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Proven Digital Marketing That Works, including LinkedIn fundamentals


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Digital marketing, and your online reputation is now a critical success factor for almost all businesses – especially professional services. We all know that we should not turn up to meetings in dirty smelly clothes! All respectable firms would make sure that if a potential customer is visiting their office that it is clean, tidy, and presentable. Few, if any, would accept anything but the very highest standards in all realms of 'offline' engagement... And yet, so many of these very same companies, the very same business owners that insist on making sure the office is tidy often have poor standards when it comes to their digital identity and increasingly important – their social media reputation.

What is certain, is that there is no slower day coming and that further change is guaranteed. Therefore you must have a plan in place that also allows you to remain agile.

This short webinar will take you through proven digital marketing strategies for professional service firms to help you differentiate, gain opportunities and convert those opportunities into new clients.

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Proven Digital Marketing That Works, including LinkedIn fundamentals

  1. 1. Insight IntelligenceWelcome to this webinar from InsightProven digital marketing that works…How Leading Firms Are Winning High QualityCustomers Using Online Marketing Digital Marketing That Works
  2. 2. Who are Insight and what do we do?•Nearly 30 years of working with professional firms of all sizes, helping themto grow•Over 3000 delegates to live events this year•Over 10,000 reports downloaded•Over 45,000 subscriber to our professional services bulletin•Over 300 consultative 1:1’s with partners of firms this yearDigital Marketing That Works
  3. 3. The Market - Birthed In Change90sDial-upEarly 00’sBroadbandNowEverywhere Digital Marketing That Works
  4. 4. Are you being left behind? Digital Marketing That Works
  5. 5. Don’t get left behindCheck the reality with;•App’s•Apples to accounting•Mobiles to MYOB Digital Marketing That Works
  6. 6. Whatever happens - remain agileFurther change is guaranteed therefore you must havea plan in place whilst remaining agile “If you find change difficult you want to try redundancy” Norman Swartzkoph Digital Marketing That Works
  7. 7. Mistake 1Failing to take your digitalidentity, responsibility andsocial media reputationseriously! Digital Marketing That Works
  8. 8. You will be ‘checked out’ onlineEvery single potential client will visit yourwebsite, your LinkedIn profile and other socialpages before choosing to use you.Existing clients will periodically check you outonline from time to time especially when beingapproached by the competition Digital Marketing That Works
  9. 9. Digital Marketing That Works
  10. 10. What’s the minimum expected?• A well constructed, professionally written website that is not all about you• Good quality optimisation and/or Pay Per Click so you can be found online• Carefully constructed landing pages• Regular email marketing (monthly at the least)• A well honed presence on LinkedIn• Twitter and potentially Facebook Digital Marketing That Works
  11. 11. The sad newsWe review thousands of companies onlinepresence and most:• Are outdated• Poorly constructed• Inappropriately reflect the company• Contain no genuine photos• Stuffed full of generic ‘stuff’• Have little or no imagination• Have not been written by a professional Digital Marketing That Works
  12. 12. Mistake 2 - The websiteOne of the most common mistakes made on thewebsite itself is that its not designed to impressnor win business.This becomes evident when you spend a fewmoments looking at any site – even perhapsyour own? Digital Marketing That Works
  13. 13. Don’t stuff it full of rubbishIf it distracts the potential customerIf it takes them off your siteIf it overloads them with contentIf its technical, full of jargon or complexIf it does not contain clear benefitsIt it talks about you (with the exception of the about you section) THEN BIN IT Digital Marketing That Works
  14. 14. Start with the end! Digital Marketing That Works
  15. 15. The end - an enquiryAnd for that to take place you need effectiveCalls To Action CTA these should be placed indifferent places on your site using differentoffers (yes we all really do like offers!) and somevery simple while others offering something inreturn. Digital Marketing That Works
  16. 16. Calls to Action – Add Value Digital Marketing That Works
  17. 17. Calls to Action – Get Response Digital Marketing That Works
  18. 18. DON’T – accept a templateHere is an example from the accountancycommunity Digital Marketing That Works
