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Expert Panel: Agile Innovation As a Business Imperative


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Moderated by Jeff Adler. Panelists: Menaka Gopinath, Monica Corbett, Rachel Dreyfus, Cathy Allin, Bryan Dorsey of John Deere

The pace of change is accelerating. Moore’s Law seems to apply across the board, and the curve is getting steeper. Agile innovation is the way to move quickly to not just adapt, but to get ahead of the curve. It’s not an option; it’s a survival imperative. This panel of experts will discuss how they have built agile innovation into their organizational structure, and how they leverage the ability to quickly adapt and respond to competitive advantage.

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Expert Panel: Agile Innovation As a Business Imperative

  1. 1. AGILE INNOVATION AS A BUSINESS IMPERATIVE Monica Corbett Campbell Soup Company Menaka Gopinath Ipsos Social Media Exchange Rachel Dreyfus Linking consumer insights to brand growth Cathy Allin Decision Insight Bryan Dorsey John Deere