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A Futuristic Reality: The Big Data Platform


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The Briefing Room with Krish Krishnan and IBM
Slides from the Live Webcast on July 24, 2012

The big deal with Big Data is the potential for this phenomenon to redefine the modern Information Architecture. Though still in its infancy, the concept of a Big Data Platform promises to do just that. By incorporating the array of options now available -- massively parallel processing, streaming technology (including complex event processing), semantics, in-memory and more -- a Big Data Platform can solve a whole range of problems before they even occur; while also opening the door to a new era of applications that are custom-designed for addressing highly specific business needs.

Check out this episode of The Briefing Room to learn from Analyst Krish Krishnan, who will outline a vision for the Big Data Platform. He’ll be briefed by Anjul Bhambhri, Vice President of Big Data for IBM, who will tout her company’s strategy for leveraging the power of both Big Data and traditional information assets. In particular, she’ll discuss how a combination of IBM technologies can help organizations achieve truly disruptive change in their organizations. Solutions demonstrated will include: Big Insights, Streams, Vivisimo’s Velocity, and Netezza.

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A Futuristic Reality: The Big Data Platform

  1. 1. Eric.kavanagh@bloorgroup.comTwitter Tag: #briefr 7/24/2012
  2. 2. Reveal the essential characteristics of enterprise software, good and bad Provide a forum for detailed analysis of today’s innovative technologies Give vendors a chance to explain their product to savvy analysts Allow audience members to pose serious questions... and get answers!Twitter Tag: #briefr
  3. 3. July: Disruption August: Analytics September: Integration October: Database November: Cloud December: InnovatorsTwitter Tag: #briefr
  4. 4. Disruptive Innovation produces an unexpected new market and value network, and is usually geared toward a new set of customers. The goal, of course, is to turn a disruptive technology into a sustaining technology, ie., one that overtakes or adequately competes with incumbent technologies. Disruptive technologies are game-changers and often pave the way for major improvements in the way things get done.Twitter Tag: #briefr
  5. 5. Mr. Krishnan is a recognized expert worldwide in the strategy, architecture and implementation of high performance data warehousing solutions and unstructured Data. He is a visionary data warehouse thought leader and an independent analyst, writing and speaking at industry leading conferences, user groups and trade publications. He co-authored “Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse” along with Bill Inmon. He also has written eBooks, over 150 articles, viewpoints and case studies in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Warehouse Appliances and High Performance Architectures. A recognized authority on unstructured data integration, text mining and text analytics, Mr. Krishnan currently is promoting the next generation of data warehousing, focusing on Big Data, Semantic Technologies, Crowdsourcing, Analytics, and Platform Engineering. Mr.Krishnan presents and speaks at TDWI, DAMA, IRM UK, Wilshire Conferences, MIT Symposium and other industry conferences. He leads the Data Warehouse Appliance and Architectures Expert Channel at and publishes with www.beyenetwork.comkkrishnan.Twitter Tag: #briefr
  6. 6. Offers the InfoSphere Platform, a full suite of Big Data analytics solutions and appliances InfoSphere BigInsights leverages Hadoop to provide management of structured and unstructured data InfoSphere Streams allows user-developed applications to rapidly ingest, analyze and correlate information in real time; it also performs complex analytics of heterogeneous data types including text, images, audio, voice, VoIP, video, web traffic, email, GPS data, financial transaction data, satellite data, sensors, and any other type of digital information According to Analyst Merv Adrian, “Stream-based computing will change the world, and the power of IBMs engine will be a big accelerator of the change.”Twitter Tag: #briefr
  7. 7. Anjul Bhambhri is the Vice President of Big Data at IBM. She was previously the Director of IBM Optim application and data life cycle management tools. She is a seasoned professional with over twenty-two years in the database industry. Over this time, Anjul has held various engineering and management positions at IBM, Informix and Sybase. Prior to her assignment in tools, Anjul spearheaded the development of XML capabilities in IBMs DB2 database server. She is a recipient of the YWCA of Silicon Valleys “Tribute to Women in Technology” award for 2009. Anjul holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. You may contact her at Tag: #briefr
