotline on 01325 469 603 Helping accountants win better quality clients... gain higher fees... and earn more profit! 5
  4. 4. 5 Reasons It Works For Accountants £1,800 Resource Library Free 5 more great reasons why Social Networking works for accountancy firms like yours Every delegate will be given this exclusive social networking pack worth over £1,800 totally free of charge, and without obligation 1 It enables you to network in a virtual room with millions of people with ease, and have fun in the process Social Networking is not a bubble that is going to burst, or go away. Instead, all the facts point to the very opposite – it’s going to grow in its reach, ease of use, commercial value and importance. It will enable you to network with the individuals you really want to do business with and clients you really want to protect. What’s more it gives you the tools to do what might take days in just a few minutes. sntw social networking that works 2 It helps compensate for reduced marketing budgets The last few years have seen attrition rates rise, competition increase, and profits drop. The truth is these are tough and sntw social networking that works uncertain times. Within this state of flux, change and uncertainty, lies a genuine opportunity for growth. It’s a chance for progressive accountancy firms to grow quickly and cost effectively. Social networking really will help you to network with current and potential clients, find new staff, develop your online reputation and help companies find you and then enquire online – at low cost or no cost. sntw sntw Plus attend this special day and you will discover how it can save you time, money, make you look good, increase revenue and increase profits while enjoying a new tool. Your free resource library, worth over £1,800 - completely free! sntw sntw 3 Your online reputation counts Traditionally, most accountancy firms have grown through word of mouth and referrals. However in a rapidly growing Every delegate will gain immediate access to an exclusive online resource library worth over £1800. It’s yours with our compliments, your access key will be provided on the day! ‘connected’ environment you must assume that even if a client recommends your firm, potential new customers will check Thousands of delegates have commented that one of the things they really love about Insight workshops is the after- you out online first and that includes a good look at your social presence and your website. Imagine what they think if they event support. Other events end on a high note, but then good intentions and great ideas simply fade away. That’s why, can’t find you… It raises suspicions, alarm bells and unnecessary questions. Do you have something to hide? Or are you when you attend SNTW you’ll be given immediate access to an exclusive post-event online resource – as part of your just out of date? These are typical of the feelings and questions it raises if you have no social presence or a poor one. In registration. virtually every case, potential new clients and referrals will check out your LinkedIn profile before engaging with you Yes, register today and included in your low ticket 4 Recruitment: It can help you find quality new staff at low cost – fast The search facilities offered by many social platforms can quickly and easily be used to identify the people who might fill price you will receive: specific roles within your firm. What’s more once you find them, you can get a very good feel for the candidate, their history, • Social media & networking policy template for your firm and their connections. • 5 templates you can use to create the perfect online bio for you and your staff 5 It makes your firm more visible online – and look good If you want your firm to progress, you simply cannot wait to be discovered. Now, more than ever you have to have a great • A free guide to writing articles online online profile with a positive online brand. Social Networking will significantly help boost the performance of your digital • 50 + profile headlines you can use marketing and search engine optimisation. This is little wonder, when according to Experian, social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook receive more UK visits than any search engine including Google. During SNTW we will • 9 instant LinkedIn profile templates for you to adapt and implement show you how to build an active, engaging presence on key social networking sites. You will discover how to optimise your site for social media sharing, and discover how to encourage readers to share your content with ease. • Access to an exclusive marketing help-line. • PLUS over 3 hours of audio recordings from David Oliver. This So, register today then relax, knowing you’ll be social networking-savvy in just one day material covers offline practice growth material to dovetail into your (At last, you’ll know more than your kids!) social marketing activity It’s embarrassing when your children or grandchildren know more about technology than you do, isn’t it? • AND over £300 of vouchers for future Insight Marketing events LinkedIn? Twitter? Google +? Facebook? They know it all. When you register today you can do so with complete peace of mind knowing this one-day workshop is focused on proven principles for social networking. It’s designed specifically for senior staff of professional accountancy firms and will help you develop your own strategy to get the most out of social networking and explain Worth over £1,800! clearly what you must avoid. In just one day you’ll know more about Facebook than your kids. Yours free! Now won’t that be a refreshing change?! 6 Register online at or call the workshop hotline on 01325 469 603 Helping accountants win better quality clients... gain higher fees... and earn more profit! 7
