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Two Screeners - How simultaneous Online- and TV-Consumption determines Media Planning in the Future


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Two Screeners - How simultaneous Online- and TV-Consumption determines Media Planning in the Future

  1. 1. BSI<br />TwoScreeners- HowsimultaneousOnline- andTV-Consumptiondetermines Media Planning in the Future<br />Brand Science Institute, 14. July 2010<br />
  2. 2. BSI<br />TwoScreenersarethelargestgrowingsegment in the Media Ecosystem – 17% ofthe Western Population consumes Online and TV at the same time<br />Recently<br />TwoScreener Population in Europe/US<br />TwoScreeners:<br />TwoScreenersdescribe individuals consuming Online- and traditional TV - Media at the same time. <br />TwoScreenersarethe fastest growingsegementofmediaconsumers in the last 7 years. While in 2003 only 2% ofthe Western populationusedtwomediachannels at the same time, TwoScreenersjumpedto 11% in 2007 and 17% in 2010.<br />Weanalyze4.500 individuals in Germany, Great Britain, US, Spain andFrance andtheirmediaconsumptionhabitsas well astheirdesireformediainvolvement.<br />Two Screeners<br />One Screener<br />Source: Brand Science Institute n= 4.502 Consumers<br />
  3. 3. BSI<br />TwoScreenersarebettereducated, spentmoremoneyduringtwoscreensessionsandaredominatedbyfemaleuserswithnokids<br />Recently<br />TwoScreenerCharacteristics<br />TwoScreener Online Spendingover €100,-/$100,-<br />Gender<br />Female<br />15-25Years<br />Male<br />26-35 Years<br />36-45Years<br />Householdwithkids<br />Yes<br />No<br />Education<br />No College<br />Time spentwith TV/Online<br />Some College<br />Over 10h/week<br />College<br />Less 10h/week<br />Graduate School<br />3<br />Source: Brand Science Institute <br />
  4. 4. BSI<br />The 26-36 agegroupgrowsstrongerthanteensand individuals with 36-45years ofage – Dual Video consumption was an astonishingstudyresult<br />Recently<br />TwoScreener Age/Habits<br />Age 36-45 Years<br />Age 26-35 Years<br />Age 15-25 Years<br />Source: Brand Science Institute n= 1.440 Consumers<br />
  5. 5. BSI<br />Online and TV usageletinvolvementlevelsexplode – The consumersdesireforhighinvolvementisTV‘sgrowingproblem in thefuture<br />Recently<br />TwoScreenerExperience Involvement-Level<br />Klick Linls<br />Read Posts<br />High-Involved<br />Check Online News/Network<br />Watch TV<br />Watch TV<br />Watch TV<br />Watch TV<br />Random Surfing<br />Find Program/Film<br />Online for TV info<br />Watch TV<br />Zapping<br />Zapping<br />Desirefor Info<br />Bored<br />Medium-Involved<br />Bored<br />Random Surfing<br />Random Surfing<br />Switch off TV<br />Switch on TV<br />Random Surfing<br />Switch off Online<br />Low-Involved<br />Source: Brand Science Institute n= 221 Consumers<br />
  6. 6. BSI<br />Aboutus<br />Recently<br />Brand Science Institute is a brand and media strategy think-tank that provides companies with a pragmatic approach to disruptive technologies. We have four areas of focus: Brand Management, Customer Management,<br />Brand Community, and Social Media.<br />Visit us at<br />