  8. 8. July, 2012A Futuristic Reality: The Big Data PlatformThe Briefing Room with Krish Krishnan and IBMAnjul BhambhriVP, Big Data, Information Management, IBM © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Where is big data coming from? 4.6 30 billion RFID billion tags today camera 12+ TBs (1.3B in 2005) phones of tweet data world wide every day 100s of millions of GPS data every day ? TBs of enabled devices sold annually 25+ TBs of 2+ log data every billion day people on the Web 76 million smart by end meters in 2009… 2011 200M by 2014 © 2012 IBM Corporation10
  10. 10. New era of computing requires Information Radical Extreme from Everywhere Flexibility Scalability Volume Velocity Variety 12 terabytes of Tweets created daily 5 million trade events per second 100’s from surveillance cameras video feeds © 2012 IBM Corporation11
  11. 11. More Mission-Critical Apps Ride on Big Data Platforms • Integrate and manage the full variety, velocity and volume of data • Apply advanced analytics to information in its native form • Visualize all available data for ad-hoc analysis and discovery • Development environment for building new analytic applications • Integration and deploy applications with enterprise grade availability, manageability, security, and performance12 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. The new era of analytics delivers value across the enterprise Network Operations ...identify network bottlenecks in real- time for faster resolution Customer Service Representatives GPS ...offer personalized External Data price promotions to different customer Executive Leaders segments in real-time ...get real-time reports and analysis based on data inside as well as outside the enterprise (web, social media etc.) Business Analysts ... analyze social media buzz for the new services/offerings to gauge initial success and any course correction needed Finance ...analyze all Call Detail Records Business Development (CDRs) to identify and reduce ... find and deliver new revenue leakage due to unbilled mechanisms to monetize / underbilled CDRs network traffic and partner Marketing with upstream content ... analyze subscriber usage pattern providers in real-time and combine that with the profile for delivering promotional or13 retention offers © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Vestas optimizes capital investments based on 2.5 Petabytes of information. • Model the weather to optimize placement of turbines, maximizing power generation and longevity. • Reduce time required to identify placement of turbine from weeks to hours. • Incorporate 2.5 PB of structured and semi-structured information flows. Data volume expected to grow to 6 PB.14 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Cisco turns to IBM big data for intelligent infrastructure management • Optimize building energy consumption with centralized monitoring • Automate preventive and corrective maintenance Capabilities Utilized: • Streaming Analytics • Hadoop System • Business Intelligence Applications: • Log Analytics • Energy Bill Forecasting • Energy consumption optimization • Detection of anomalous usage • Presence-aware energy mgt. • Policy enforcement15 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. Dublin City Centre Increases Bus Transportation Performance Capabilities Utilized: Stream Computing • Public transportation awareness solution improves on-time performance and provides real-time bus arrival info to riders • Continuously analyzes bus location data to infer traffic conditions and predict arrivals • Collects, processes, and visualizes location data of all bus vehicles • Automatically generates transportation routes and stop locations Results: • Monitoring 600 buses across 150 routes • Analyzing 50 bus locations per second • Anticipated to Increase bus ridership © 2012 IBM Corporation16
  16. 16. Asian telco reduces billing costs and improves customer satisfaction. Capabilities: Stream Computing Analytic Accelerators Real-time mediation and analysis of 6B CDRs per day Data processing time reduced from 12 hrs to 1 sec Hardware cost reduced to 1/8th Proactively address issues (e.g. dropped calls) impacting customer satisfaction. © 2012 IBM Corporation17
  17. 17. To-the-minute and historical product insight Jan 1 Monitoring Period Feb 5th Super Bowl 5pm 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm 10pm 11pm Data Set Information extracted • 1.1B tweets • Buzz and sentiment • 5.7M blog and forum posts • Gender, Location and Occupation • 3.5M relevant messages • Fans • 97K referencing Product_A • Intent to in purchase • 18K referencing Product B • Specific attributes of products18 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. IBM Big Data Platform Analytic Applications BI / Exploration / Functional Industry Predictive Content BI / Reporting Visualization App App Analytics Analytics Reporting IBM Big Data PlatformCost-effectively analyze petabytes ofstructured and unstructured