  5. 5. The must-attend event for accountancy firms of all sizes sntw social networking that works sntw social networking that works How to generate referrals, reduce attrition and improve customer retention Twitter & Facebook – the truth, the lies and the hard hitting facts Winning new customers is tough for accountancy firms, and losing customers is becoming a whole lot easier. With an ageing sntw sntw • An exploratory look at the pros and cons for accountancy firms wanting to use Twitter or Facebook customer base, rising attrition rates, clients going out of business and a new stream of online accountants – it’s little wonder • We will investigate together where Twitter & Facebook fit in and if it’s really of any benefit anyway? competition is dramatically increasing. During the day we will share with you how social networking can help keep and protect • How your firm can use Twitter to find, contact and nurture new contacts your existing customers, reduce attrition and generate more referrals. sntw sntw • Understand why your own clients are under more pressure than ever to change firms and what you can do about it • Why it helps so many accountancy firms to distribute content in seconds to clients and prospects alike • Learn how top-performing firms are using social networking to protect their hard-earned customers • 10 Keys to a successful company Facebook page, and how to encourage staff to connect • How to use social media to overcome the number one challenge when asking for referrals How anyone can write, find and distribute content with ease • Discover 4 keys for successful client retention using social networking • As accountants, you have more to write about that’s of interest to business owners than any other profession. Learn how to create content for status updates, tweets, blogs, emails and more. 11 common mistakes made by accountants online and how to avoid them • Discover 10 top tips for successful, results-driven, content creation • Our expert panel of presenters will take you through the common mistakes firms make online and how to avoid them • Email marketing – how it fits into social networking and why it’s a must for every firm • What are the most successful and essential ingredients of your online activity • How to encourage your readers to open and share your content with their contacts • What pitfalls, traps, snares and holes you must avoid, and how to make the technology work for you How to integrate your online and offline marketing together for supercharged results The past, the present and the future including: • How to develop a social networking strategy that is integrated with other channels • An overview of the current market, the changes accountancy firms have faced, the key issues • Advocacy – the techniques required with the organic spread of your content online (word of mouth) • A look at what leading firms are doing that works, and why smaller more agile firms are leading the pack • Measurement – what to focus on, how to measure it and how to integrate it to generate true business value from your activity • The implications of the economic and technology changes that impact all accountancy firms, and how to respond • Social web use and how it is rapidly overtaking ‘search’, and the top 3 platforms for accountants to use 15 key things to get right on your accountancy website to maximise your new web traffic • Discover how the ideas shared at SNTW will drive quality traffic to your site Social Networking and how to manage it in just a few minutes a day • View good and bad examples of websites: those that are built to generate enquiries and those that are not • Why social networking often fails • Understand the key things accountancy firms can do to make the web work for them • How your own firm can overcome the stumbling blocks that stop most from even starting • How to integrate social onto your site, encourage your readers to view and share your site and improve your rankings • Together we will explore the evidence that suggests your online reputation is becoming critical • How to manage the process, so you can achieve much more in less time Bringing it all together into one easy-to-manage place • Making it work, discover why the stepping stones of Know, Like and Trust are essential to generating results Unlocking the power of LinkedIn effortlessly including LIVE demonstrations • View the very latest in services, tools, techniques and trends • Discover exactly why and how LinkedIn works so well for accountancy firms of all sizes • Learn how managing your entire social networking strategy can be done simply through one platform • Learn step by step how you and your staff can leverage the power of LinkedIn in a few minutes a day • Easy – that’s what one accountant said once they grasped how to manage their entire campaign in once place, how to • Watch a live demonstration by a leading LinkedIn expert on how to find and make contact with thousands of new targeted schedule future communications and distribute content to all platforms at the touch of one button prospects within 20 miles of your firm’s office • A unique process that’s part of Insight Intelligence © that allows you to measure and improve your results month after month. • How LinkedIn can help you close more appointments with potential clients • Listen to a step-by-step process that can help your firm double the number of referrals you get without that awkward silence you get after asking for one! Plus live Q & A followed by 1-to-1 time with the Insight presenters.8 Register online at or call the workshop hotline on 01325 469 603 Helping accountants win better quality clients... gain higher fees... and earn more profit! 9
  6. 6. A unique panel of presenters This workshop is for professionals in business, those of you who have already done the hardest part and that’s to be in business in the first place. Your presenters each deal with the same fears, the same day-to-day grind, and live on the same roller-coaster as you. They know what it means to be in the hot seat, and they have carefully designed this event especially for you. sntw social networking that works sntw social networking that works The most respected LinkedIn trainer for accountants Founder of Insight and world class presenter sntw sntw James Potter is Insight’s chosen LinkedIn advisor, he was originally destined for a The Founder of Insight, David Oliver is an inspirational speaker and author of 9 career in accountancy when in 1986 he discovered networking. You could say the books in 27 languages. In the last two years alone David has spoken to thousands rest is history! He went on to learn four different sales methodologies along with of accountants including presentations for UK 200, Morrison International, MHA, various other disciplines. James has a unique understanding of LinkedIn and its use sntw Haines Watts, Menzies, Spofforths, ACCA, MGI, AVN and