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Social Media Success-Factors


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Social Media Success-Factors

  1. 1. BSI<br />Social Media Success-Factors<br />Hamburg, 10. January 2010<br />
  2. 2. BSI<br />Success-Factors – Brands with flexible corporatestructuresand a strong customerunderstandingaremorelikelytosucceed in theSocial Media Biz<br />Recently<br />Strong Customer Focus<br />Social Media losers:<br />Are significantlyslower in time-to-marketexecutions<br />Have a weakcustomerunderstanding<br />Don‘thave a cluehowto handle Social Media on a dailybasis<br />Take thewrongstepstoallocatebudgets<br />Flexible IT-Departments<br />Legal Authority forSocial Media<br />Right Budget-Allocation<br />24/7 Social Media Support<br />Source: Brand Science Institute n=632 Corporate Delegates<br />