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Designed by Insforia Technologies, Display Studio helps to customize your own Information Displays.

Some of it’s salient features are as follows:
1. Choice of Multiplexed Based systems or Shift-Register;
2. Choice of loading images (in monochrome format), various texts including regional languages.
3. Choice of effects like Roll, Freeze, Flash, and Top-Bottom

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  1. 1. Display Studio- A demonstration Designed and Developed by:Insforia Technolgies Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. An Introduction Display Studio helps you customize your own Information Displays. Some of it’s salient features are as follows: - Choice of Multiplexed Based systems or Shift-Register - Choice of loading images (in monochrome format), various texts including regional languages. - Choice of effects like Roll, Freeze, Flash, Top-Bottom, etc LET’S WALK YOU THROUGH THE INTERFACE ITSELF….
  3. 3. The Front-End interface currentlyconfigured for 16 rows.Note : You can select between 8and 16 rows
  4. 4. Here we’ve loaded the Text Box and punched in a message ‘ Display Studio Demo’ Step 1: Create Messages – You candirectly use the Grid panel, Load the Text Box, or even an image here.
  5. 5. Step1 Contd: Choose amongst variousfonts that are already pre- loaded on your machine, including regional languages
  6. 6. Step 2: Create as many messages asrequired. This will later on used for creating the final display file. Here, we show an example of an image loaded on the Grid Panel.
  7. 7. Various options like Cut, Copy, Paste, Inverse, Resize is possible within the Display Studio.Text and Images can be loaded together also. It is to be noted here, that asdisplay studio provides an option of only 8 or 16 rows, it is advisable to limit the text and images within this.
  8. 8. Once done, we need to now save the messagefiles. Essentially, what this does is, stores thebinary image of the file that is loaded on theGrid Panel.Before creating the final file, all the messagesto be used should be created here and savedaccordingly.
  9. 9. Microcontroller SelectionThere are two types of Displays that wecan use Display Studio for:Shift-Register : Max Columns that can beselected is 256 with this optionMultiplex : Max No of Columns that canbe selected is 96.Note that columns can only be selected inmultiples of 8. Once all the messages are saved, we are now ready to create the hex file by sequencing our messages.
  10. 10. After selecting the display features, loadthe message files that were created before. It is here we decide on the various effects after a particular message file is loaded.
  11. 11. After the message is loaded, we can choose amongst various in-built effects within the display studio. So let’s say wewant to Roll m1.bin file; we select ‘Rolling’ and choose its Speed accordingly.
  12. 12. Similarly, we can load all the messages created earlier andassign effects to them. Once done you can see the previewof the files on the panel.The final step is to create the IC (Hex/Bin) file.
  13. 13. Points to ponder: Once the Hex file is created, the messages cannot be changed. That is, the final file does not support PS/2 or PC interface. That said, in order to change the messages, one has to burn the microcontroller again. The Multiplex mode supports only 96 columns while the shift-register mode can be programmed upto 256 columns. For various types of Display Boards (like LED based, Dot-Matrix based), only the driver card changes and not the software. It is upto the end-user to design the driver card based on the display selected. We will provide the schematics of both shift-register and multiplex display units along with software package. We also support with initial prototyping of the display units along with various PCB designs, if required.
  14. 14. We’ve tried our best to explain oursoftware package ‘ DISPLAY STUDIO’to you.In case of any other query please mailus at: and we’ll be glad to assist you!