Charter Group. Like many sntw for professional service firms. He is not just an expert consultant, voice or advisor. partners and business owners David describes himself as a ‘reluctant convert’ to No far more than that, he has made LinkedIn work, deliver, pay, generate results Social Networking and it is that journey from reluctance to working with the team in a and in significant volumes for himself and our clients. His experience spreads from planned strategic way that will be at the heart of the team’s practical wisdom on the smaller firms through to multinational corporates. James focuses on the practical and day. David will share with you first-hand, the battles he and the company faced as tactical skills needed to succeed when using social networking. Specifically helping we tried to unlock the power of social networking. His special understanding of the firms of all sizes get the most out of LinkedIn, the world’s largest online, professional, way senior partners, managers and business development managers work, means business network. you can be certain this unique day will provide you with a highly effective, pragmatic social networking strategy to protect your current clients and new client acquisition. The Money Man The leading authority on Digital Marketing for Daniel Richards has been the head of lead generation at Insight for over 10 years and for good reason. His unique experience in integrated marketing campaigns with accountants outstanding results for accountants has earned him the nickname “The money man’’. John Braithwaite is a leading authority on how accountancy firms can maximise the He has been instrumental in the growth of hundreds of firms, helping them to win impact of online, digital marketing including social networking. He has personally better quality clients, gain higher fees and earn more profit. Daniel has presented pioneered many new approaches to digital marketing and social networking to thousands of accountants, carried out over 500 individual 1:1 consultations specifically for accountancy firms. He has embraced and developed a unique process and currently advises top international firms to sole traders. He and his team grow to ensure accountancy websites convert visitors to enquiries which forms part of accountancy firms, working to a process that makes up Insight Intelligence ©. They’ve Insight Intelligence©. John is considered to be one of the leaders in generating a made and monitored over 1 million phone calls, 2 million direct mail pieces, countless return for accountancy firms through their online marketing activities. He offers a email shots and LinkedIn connections, resulting in thousands of pre-qualified unique insight into generating high quality customers online while managing current appointments for senior partners to attend. To our knowledge there is nobody with clients with ease. Daniel’s understanding and experience of integrated lead generation for accountants. It’s little wonder that he is one of the most sought-after marketing experts, speakers and consultants to the profession. “ I recently attended a conference with Insight Marketing which was a fantastic day, with many very interesting and useful ideas for business development. In a follow up one-to-one session with Dan I ” “ Having listened to David Oliver at his public events, and also having read some of his material, his 25 years of sales and marketing experience with accountants, means that his principles and insights are ” found him to be an expert in his field and he is clearly someone who provides great advice in sales earthed in reality. They are utterly pragmatic and are easy for accountancy firms, small and large, to and marketing of professional services. put into practice. This makes a big difference to the bottom line.10 Register online at or call the workshop hotline on 01325 469 603 Helping accountants win better quality clients... gain higher fees... and earn more profit! 11
  7. 7. 15 Reasons To Attend Register for SNTW Today! 15 great reasons why your accountancy firm must attend A brand new workshop for busy accountants: IG IBLE F O EL CPD R If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that you cannot afford to be complacent, least of all when it comes to your Social Networking That Works P S C D T POIN online marketing. Accountants have so much to gain from these new tools but many simply don’t know where or how to start. When you attend SNTW you will discover how easily you can use Social Networking to retain and win quality clients, higher fees and earn more profits. None of this is theory, or out-dated methodologies, but a unique combination of integrated online strategies, that will work for your firm right now in the current market. Locations dates and timings Lunch and refreshments, workbook, marketing plan, templates for There are lots of reasons to attend this special event - here are just a few profiles, updates and social media policy are all included. PLUS the event qualifies for 8 CPD points and comes with over £1800 value in • No complicated words, fear tactics or hype. Just proven, practical ideas for accountancy firms packed into 1 day to give post-event support included. you maximum value for your time and investment Please note, delegate numbers will be deliberately restricted and tickets are • 4 of the most well-respected experts in their own field together will lift the lid on proven principles for social networking issued on a first come first served basis. that works 2nd May London Congress Centre WC1B 3LS • How social networking is helping other accountancy firms solve the growing problem of an ageing client base. • Discover how leading nationals and sole practitioners alike are using social networking to revolutionise their ability to 15th May Birmingham Lea Marston Hotel B76 0BY communicate with, retain and win new clients 16th May Leeds Thorpe Park Hotel LS15 8ZB • Enjoy over 67 profitable ways to make social networking work for your firm • Gain an expert panel’s view of the past, the present and the future and how you can ‘future proof’ your firm’s digital 17th May Newcastle Marriott Metro Centre NE11 9XF marketing 23rd May Bristol Manor House, Golf Club SN14 7HX • Learn the secrets of 1 click management to save you hours 24th May Reading Holiday Inn M4 Junc 10 RG41 5TS • Discover which social networking