  19. 19. Spot the Difference Digital Marketing That Works
  20. 20. Spot the Difference Digital Marketing That Works
  21. 21. Spot the Difference Digital Marketing That Works
  22. 22. Spot the Difference Digital Marketing That Works
  23. 23. Spot the Difference Digital Marketing That Works
  24. 24. Mistake 3Not looking at or knowing how your website isreally performing ! “If you do not measure it – you cannot manage it!” Peter Drucker Digital Marketing That Works
  25. 25. Questions That Need Answers• How much traffic is my site getting?• Where is it coming from?• What is it doing while on my site?• How much of it is translating into opportunities?• What do I need to put right?• How many enquired by emailSo, for all your marketing spend, you can work outwhat it yields for you Digital Marketing That Works
  26. 26. Statistics & ChallengesAverage Firm Monthly Stats The Challenge Is…•660 Visits (410 Unique) •Where from?•200 New Opportunities •Who are they?•4-8 Enquiries •How do they enquire?•?? New Clients •How can I do this? Answer these questions, achieve your ambitions! Digital Marketing That Works
  27. 27. Measures of Content Performance• SEO benefits / ranking• Direct visits / referrals to specific articles• Increase in overall time on site• Increase in repeat visitors and page visits• Clients and prospects referring to articles• Increase in site conversion rates Digital Marketing That Works
  28. 28. Do you feel prepared?• 68% of Marketing decision makers report that they feel “unprepared” for the challenges of social media marketing. Digital Marketing That Works
  29. 29. Quick reminder of how it works Then there’s Firstly, there’s YOU… your network These are people where there is some degree of liking, rapport and trust. These are your contacts Digital Marketing That Works
  30. 30. Degrees of Separation Then there’s Then there’s your Then there’s your networks’ networks’ networks’Firstly, there’s YOU… your network network… network… Then there’s those who are away – friends of friends or away – friends of friends of friends Digital Marketing That Works
  31. 31. Are more connections better?• If you know them all well yes but …• Not a numbers game• Quality• Engagement• Reciprocation• Success Digital Marketing That Works
  32. 32. Quick personal profile tips• Why you? – Headline – Is your profile boring? – Complete?• Get found – Use variants of words – 100% complete is not enough – New sections• Don’t look like a failure• Broken channels of communication Digital Marketing That Works
  33. 33. Keeping in touch• Status – Including links – Rewrite standard text• Filter home page• Comment and engage Digital Marketing That Works
  34. 34. How do you meet the perfect client? XX Accountants XX Lawyers XX Charities XX Directors and above XX Directors of construction companies XX that play golf XX Mangers … oh dear Digital Marketing That Works
  35. 35. 7 Steps• Be on there• Make the most of your profile• Know your network• Identify your target client• Search for them / their company• Join the right groups• Engage or fail Digital Marketing That Works
  36. 36. How to use email marketing to drivetraffic to your website… • Value/Sales led email to educate and draw a response • Landing pages setup so process is easy for the prospect and streamlined for your sales conversion • Analytics setup on website and email to gain intelligence • Heat maps on you website • Speed of response • Autoresponders • Focused future messages Digital Marketing That Works
  37. 37. Email Marketing That Works Digital Marketing That Works
  38. 38. Email Marketing That WorksIncentives or offers Digital Marketing That Works
  39. 39. Email Marketing That WorksGetting & Building ListsThe math…Outbound TM 40 per week = 1604 partners LinkedIn or networking 5 each per week = 80Reception 1 per day = 202 Client managers 2 each per week = 16PPC = 50LinkedIn = 50TOTAL = 376 per month or 4512 p.a. Digital Marketing That Works
  40. 40. Email Marketing That Works Digital Marketing That Works
  41. 41. Email Marketing That Works Digital Marketing That Works
  42. 42. A free resource pack for everyoneThere is a limit to what can be covered by webinar; that’s why we offer thefollowing.1. 9 Common LinkedIn mistakes - your free 31 page report that outlines what to avoid and how to get the most from starting with LinkedIn. Plus a separate document, giving you bespoke website strategies that work.2. One page digital marketing plan to help you create your strategy3. Free prospect search, including email addresses4. Free 1:1 together by phone - expert, independent advice from the comfort of your office and without obligation3. Invitation to join us for a full day live4. Free evening with our senior team over champagne and CanapésDigital Marketing That Works