How Data Visualization Enhances the News


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The Briefing Room with Robin Bloor and Tableau Software
Live Webcast Sept. 17, 2013
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In the modern world of news delivery, many stories cannot be told with just words and pictures. Increasingly, top-tier news providers use interactive visualizations of data in order to tell compelling stories. The result is a more engaging experience for the user, plus added insights for the news provider.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to see several of the most creative and powerful examples of data visualization in the news. Chief Analyst Robin Bloor of The Bloor Group will then discuss the visualization building process with Ben Jones of Tableau Software, who will answer questions about best practices for creating educational and visually stimulating graphics.

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How Data Visualization Enhances the News

  1. 1. How Data Visualization Enhances the News The Briefing Room
  2. 2. Welcome Host: Eric Kavanagh Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  3. 3. Mission !   Reveal the essential characteristics of enterprise software, good and bad !   Provide a forum for detailed analysis of today s innovative technologies !   Give vendors a chance to explain their product to savvy analysts !   Allow audience members to pose serious questions... and get answers! Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  4. 4. Topics This Month: ANALYTICS October: DATA PROCESSING November: DATA DISCOVERY & VISUALIZATION Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  5. 5. Analytics My, how the news and reporting industry has changed Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  6. 6. Analyst: Robin Bloor Robin Bloor is Chief Analyst at The Bloor Group Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  7. 7. Tableau Software !   Tableau develops software for data visualization, business intelligence and analytics !   Their stated mission is to help people see and understand data !   Tableau Public is designed to allow users to create visually compelling and interactive graphics that can be embedded and shared Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  8. 8. Guest: Ben Jones   Ben Jones is the Tableau Public Product Marketing Manager for Tableau Software in Seattle. Previously, Ben was a process improvement specialist at a medical device company in Los Angeles, and he has a background in mechanical engineering and business. Ben also blogs about data analytics and visualization at, and he can be reached at or on twitter at @DataRemixed. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  9. 9. How Data Visualization Enhances the News BEN JONES @DataRemixed
  10. 10. 1. Captures the Imagination Which story are you more likely to read?  
  11. 11. 2. Illustrates Trends The explosion …and the response h#p://­‐store-­‐boston-­‐marathon-­‐explosions  
  12. 12. 3. Facilitates Comparisons We saw it happen Was it the biggest? the Deadliest? h#p://­‐graphic-­‐japans-­‐dea.html  
  13. 13. More Comparisons A movement underway   But how widespread is it?
  14. 14. 4. Hits Close to Home Is my pension in “peril”? Is my county more “lush”?
  15. 15. 5. Stimulates Dialog LaNacion visualized the suspicious expenses of VP Boudou on social on comments
  16. 16. 6. Aids Memory Which are you more likely to remember tomorrow? This? Or This?
  17. 17. What is FREE Windows software to quickly create and share interactive data graphics on the web. Coming to Mac soon!
  18. 18. How does it work? Data Data in Excel, CSV, Access Connect Visualize Publish Point Tableau Public to data Create interactive dashboards Embed in your website and share via social media
  19. 19. Award Winning Data Journalism Ref:
  20. 20. Summary: How Data Visualization Enhances the News 1. Captures the Imagination 2. Illustrates Trends 3. Facilitates Comparisons 4. Hits Close to Home 5. Stimulates Dialog 6. Aids Memory BEN JONES @DataRemixed
  21. 21. Perceptions & Questions Analyst: Robin Bloor Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  22. 22. Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?
  23. 23. The Options For data, there are two possible approaches: REPORTS VISUALIZATIONS Lists Groupings Summaries Verbal comment Illustrations Graphs Charts Diagrams Photographs Animations Of course, they are not mutually exclusive. They can be combined.
  24. 24. Beyond the Spreadsheet Most of the time you do not just VIEW data, you INTERACT with it: u  Anatomically – via drill down and summary u  Mathematically – via algorithms u  Exploratively – via a variety of perspectives u  Topologically – through its visual appearance
  25. 25. The Nature of Learning LEARNING: u  The VISUAL CORTEX is the largest neural system in the brain and hence often dominates learning u  Differences noticed by the senses draw attention and have GREATER IMPACT u  Words and pictures are inevitably cross-bred; there is logic, but also INTUITION u  EXPLORATION promotes learning; ARTICULATION promotes learning; TEACHING promotes learning
  26. 26. News & News Analysis Analysis Soundbites Videos Photos NEWS ANALYTICS: Why & How What is happening? NEWS: Headlines Statistics Graphs Photos
  27. 27. The “Democratization” of Technology Technology adoption – DRIVEN BY PRICE: u  The military u  Large companies u  Medium-sized companies u  SMB and SOHO u  Joe Public – often led by youth (16-25)
  28. 28. u  What led Tableau to develop this type of visualization service? u  Is Tableau Public completely free? If so, what does Tableau gain by providing this? u  Does the illustration capability include any kind of exploration/drill down? If not, then could it? u  Who this? are the users you expect to make use of
  29. 29. u  Data journalism? Is this a new kind of journalism? u  Are there commonly available sources of data that can be used to effectively illustrate the news? If so what is available? u  Is there a “data market?”
  30. 30. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  31. 31. Upcoming Topics September: ANALYTICS October: DATA PROCESSING November: DATA DISCOVERY & VISUALIZATION Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room
  32. 32. Thank You for Your Attention Slide 5 Image Source: Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room