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Implementing Technology in Your Agency - Laird Rixford, ITC

Getting your staff to adopt new technology can be a challenge. Attend this session to learn the steps for implementing new technology in your agency and how to get your staff to actually use it.

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Implementing Technology in Your Agency - Laird Rixford, ITC

  1. 1. Implementing Technology in Your Agency Be the nerdiest agency in town! Laird Rixford / @lrixford President
  2. 2. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke
  3. 3. What can technology do? How technology helps your agency.
  4. 4. Technology's Advantages • Improves communication and collaboration • Improves the sales process • Saves time by automating mundane processes • Creates accountability • Mobilizes the workforce
  5. 5. Communication & Collaboration Across the hall or across the world.
  6. 6. Communication & Collaboration Tools • Email • Microsoft Exchange (via Office 365) • Gmail (via Google Apps) • Chat • Skype for Business (formally Lync) • Google Hangouts • File Sharing • SharePoint • Google Docs • Video conferencing • Screen share • White boarding
  7. 7. Communication & Collaboration Tools • VOIP • RingCentral • Vonage for Business • Mobile Access • Access to resources on the road
  8. 8. Improving Sales Workflows Faster close means happier clients and owners!
  9. 9. Improving Sales Workflows • Website • Insurance Website Builder • Lead management • Velocify • Comparative rating systems • TurboRater (are there any others?) • Automated marketing systems • AgencyBuzz
  10. 10. Oh, This is SOOO Boring! Get rid of those mundane and boring processes.
  11. 11. The Boring Stuff • Automate follow-up marketing • Management system downloads • Minimize data entry • Stop filing, start scanning! • Taking payments? • Set up a kiosk at front desk to give easy access to carrier payment pages. • Notifications and alerts
  12. 12. Provide Accountability Protect employees and the agency itself.
  13. 13. Create Accountability • Track user’s workflows • Prevent fraud • Mitigate E&O exposures • Office security
  14. 14. Mobilization Technology is key to mobilizing your workforce.
  15. 15. Mobilization creates… • …remote employees • …the ability to work from home during disasters • …the ability to work after hours (or prevent it) • …a workforce able to work anytime and anywhere
  16. 16. Drawbacks of Technology Reliance is a bad thing.
  17. 17. Drawbacks of Technology • Creating open and collaborative environments creates security concerns. • Hacking • Oversharing • Abuse of oversight • Over reliance on technology is dangerous. • Never trust a backup • Prevents employees from disconnecting. Happy employees have a life. • Must keep up with change.
  18. 18. Adoption of Technology Choose and implement wisely.
  19. 19. Best Practices for Adoption • Pick technologies that will compliment your workflow. • Implement slowly, yet methodically. • Don’t overdo a technology revamp. Let users get used to the change. As they adopt, introduce more. • Involve staff in the discussion of technology implementation. They use it daily; get their buy-in. • Develop an advocate for change. • Don’t upgrade for the sake of upgrading. • Upgrade technologies as they become obsolete.
  20. 20. Thank You Don’t forget to fill out your surveys! Laird Rixford / @lrixford President