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Quoting and Selling Insurance Online - Don Hobdy Jr., ITC


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From ITC Agent Conference 2015...
Recent studies show that 83% of online insurance shoppers obtain quotes from more than one company. How are they doing this? By entering their information over and over into the websites of multiple companies. Sound familiar? That's what independent agents did before the comparative rater. Learn how to meet the needs of these online insurance shoppers by offering a portal right on your website where they can enter their information once, obtain multiple quotes, and buy a policy instantly.

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Quoting and Selling Insurance Online - Don Hobdy Jr., ITC

  1. 1. Quoting and Selling Online Don Hobdy VP of Sales
  2. 2. Rule #1 It’s Not What You Like; It’s What the Consumer Likes.
  3. 3. Getting Found • Internet marketing • Referrals • Client • Affiliate partners • Social media
  4. 4. How to Track Online Leads • Google Analytics • Pass lead source via a query string https://[yourlink] ?partner=JoesCarDealership
  5. 5. Traits of an Online Consumer • Wants • Easily find what they are looking for • Easy to complete forms • Don’t want • Guesswork • Do own underwriting • Get thrown on another website
  6. 6. Why Are You Independent? • Value proposition • Shop for the client • Compare coverage/price • Companies have to earn your business • Commissions • Contingency bonus • Service • Rate stability • Competitive rates • Claims service
  7. 7. Best Practices • Keep it short • Break it up • Number of questions
  8. 8. Customizing with CSS • What is CSS? • Cascading Style Sheets • Used to style a document (website) • CSS resources • FAQs in admin console • Beginner’s guide • ITC design team
  9. 9. Mobile Experience • Mobile stylesheet • View on desktop • ?mode=mobile • Warning to non-ITC website agents – if website not mobile- friendly, turn off mobile view on TurboRater for Websites
  10. 10. Rates via Our API • Want to create your own user interface? • Get the rates through our API
  11. 11. iFrame Security • Clickjacking • Vulnerability in many browsers • Client side • Malicious technique to trick an online visitor • Used to access vulnerable confidential information • Activate this feature in admin console on the security tab
  12. 12. Selling the Policy • Act on lead quickly • Client requests contact • Display agency contact info at all times • Sell it online • Bind online services through TurboRater for Websites
  13. 13. Questions
  14. 14. Thank You Don’t forget to fill out your surveys! Don Hobdy VP Sales