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Insight Innovation Competition: AnswerTap - Presented at the Insight Innovation eXchange North America 2013


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Learn how AnswerTap is addressing the three biggest pain points when conducting qualitative market research: 1) time to conduct and process interview content, 2) panelist recruitment and 3) high cost. See how our clients simply define their desired demographics within our web application, and a respondent matching the specified criteria appears within minutes via webcam. Afterwards the researcher can utilize the video editing and automated transcription tools saving time on analysis and preparing the final report. The service is affordably priced less than existing solutions.
About AnswerTap
AnswerTap is a real-time opinion marketplace for market research. We use webcams and crowdsourcing to connect marketing agencies, brands and researchers to over 9 million targeted panelists within minutes.

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Insight Innovation Competition: AnswerTap - Presented at the Insight Innovation eXchange North America 2013

  1. 1. Real Time Crowdsourced Opinion Research AffordableEasy Fast
  2. 2. Too Expensive Time Constraints Logistical Reasons 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Sources: KPMG, Greenbook Biggest pain points when using Focus Groups The Focus Group is Broken 67% 44% 31% $5 billion annually is spent on "qual" research Focus Group Discussions 72% 1v1 Interviews 14% Other 14% <15% of Qual (FGs and 1:1s) are currently done online vs. >70% of Quant @answertap #iiex
  3. 3. AgencyMarketing Panel CompaniesField Services 1,000 5101,5003,500 12224,500 257,500 Days: Qual is Expensive Because it is Complicated Draft RFP Moderates Interview Transcribing Video Analysis Presentation Deck Screening Interviews Scheduling Email Target List Gets Answer
  4. 4. 1,000 Days: 2 CompleteResearchProjectsinDays We Make It Easy 1) DEFINE TARGET MARKET Recruit respondents from within a 9 million person panel in minutes 2) LIVE WEBCAM INTERVIEWS Video chat sessions. Includes markup tools for images and webpages 3) VIDEO SEARCH Recorded video is keyword searchable and includes an interactive transcript 4) SHARE Easily share project video with colleagues and clients anywhere, anytime @answertap #iiex
  5. 5. How it Works
  6. 6. Precise Targeting
  7. 7. Scheduling
  8. 8. Chat Room
  9. 9. Interactive Transcript Paul Hedquist
  10. 10. Drag and Drop Video Editing Tools
  11. 11. Rapid Recruiter On Demand Recruiting from AnswerTap. Flat price includes all respondent incentives $300/hour $99/hour $990TOTAL Affordably Priced For All Sized Research Projects 10interviews Beta Price Retail Value Pay As You Go. No Hidden Fees @answertap #iiex Bring Your Own Sample $175/hour $69/hour $690TOTAL 10interviews Beta Price Retail Value Client provided sample. Includes transcription and video editing tools.
  12. 12. Founding Team Where We Have Been BIZ DEV: Jim Longo - 26 years of experience within the market research industry. A thought leader with regards to online behavior and technology PRODUCT: Zach Simmons - 15 years experience designing, engineering and marketing technology products. Background at Amazon Web Services and he holds an MBA from Chicago Booth. ENGINEERING: David Busby - Resident development lead, technology muse, and lean startup evangelist. He builds world class scalable business process automation solutions. Kate Brennan Director Biz Dev, SurveyMonkey Ben Smithee CEO, Spych Market Analytics Richard Mumby Founding Partner, RPM Advisory Board Experienced and Balanced Team @answertap #iiex
  13. 13. We’re bootstrapped… ...but we are seeking seed financing Use of Seed FundingObligatory "Up and to the Right!" Graph Total Cash In Total Cash Out Cash Balance Misc (20%) Engineering (45%) Sales Marketing (35%) 2013 2014 2015 emailbiz@answertap.comforaxisscaleWhat We Are Doing Next @answertap #iiex Coupon Code: IIeX