Down to Business: Taking Action Quickly with Linked Data Services


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The Briefing Room with Krish Krishnan and Denodo
Live Webcast 5-28-2013

Rapid time-to-insight makes analysts happy, but rapid time-to-action is what executives want most. Being able to respond quickly to market changes, new opportunities or customer requests is increasingly a must-have in today's competitive landscape. The key ingredient for this kind of organizational flexibility? Data! Companies that can quickly pull together a variety of data sources have a significant advantage over those that cannot.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Analyst Krish Krishnan of Sixth Sense explain how linked data services can provide the necessary foundation for an agile enterprise. He'll be briefed by Suresh Chandrasekaran of Denodo Technologies who will showcase his company's mature data virtualization platform. He'll demonstrate how a point-and-click interface can be used to quickly assemble a wide range of data sets, thus enabling companies to build business solutions that address very specific enterprise needs.


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Down to Business: Taking Action Quickly with Linked Data Services

  1. 1. The Briefing RoomDown to Business: Taking Action Quickly with Linked Data Services
  2. 2. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing RoomWelcomeHost:Eric
  3. 3. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room!   Reveal the essential characteristics of enterprise software,good and bad!   Provide a forum for detailed analysis of today s innovativetechnologies!   Give vendors a chance to explain their product to savvyanalysts!   Allow audience members to pose serious questions... and getanswers!Mission
  4. 4. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing RoomMAY: IntegrationJune: DATABASEJuly: CLOUDAugust: HIGH PERFORMANCE ANALYTICS
  5. 5. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing RoomIntegrationü  Data is growing involume and complexityü  Architectures arebecoming morebusiness-drivenü  Analysts want fastertime to actionü  The BYOD movementcomplicates things further
  6. 6. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing RoomAnalyst: Krish KrishnanMr. Krishnan is a recognized expert worldwide in thestrategy, architecture and implementation of highperformance data warehousing solutions andunstructured Data. He co-authored “Building theUnstructured Data Warehouse” along with Bill Inmon.He also has written eBooks, over 150 articles,viewpoints and case studies in Big Data, BusinessIntelligence, Data Warehousing, Data WarehouseAppliances and High Performance Architectures.Mr.Krishnan presents and speaks at TDWI, DAMA, IRMUK, Wilshire Conferences, MIT Symposium and otherindustry conferences. He leads the Data WarehouseAppliance and Architectures Expert Channel and publishes withwww.beyenetwork.comkkrishnan.
  7. 7. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing Room! Denodo Technologies is a data integration and datavirtualization software company!   The Denodo Enterprise Data Services Platform delivers asecure virtualized data services layer, allowing users toachieve independence from physical data sources!   It enables Enterprise Data Management, facilitating there-use of both business data and data logicDenodo Technologies
  8. 8. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing RoomSuresh ChandrasekaranSuresh Chandrasekaran is a recognized expert in DataVirtualization drawing from 15+ years of experience inleading integration middleware and Web companies.He speaks frequently at conferences on technologyand its business impact, most recently at EnterpriseData World. Previously, Suresh was a managementconsultant at Booz & Co. He has an MBA from theUniversity of Michigan and undergraduate degreesfrom India.