sites are appropriate for you and what you must avoid at all costs – probably saving you No Quibble thousands of pounds and hundreds of wasted hours 100% Refund 9:00 am Registration 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Event • You won’t be confused by jargon, bored by theory or have your time wasted by seen-it-all-before out of date marketing Guarantee • It includes live demonstrations with interactive Q&A throughout the day • It’s the only event of its kind for accountancy firms looking for ways to use social networking effectively • Discover how you can get replies from prospects where email and phone calls have failed • Leave with your own customised social networking plan to secure your online growth Early bird registration save 25% Your Resource Library, worth £1,800 Register before the 11th of April to save 25% Every delegate will gain immediate access to an • Plus gain over £1800 value in post-event support to help you implement that plan with ease exclusive online resource library worth over £1,800. Normally £397 + VAT. You pay £297 + VAT pp Your day will be packed full of valuable and exclusive content from leading presenters. This is not a sales pitch, just great It’s yours with our compliments, your access key will content in a fantastic venue with lunch, refreshments, workbooks and post-event support all included in your low registration Tel: 01325 469 603 be provided on the day! fee of just £397 pp + VAT – and it’s exclusively for accountants. It’s yours free Who must attend? This event has been designed with accountants in mind – but not all accountants! Here is a list of the types of people, firms and practices we believe would gain most benefit from Social Networking That Works: Full no quibble money back guarantee A firm who already have a website, but no active social networking strategy Insight was founded on a belief that we should deliver value to A firm with a social networking presence, but little or no activity customers in everything that we do. Our workshops are no exception. We passionately believe in the outstanding value they give, and the Partners, directors and senior managers who are intrigued by the developments in social networking and want to know more about how it can help their practice grow results they produce. That’s why we are happy to back this exclusive workshop with our 100% full refund guarantee. Firms that have suspended all marketing activity in the current climate, but who want to learn more about low-cost social networking strategies If at any time, during the day, you do not feel that you are getting real Partners, directors and senior managers who enjoy networking and would like to combine their offline activities with an online value, simply inform a member of our team, and we will give you a full social networking strategy 100% refund. No questions asked, and absolutely no quibbles. This Please note; this event is not suitable for social networking experts, consultants, or advanced social networking users. (Events more means that you can book today, with complete peace of mind. appropriate for this group to follow later in the year.) 12 Register online at or call the workshop hotline on 01325 469 603 Helping accountants win better quality clients... gain higher fees... and earn more profit! 13
  8. 8. Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials Testimonials “ An essential and must attend event for any firm looking to grow in the continually evolving digital age. ” “ The Insight team have challenged our preconceptions regarding our marketing focus, making a clear case for online and offline effort ” integrating for best effect and return on investment. “ A great, highly professional ‘insight’ into the changing landscape of online marketing and digital technology for professional firms. ” “ This was the most useful seminar that I have ever attended. Interesting, relevant and the presenters were engaging, giving me ” personal tuition during the day. Priceless! “ I have now attended two Insight Marketing events in 2011. As a sole practitioner whose available time to spend on marketing ” “ Thoroughly enjoyed the day and an absolute asset for a “Novice” at marketing. ” is extremely limited, these courses are invaluable as a practical approach to help grow my firm. I would recommend them as a great investment of your time and money. “ The session was very informative and the speakers delivered ” “ To the point, detailed and practical. ” so well. The ideas provided are all areas that we can use in our business to help us grow. “ The Insight team has provided a very detailed insight into the key areas to focus on with Social Media and digital marketing. Including ” “ Today was a great event, I have come away with concepts and ideas that will impact hugely on our business if developed and ” the do’s and don’ts of using social media to win new business. - implemented properly by us. Excellent. “ An excellent event! The speakers delivered information in an highly interactive and interesting manner. I believe this course has taught ” “ Immediately relevant, and specific training to produce new outcomes and increase profitability. ” me additional ways to gain quality leads for our firm. “ Very interesting and very useful – but so much information to act on at once. We will be attending your next, full day event. ” “ A brief note to thank you and the Insight Team for the excellent day’s education and motivation last Wednesday, at the Belfry. ” I was unable to fault the course on any front. Content, timing, presentation, quality and subject matter all received top marks. The resulting warm, fuzzy feeling stayed with me through the weekend. Congratulations on a first class, professional event, and well done “one and all. 14 Register online at or call the workshop hotline on 01325 469 603 Helping accountants win better quality clients... gain higher fees... and earn more profit! 15
  9. 9. Just some of the organisations that have worked with Insight...Don’t get leftbehind...Discover over67 provenways to attractnew clients,protect yourexistingcustomersand grow yourfirm, even inthese turbulenttimes.All distilledinto oneintensivepractical day,brimming withnew contentand greatideas for youto implementimmediately...Register online before 11th of April to receive the ‘Early Bird’ offer to save 25% pp at