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Adobe gaming today tomorrow Trento

  1. 1. Adobe & GamingNow and Tomorrow12 giugno 2013Andrea TrentoCEO @Freakpod | Adobe Community Profesional@andreatrento
  2. 2. COSA VEDREMO?● Perché game development● Con quali prospettive guardare al gaming● Capire se oggi AIR e Flash technology sono la giustascelta per cross-platform gaming.● Come Gaming SDK ci possono preparare all HTML5game development di domani.
  3. 3. @ANDREATRENTO● CEO e Lead Developer in Freakpod™● Specializzato nello sviluppo di contenuti digitalicross-platform dal 2000● HTML5, JS, C++, Objective-C, Flash Platform, ActionScript 3.0 e altro● Adobe Community Professional e Adobe User GroupManager● Speaker, consultant e teacher● Bla… Bla... Bla…
  4. 4. Gaming isHUGE!
  5. 5. The BiggestGamingPlatform
  6. 6. High Revenuee High Performance
  7. 7. FlashTechnology =No frictionFlash Player forDesktop browsersAdobe AIR forStandalone appsSame code(AS3)No friction
  8. 8. Powered byStage3DGPU APIs per browser emobile devices (iOS,Android)Starling+AIRSolide performance a 60fps
  9. 9. AIR apps su iOS App Store e Google Play60% new apps ogni mese
  10. 10. Gaming SDKFlash BuilderFlash ProAdobeScoutFlasCCAdobe Game DeveloperToolsCreate Extend Profile
  11. 11. The Gaming SDK makes it easy to get started!
  12. 12. AIR SDK Frameworks Extensions DocsFreeMacOS (.dmg)Windows (.exe)}ATF
  13. 13. ● Quarterly release. Ogni 3 mesi, new features!● Beta program:● Test i games● Roadmap: SDK AND FLASH PLAYER
  14. 14. ● Support for more hardware-accelerated video cards● Compressed texture with alpha support● StageVideo.attachCamera● Camera.copyToByteArray/Camera.copyToVector/drawToBitmapData● LZMA runtime compression/decompression on ByteArray● AIR iOS Push Notifications● AIR direct deployment (without iTunes)● Shared memory support for Concurrency (ActionScript workers)● Debug stack trace in release builds of Flash Player● Query Graphics Data● Multiple SWF support for iOS● Fullscreen UI permission dialog improvement● Concurrency (ActionScript Workers) support in ChromeRECENTI FLASH PLAYER E AIR UPDATES
  15. 15. ● Android Captive Runtime Debugging● OUYA Controller Support● AIR iOS remote SWF hosting of secondary SWFs● Preventing backup of shared objects on iOS for better iCloud support● 16 bit texture supportRECENTI FLASH PLAYER E AIR UPDATES
  16. 16. ● Recursive stop API on MovieClips● GamePad support on desktop browsers (XInput) and Android● Increase max texture size to 4096x4096● Rectangular textures● LZMA support for iOS● Datagram and server socket support on mobile.NEXT!
  17. 17. Frameworks
  18. 18. STACKAway3D (3D) Starling (2D)Feathers(2D)Integration Frameworks supportati eintegrati by AdobenellSDK.GameController
  19. 19. STACKFrameworks supportati eintegrati by AdobenellSDK.
  20. 20. StarlingStarling è un open-source, 2D frameworkche permette lo sviluppodi GPU-acceleratedgames e applications.starling-framework.orgEsempio: AngryBirds StarWarsvar hero:Sprite = new Sprite();hero.x = 200;hero.y = 200;hero.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, loop);addChild(hero);Free eBookdownload @ O’Reilly:
  21. 21. FeathersFramework per lo sviluppodi 2D UI su GPU. Open-source 2D UI component,extension per
  22. 22. Away3DLightweight open-source3D framework.away3d.comExample:StarForce Delta (top)Kings Road
  23. 23. DragonBones 2.0DragonBones è un free,open-source, skeletalanimation system.dragonbones.github.comDragonBones integraFlashPro e Starling, econverte animation intexture atlas.
  24. 24. NEW!Gaming SDK1.2Updating all frameworksUpdating AIR SDK to 3.8Adding Away3D 4.1Adding new tool:AwayBuilderAdding GamePadsupport for XBOX 360Controller
  25. 25. FlasCCNative C/C++ gamesFairy Tail Online 
  26. 26. FlasCCNative code run in unacross-platformActionScript 3 VirtualMachine.Coming Soon as opensource: CrossBridgeVersion 1.1 includeupgrades a LLVMC/C++(llvm-gcc)LLVMbitcodeAS3 Bytecode(.abc)on AVM2
  27. 27. Adobe ScoutProfile avanzato perdesktop e mobiledevices.Lavora con Flash Playere AIR runtime.
  28. 28. Standards?
  29. 29. CreateJSFree extension perFlash Pro TweenJS SoundJS PreloadJS
  30. 30. Frameworks &StandardsAway3D.js Starling,jsFeathers.js
  31. 31. Free in the Creative Cloud.
  32. 32. Build for nowBuild for the