  9. 9. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesData Virtualization for Business AgilityDemo of Data Virtualization enabling Linked Data Services- Consolidated View of Business Entities Across DisparateData Assets through a Unified Semantic LayerSuresh Chandrasekaransuresh@denodo.comMay 28, 2013
  10. 10. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesWhat Business Really Wants“Get timely data access(query, browse and search)to any business relevant trusted datain internal or external sourcesthrough an increasing #/variety of apps(including SaaS/Web and Mobile)with rapid time to marketand flexibility to change or update”
  11. 11. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesBusiness Need for Information Agility■  Business entity views■  Pre-integrated information■  Discovery, self-service■  Fast access, ~ real-time■  Trustworthy, accurate■  Flexible, mobiledatasemanticrelationsinformationknowledgewisdomunderstandingrelationsunderstandingpatternsunderstandingprinciplesunderstanding
  12. 12. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesTraditional Methods - Too Slow, Too Limited, Too Costly■  The Data Warehousing Institute - Orgs on avg. take•  8 weeks – add new data source to a DW•  7 weeks - build complex dashboard or report■  Forrester - IT spends avg. 1% of Rev. on Storage•  75% of the data stored - inactive, rarely accessed•  90% of all data access requests in production OLTP areserviced by new data■  Gartner –Top Technology Trends 2013Data Virtualization - “Central to success is an enablingtechnology infrastructure that helps information producers andinformation consumers organize, share and exchange any typeof data and content, anytime, anywhere”
  13. 13. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesChallenges Met! Data Virtualization.■  Access heterogeneous datasources with different formats■  Canonical views combine datafrom different sources■  Data virtually transformedand cleaned■  Create the associationsbetween the related entities■  Ensure good performance■  Minimize replication of datawhich is costly■  Increase reuse of data (self-service, data services etc)■  Integrated governance,security, data quality
  14. 14. © 2013 Denodo Technologies
  15. 15. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesDenodo – Best of Breed Data VirtualizationDataConsumers Enterprise Applications, ESB Reporting, BI, Portals Mobile, Web, UsersDataVirtualizationDesign ToolsOptimizerCacheSchedulerMonitoringGovernanceMetadataSecurityPublish Real-time (Right-time) Data ServicesCombine Transform, Improve Quality, IntegrateConnect Normalized Views of Disparate DataDenodo PlatformLibrary of Wrappers Web Automation Any Data or Content Read and WriteDataSourcesDatabases &WarehousesEnterpriseApplicationsCloud / SaaSApplicationsXML, Excel,Flat FilesBig Data,NoSQLWeb 2.0Soc. MediaPDF, Docs,Index, EmailsMore Structured Less StructuredBusiness SolutionsAccess Information-as-a-ServiceDenodo PlatformRight Informationat the Right TimeDisparate DataAny SourceAny FormatMultiple Protocols,FormatsLinked Data ServicesQuery, Search, BrowseRequest/Reply,Event DrivenSecureDelivery
  16. 16. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesData Virtualization – Under the Covers
  17. 17. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesData Virtualization Delivers New CapabilitiesDataVirtualizationLogicalabstraction &decouplingOn-demand,real-timeaccess todisparate dataSemanticintegration ofstructured,Web,unstructuredAgile DataservicesProvisioning(many formats,secure, reusable)Unified datagovernance
  18. 18. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesFinancial: Return on Data Assets (ROA)3IT / Structural: Single Unified Data Layer2Business: Speed, Flexibility, Cost1Why Data Virtualization?Data Virtualization enables timely delivery of data and flexibilityto change at lower cost than traditional integrationA unified virtual layer that abstracts underlying source complexityand presents disparate data as if from a single sourceMultiply business value by increasing ‘shareability’ of a dataresource across multiple data users and use cases
  19. 19. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesDV Brings Agility to Enterprise ArchitectureEnterprise Abstraction, Semantic Data Services, Agile EverythingReplicateMDM/Data warehouseETLPropagateSOA/Service RegistryBPM/ESBCollaboratePortalsFile SharingEmail, SocialPlatformsSearchCMSKnowledge-dbCrawl /Index,Semantic ToolFederateReal-timeQuery EngineMulti-StructuredConnectorsAgile BI& AnalyticsAgileApplicationsPeopleProcessesContentIntelligenceDatabases &WarehousesEnterpriseApplicationsCloud / SaaSApplicationsXML, Excel,Flat FilesBig DataNoSQLCollaborationWeb 2.0PDF, Docs,Index, EmailsMore Structured Less StructuredDiverse Data Sources and FormatsData VirtualizationData Virtualization
  20. 20. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesWho is Doing it? Leaders in Every Industry
  21. 21. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesWho is Doing it? Leaders in Every Industry
  22. 22. © 2013 Denodo TechnologiesDenodo – Leader in Data VirtualizationForrester - Leader in Forrester WaveTM: Data VirtualizationGartner - Cool Vendor in Data IntegrationBloor – Top 10 IT Companies to WatchThe Burton Group – Best of Breed Data VirtualizationInfoWorld - Best Mashup ServerInformation Management - Top 40 ListBioIT World- Best of Show 2012Broadest Support for Data Sources, Broadest Provisioning Options for BI & Apps,Agile High Performance, Unified Governance, Linked Data Services, Best ROA!
