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Anatomy of the Fragmented Consumer: Infographic


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This multi-screen, multi-platform world we live in has left consumers in the driver’s seat and advertiser’s scrambling to keep up with their every move—on every device. Whether it’s on desktops, mobile devices, tablets, connected TVs or over-the-top platforms, consumers’ already-short attention spans are now split amongst a myriad of media, causing fragmentation and the need for advertisers to consolidate data from several sources. Luckily for advertisers, interactive video can transcend these screens and bridge behavioral gaps like never before. Innovid took a look at fragmented consumer, their behaviors across multiple screens, and their desire to become a part of the brand story.

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Anatomy of the Fragmented Consumer: Infographic

  1. 1. Anatomy of the Fragmented Consumer Navigating the Cross-Device Landscape Through Interactive Video With so much content on so many screens across so many devices, today’s consumers are the quintessential love child of two distinct characteristics: Fragmentation can mean opportunity for advertisers: it’s a chance to cater to consumers’ demands and build media plans that target them. We’ve taken a look at the Fragmented Consumer through the lens of interactive video—a medium that transcends device and screen—to discover exactly how it can bridge their behaviors to your advertising goals and ultimately lead consumers back to you. The Fragmented Consumer Their short attention spans are divided among a number of devices. Phone (Smart and. Colmeeted well. less TV TV Smart) (e. g.. Roku. Computer —t Playstation) | l Tablets 5 And they use these devices a /01‘. > In 2014, they’re expected to spend an average of: 4 hours, 3.2 minutes in front of their TVs each day. 2 hours, 43 minutes on their tablets each day. 2 hours, 14 minutes on their smartphones each day. (using non-voice features) (Average time spent per day by US adult users of each major medium—eMarketer Cross Device Trends Roundup, 2014) 2 hours, 39 minutes online at their computers each day. > And consumers are becoming increasingly interactive on these devices: / .35?‘ ‘ r They spend. .. of the time . . 2 h the 5 end ofthemhave 48 Iviillion OUTS, V p . shopped and made people play games 19 0“ m°b'Ie apurchase via th . on eir minutes IS On SOCIEII mobile and tablets. Smart phones and media. (Salesforce ExactTarget on mobile apps (Flume Report Ofthe Marketing C| oud‘s 2014 tablets Mobile Industry‘ 2012) Mobile Behavior Report) (Flurry, Report ofthe Mobile Industry, 2012) > They expect a ton from your brand. And their digital devices play a huge part in how they experience and engage with it. . -mt 1’C= |"i*3ll| ”ii' *l‘. ’y, ~~: -i, ir | t=i x: :.»clu-": 'l «; ;~nlln: —~ lI~f’; I.Il| ‘iCl out to "[l’i« V l= 'Jl: ., (GE Capital Retail Bank 2013 Major Purchase Shopper Study) 85% of consumers who have completed a mobile transaction in the past year expect the experience to be better than on a laptop 63% of adults would be less likely to buy from a company via other purchase channels if they experienced a problem conducting a mobile transaction (Meeting the expectations of the mobile customer, IBM 2013 study) 89%. of consumers purchased from a competitor following a poor customer expenence or desktop computer J (Harris Interactive, 2011 Customer Experience Improvement study) However, interactive strategies can help you reach them. (Meeting the expectations of the mobile customer, IBM 2013 study) The Fragmented Consumer is used to doing multiple things at once, so build a cross—device plan around them and use interactive video to secure their interest. Step 1: Shift your budget and media priorities. According the IAB, shifting budgets from television to digital video across multiple devices can enhance your campaign’s reach at a lower cost and earn you: 45 °/ o 30 15 in brand re«: :7.- ”i in message ‘ in | il~<abilEf, y (A Comprehensive Picture of Digital Video and TV Advertising, Neilsen & IAB, 2012) Step 2: Use video to capture—and keep—their attention. I ~ I 57% --s. V E‘ "” l of the total more time per month are spent watching video. .. U. S. population watched video ads in 2013 watching video in 2014 than they did in 2013 by every generation (TiVo 2013 Millennial Video Study) (comscore 2013 US. Online Video Rankings) 012013 vs. O12014. (The Cross Platform Report, Nielsen, 2014) Step 3: Apply interactive technology to video to boost engagement. Revolutionizing your video advertising with interactive elements transforms an otherwise passive medium into engaging, clickable and personalized experiences, resulting in. .. MORE INTEREST . ; : A DESIRE IN YOU H I All‘ ii‘-ii Ill‘ TO BUY 3 5 seconds time earned on 3 — 4 X 2 _ 3 X top of Standard higher ‘ increase in desktep15 and A E_e0 interaction 0 purchase intent 30_se¢ond spots .3 , _ / " Fates ” (Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2014) increase in brand average interactive I awareness video completion rates (lnnovid Internal Benchmarks, 2014) Step 4: Run interactive video campaigns across multiple devices. Here’s what we saw when we looked at consumers’ engagement with interactive video across screens: 27% i, 33%, 9 8 tap or click when 10 7 The average % Seconds _ watCh_mg Consumers are Seconds °fVIeWer5 Who Time earned with in stream video ads " V Time earned on watch video interactive Video on 6' moblle LIA tablets ads all the way ads across all t0UCh CIeV| Ce more willing. .. when Video through when devices (desktop, to interact ads are delivered on mobile, tablet, inside a interactive Connected -I-Vs connected TV) desktop video ad than click like Playstafion through to and Roku another site (lnnovid Cross Device Interactive Video Trend Report, Q4 2014. Based on interactive iRo| l video content served across desktop, mobile, tablets and connected TVs) The most effective way to reach and motivate today’s fragmented consumer is by having engaging, interactive brand presence on all the screens and devices: where consumers are spending their time. Digital environments and devices are naturally interactive, your video advertising should be too. www. in noviclcom