Hadoop information System © 2012 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. IBM Big Data Platform Analytic Applications BI / Exploration / Functional Industry Predictive Content BI / Reporting Visualization App App Analytics Analytics Reporting IBM Big Data Platform Analyze streaming data and large data bursts for real- time insights Hadoop Stream System Computing © 2012 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. IBM Big Data Platform Analytic Applications BI / Exploration / Functional Industry Predictive Content BI / Reporting Visualization App App Analytics Analytics Reporting IBM Big Data Platform Hadoop Stream Data System Computing Warehouse Deliver deep insight with advanced in-database analytics and operational analytics © 2012 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. IBM Big Data Platform Analytic Applications BI / Exploration / Functional Industry Predictive Content BI / Reporting Visualization App App Analytics Analytics Reporting IBM Big Data Platform Hadoop Stream Data System Computing WarehouseGovern dataquality and manageinformation Information Integration & Governance lifecycle © 2012 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. IBM Big Data Platform Analytic Applications BI / Exploration / Functional Industry Predictive Content BI / Reporting Visualization App App Analytics Analytics Reporting Gather, extract Speed time toand explore data value with using best of analytic and breed IBM Big Data Platform application visualization accelerators Visualization Application Systems & Discovery Development Management Accelerators Hadoop Stream Data System Computing Warehouse Information Integration & Governance Cloud | Mobile | Security © 2012 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. New classes of applications for end-users Streams Computing Application Framework Internet Scale Computing Content Discovery Analytics Public/Private Cloud © 2012 IBM Corporation24
  24. 24. Accelerators Improve Time to Value Telecommunications Retail Customer CDR streaming analytics Intelligence Deep Network Analytics Customer Behavior and Lifetime Value Analysis Finance Social Media Analytics Streaming options trading Sentiment Analytics, Intent to purchase Insurance and banking DW models Public transportation Data mining Real-time monitoring and Streaming statistical analysis routing optimizationOver 100 sample User Defined Standard Toolkits Industry Data Modelsapplications Toolkits Banking, Insurance, Telco, Healthcare, Retail © 2012 IBM Corporation25
  25. 25. IBM’s big data business partner ecosystem 100 CC&G Partners Big Data Business Partner Signed26 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  26. 26. Materials For additional information including whitepapers and demos, please visit: – Bringing Big Data to the Enterprise – Smarter Computing Education: – Sign up for our 2-day “BigInsights Essentials” course in a city near you. – Learn about our “InfoSphere Streams Analytics Acceleration” course. – Learn about Netezza trainings – Free online education at © 2012 IBM Corporation27
  27. 27. Thank You!28 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. Twitter Tag: #briefr
  29. 29. Big Data Platform A Futuristic Vision S
  30. 30. State of Data Today @2012 Copyright Sixth Sense Advisors
  31. 31. Data of a Corporation Semi-Structured Data @2012 Copyright Sixth Sense Advisors
  32. 32. So you are about to start the Big Data Project Tools Data &Instructions @2012 Copyright Sixth Sense Advisors
  33. 33. Workload Isolation Today Semi-Structured Data @2012 Copyright Sixth Sense Advisors
  34. 34. Workload Isolation Future Semi- Structured Data RDBMS Hadoop In-Memory NoSQL RDBMS / Real-Time @2012 Copyright Sixth Sense AdvisorsHadoop / NoSQL In-Memory Streams
  35. 35. Thank YouKrish Krishnanrkrish1124@yahoo.comTwitter Handle: @datagenius @2012 Copyright Sixth Sense Advisors
  36. 36. What are the Big Data challenges that IBM has experienced in its customer community? What are the advantages of the IBM solution compared to pure play vendors and SI driven solutions? What are the TCO and ROI from an Executive’s perspective? Is IBM’s roadmap of looking at a holistic platform comprised of the different technologies weaved into the architecture? What is IBM’s future vision for BigInsights?Twitter Tag: #briefr
  37. 37. Is IBM planning to provide Data Science services? If sharable, are there imminent acquisitions in the play in this space? What is IBM’s take on Open Source solutions for Big Data, excluding Apache Hadoop, Cassandra and NoSQL? What are the causes for success, or reasons for slow adoption, of BigInsights? Where do Netezza, Cognos and SPSS fit into the Big Data stack?Twitter Tag: #briefr
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  39. 39. July: Disruption August: Analytics September: Integration October: Database November: Cloud December: InnovatorsTwitter Tag: #briefr
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