  23. 23. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing RoomPerceptions & QuestionsAnalyst:Krish Krishnan
  24. 24. +Big  Data  –  A  Business  Problem    Krish  Krishnan  Founder  –  President,  Sixth  Sense  Advisors  Inc  @copyright Sixth SenseAdvisors 2012
  25. 25. +Tipping  Point  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 •  Enablers–  Web 2.0 Platforms–  Social Media–  Mobility–  Cloud–  Personalization–  Location &LocalizationViral  change  inflected  by  a  boiling  point  or  a  drama4c  moment  of  cri$cal  mass    •  Empowerment  –  AnalyCcs  –  Influence  &  Reach  –  CommodiCzaCon  
  26. 26. +From  TransacConal  to  Behavioral  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 The challenge facing the business today is the ability to influence the buyer decisions in a windowof opportunity that does not last long.The analytics available at a personalization level drives thebuyer whether it is choosing a Doctor or buying a Donut. To compete in this new era, businesses need to be driven by data and analytics, which are largelydifferent from traditional transactions and campaigns The Gen Z and Millinieal Generation of buyers will not be swayed by traditional engagementmodels of selling products and services
  27. 27. +A  Growing  Trend  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012
  28. 28. +Business Evolution – Product toCustomer Focus Shifts@copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 Image source - internet
  29. 29. +Forces  Shaping  Business  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012
  30. 30. +Decision  Support  –  Now  &  Then  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 ProductChannelSalesPromotionMarketPriceTransactionsCustomers
  31. 31. +Decision  Support  –  Now  &  Then  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 CustomerPromotionSocialPresenceBehaviorAnalyticsCompetition MarketValueTransactionsPrice
  32. 32. +State  of  Data  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012
  33. 33. +Example  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 Tweet: @jdoe – very disappointed with @united @checkin lousy svc, badmgmt, long lines #fail. 20000 retweets. 4 hours ago IT PerspectiveText of 140 chars will be storedas string.The data model forthis will be a table with source,content, datetime.Business PerspectiveUser – JDoeBrand – UnitedSentiment – NegativeProcess – Check-inTime – Waiting in long linesImpact – shared 20000 times in 4hours
  34. 34. +Big  Data  Challenges  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 Complex AmbiguousStructure-lessMinimallyOrganizedData QualityIssuesMetadataNeedsInterventionNeedsContextNeedsAnalysis
  35. 35. +Big  Data  DifferenCators  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 §  Is Data definitely, but§  It is not like anything you have dealt with before§  Has no finite structure§  Heavy on volume, ambiguous in metadata, loosely connected in structure§  If data is linguistic oriented, processing will be heavily contextual§  If data is numeric oriented, processing needs more granular data or hasmore number crunching§  If semi structured data, it needs more expansion and can have a mixedworkload
  36. 36. +Analysis  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012
  37. 37. +Processing  –  The  Details  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 TagCategorizeClassifyCleanse (Data Quality Rules)Semantic IntegrationMeasureVisualizeThis entire cycle isdriven by business usersand more importantlythe Data Scientist Team. IT serves as a facilitatorand a participant. IF you make this an ITdriven initiative, you willnot be completelysuccessful
  38. 38. +QuesCons  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012
  39. 39. +QuesCons  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors2012 n  Describe  the  importance  of  metadata  in  the  next  generaCon  data  roadmap.  n  How  do  you  intend  to  use  semanCc  knowledgeworks  as  a  core  component  in  building  the  business  rules  for  the  new  systems?  How  do  you  foresee  the  evoluCon  from  a  sustained  knowledge-­‐base  to  a  dynamic  learning  applicaCon?  n  The  systems  of  the  future  will  be  “learn  and  interact”  systems.  What  are  the  most  important  behaviors  that  a  system  must  learn?  n  Why  do  we  think  that  data  virtualizaCon  provides  a  beVer  roadmap  for  data  integraCon?  n  What  are  the  most  important  characterisCcs  of  the  next  generaCon  data  roadmap?  
  40. 40. +Thank  You  n  Contact  n  n  TwiVer:  @datagenius  n  Images  Source  -­‐  Internet  @copyright Sixth Sense Advisors 2012
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  42. 42. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing RoomJune: DATABASEJuly: CLOUDAugust: HIGH PERFORMANCE ANALYTICSUpcoming
  43. 43. Twitter Tag: #briefr The Briefing RoomThank Youfor YourAttention