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Common Misconceptions About Email Marketing


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In the November 2018 edition of Masters of Marketing, AgencyBuzz Coordinator Henna Javed discusses the most common misconceptions about email marketing.

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Common Misconceptions About Email Marketing

  1. 1. Common Misconceptions About Email Marketing Masters of Marketing Henna Javed – AgencyBuzz Coordinator The webinar will begin shortly
  2. 2. Welcome to Masters of Marketing! • Find a recording of this webinar at of-marketing • Ask questions in the webinar questions/chat box • Join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #MastersMktg (follow us at @InsTechCorp!) • Join us next time on 12/20/2018 Topic: How to Blog Your Way to Local SEO Hosted by: Darmini Kara – SEO Consultant
  3. 3. Do customers hate emails? • Customers hate unsolicited emails which they have not signed up for • They prefer informational emails over promotional emails
  4. 4. All email is SPAM • Do not buy email lists • Curate your email lists • Obtain email addresses through legitimate means
  5. 5. Email marketing can’t compete with social media • Social media posts are controlled by algorithms • Email is a well established medium • Email and social media should be used in conjunction to get the best results
  6. 6. People get too many emails, and yours will just get lost in the storm • 60 percent of consumers receive six or less emails per day • 40 percent of those receive less than three emails per day • You can send emails when your customers are likely to open them
  7. 7. Unsubscribes are bad • Unsubscribes hone your email lists • Give recipients an easy and clear way to unsubscribe to avoid frustration • Unsubscribes can save you time and money • The customer is doing the work for you
  8. 8. The bigger your email list, the better • You don’t want to email contacts who don’t engage with your content • Clean up your lists! • Conclusion: metrics are everything
  9. 9. More images are better! • Be conservative with images • Balance images with text
  10. 10. All emails have to be brand new • You can reuse old emails that have performed well in the past
  11. 11. Thank you for joining us! A recording of this webinar will be posted at: Henna Javed – AgencyBuzz Coordinator Twitter: @hennaITC