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SEO in 2019...and Beyond!


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In the June 23019 edition of Masters of Marketing, ITC's Internet Marketing Product Manager, Phillip Long, discussed how SEO is already changing in 2019 and what your agency can do to prepare.

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SEO in 2019...and Beyond!

  1. 1. SEO in 2019 … and Beyond! How to plan for the rest of this year and in the future. Phillip Long Internet Marketing Product Manager
  2. 2. What is SEO? SEO is about showing up where someone searches. Gaining depth and breadth across various search platforms.
  3. 3. What Stays The Same? Content • Quality > Quantity • But quantity is important! • Home and about pages • Line of business pages • Geo location pages Backlinks • Quality > Quantity • But quantity is important! • Referral sources • Business clients • Local businesses you use • Personal relationships
  4. 4. SEO in 2019... And Beyond!
  5. 5. RankBrain RankBrain is Google's machine learning algorithm that is designed to show the best results according to the searchers true intent.
  6. 6. RainkBrain What is true intent? Scenario • August 2019 • "Women's World Cup" • What is my intent? Learning where the WC is in 2023, but I wasn't sure on the year. • How does Google know what to serve me?
  7. 7. E-A-T Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust Expertise: Expert knowledge in your field. Your content must be professional and knowledgeable. Authoritativeness: Showing the content creators credentials as an established authority. Trust: Provide trust signals to a user.
  8. 8. E-A-T What can you do? • Get good reviews • Create author bio page • Get backlinks from relevant sources • News sites, blogs, etc. • Monitor forums for mentions • Become a thought leader on popular sites • SSL, staff images, easy to use website
  9. 9. Less Organic Results • 4 Total Ads • Local Map Pack • 4 Top Stories with marquee • People Also Ask • 8 Organic Results
  10. 10. Less Organic Results
  11. 11. Less Organic Results What can you do? • Invest in your brand/branding • Optimize other platforms • Optimize what DOES show up • Structured data • Featured Snippits • People Also Ask • Local SEO • Ads
  12. 12. Voice Search • Smart assistants • Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby • Google Home, Alexa, other smart assistants • People search differently with voice • Typing: cheap auto insurance dallas • Voice: what is the cheapest auto insurance in dallas?
  13. 13. Voice Search Facts on Voice Search • Voice searches are longer and more conversational • Most voice searches are questions • What, who, how, when, where, etc. • When Google returns an answer, it is the featured snippit for that result • 40% of users are looking for local business information
  14. 14. Voice Search What can you do? • Use structured data • Claim/optimize Google My Business page • Write concise content answering questions • Use lists • Answer the Public • Use clients for content topics
  15. 15. How to Future Proof Keep Producing Content and Earn Links • Quality > Quantity • Include FAQs on line of business pages and in blog format • Clients always have questions, use those for topics • Create an author bio • Promote your content to earn backlinks/authority • Utilize HARO to try and get mentions
  16. 16. How to Future Proof Utilize Google Products • Complete your GMB listing 100% • Create a YouTube page and video content • Optimize images on your website • Use Google Ads, even with a small budget
  17. 17. How to Future Proof Optimize Your Website • Use structured data everywhere you can • Optimize for "position zero" • Answer boxes, carousels, knowledge graph, etc • Optimize for what people are searching for • Google Search Console • SEO all of your pages • Shorten the conversion process (not really SEO)
  18. 18. How to Future Proof Own Your Brand • Increase your brand awareness • Cultivate positive reviews • Increase your brand mentions across the web
  19. 19. Next Masters of Marketing Our next Masters of Marketing will be on July 18 with Steven Gibbons. Topic: Ready for Takeoff: How Landing Pages can Boost your Insurance Website Leads