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Innovety - IP Presentation (Intellectual Property)

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  • IP is a way of describing what the people in your organization know and are capable of doing (the collected knowledge, work product + people skills  knowledge management
  • BUSINESS or NonProfit
  • What to do with the IP in their possession?Limited choices with copyrighted materialHow about unique ancient manuscripts to which copyright no longer appliesOption1: Do nothing – preserve in a climate controlled environment. Show it occasionally to patrons.Option 2: Capitalizing on the digital era. Invest in the digitization of the manuscript using cameras and cradles – with not much risk to the manuscript. Can be used as a backup in case original is harmed, stolen, or lost to fire. Or it can shared with researchers .
  • : company valuation, selling/buying business, loansIP is an unstable asset on your balance sheet -> affected by law, rulings, regulations (Eli Lilly share price)– unlike property as in real estate or fleets of trucks. The cost of a software program is the same if 1 person uses it versus 1 million.IP gains in value the more people use it– a flaw in the whole exclusion concept that companies sometimes adopt (facebook & twitter, museums -> people using digital images - > raises profile and creates more visitors + grant funds ) - MIT sharing its coursesIP is applied to a particular innovative service or productIP do not have to be exclusive! They can be shared in ways that profit multiple parties and benefit consumers. Within a single institution, IP can be exploited in many ways. Apple -> give exampleAUC-> (revenue from info; royalties, licensing, brand) + typical (tuition, alumni donations, research grants)Mixed approach -> great value creation
  • Do it yourself: Develop on your own (page rank algorithm by google) -> computing, publishing, advertisingThe tricky part: how you protect your IP? Which IP you choose to exploitDevelop with others: Nice note I have about partnerships in my article (front and backend), creativity is a collaboration exercise (Nike + Apple example)Joint venture is an under utilized mode of partnership – it shouldn’t be.You can bring two or more IP portfolios and teams of developers together to innovate in ways that go beyond what you could do within your own organization only - > enhance your existing IP portfolio.License from others: McDonald’s & Disney. You design metal boxes but license kids characters to market the solution (Sesame Street, Disney).From university’s TTO -> licenses technology to private sector (UW heavy in this)
  • Build on what others are doing when they offer it up broadly – freely offer the opportunity to develop systems that build on and can be integrated with their IP.
  • Online real estate database that appraises property values using publically available data (e.g., property tax valuation, historic sales data, recent sales, market comparison info, per-square-foot cost data).
  • Same for universities (some freebee for evaluation purposes, others premium model ….e.g., create YouTube channel or iTunes)MIT and Harvard -> made their journal articles pubic online -> dissemination -> knowledge -> citationsThere are associated worries: reduced revenue for editors, devalue the university experience. MIT benefited from this!Licensing of scientific advancement to the private sector (exclusive or nonexclusive basis -> depends on the mission and decision of univ. royalties can be less for nonexclusive, but higher value to society)Absolutely conceivable that a more open approach to IP licensing could lead to better research, on and off campus, if the ability to make use of the scientific advancements were more broadly and openly licensed.
  • Innovety - IP Presentation

    1. 1. Setting an IP Business Strategy Dr. Mohab Anis Managing Director @ INNOVETY © INNOVETY LLC., 2013
    2. 2. Who We Are? » A non-traditional training & consulting firm that focuses on innovation management » Cairo Office of IXL-Center (Boston) » INNOVETY works with clients to achieve bolder innovation results – We develop innovation management capabilities – We help build breakthrough business concepts 2 Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    3. 3. IXL Center – Cairo Office  Top notch consulting experts  World class well tested innovation tools  Serving more than 500 clients worldwide 3 Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    4. 4. What I’ll Talk About 1• Go beyond the traditional highly restrictive ‘sword and shield’ approach [J. Palfrey] 2• Think IP. Think Innovation 3• How to establish an IP strategy that’s up to date for today’s global information economy 4 Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    6. 6. Components of the IP Strategy THEORY Auditing existing IP Full exclusion IP Strategy Limited exclusion Open access Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    7. 7. Bibliotheca Alexandrina What is the goal? What IP is available? What are the trends? What are human needs? Who can I partner with? What’s the business model? What’s my IP Strategy? Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    8. 8. Bibliotheca Alexandrina 1 Open Source: Should BA put it on its Web for anyone to see, contextualized as part of a fabulous online collection? 2 Full Exclusion: Should BA keep the scan close at hand? 3 Limited Exclusion: Should BA seek another publisher? New IP Strategy ! Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    9. 9. Observations & Takeaways 1• Go beyond the Sword & Shield 2• Think differently! Think IP the Innovation Way 3• IP should be considered a key strategic asset class around which a flexible IP strategy is developed The most innovative companies are those who have to most innovative IP strategy Full exclusion 4• Limited exclusion Open access Think about all your 3 IP Classes: Patent, Copyright, Trademark Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    10. 10. Observations & Takeaways 5• Diverse and balanced IP portfolio and remain flexible for changes and trends 6• IP deserves more attention from businesses and nonprofits. 7• Think of strategies of openness not exclusion 8• Managers should not leave IP issues to legal department or treat it as a line item in balance sheet 9• Brand is an important IP Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    11. 11. Why IP Matters? • No distraction from IP (Patents) • Elmo & consumer-facing food products (virtuous cycle!) Sound licensing strategy drives double bottom line • Great enterprise, fueled by character related, cash producing marketing + free brand exposure (Trademarks & Copyright) Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    12. 12. Why IP Matters? • IP gains in value the more people use it • IP is at its core information which is not exhausted the more that people use it - no marginal cost Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    13. 13. Where do I Acquire IP? 1 Do it yourself 2 Develop with others Enhance your existing IP portfolio 3 License from others 4 Buy IP assets or acquiring company Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    14. 14. Where do I Acquire IP? - 5 Open Innovation Be open to what IP your customers, competitors, and others can offer Customers participating in design process Innovation jams – clients, consultants, employees Market Crowdsourcing Build on what others are doing  network externalities Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    15. 15. Case Study - Zillow IP used • MS’s Virtual Earth Mapping • Bird’s-eye view photography Employ freely available Web technology + publicly available information  create a powerful and functional user interface  an innovative proprietary system of its own. Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    16. 16. Open Innovation – Ideas & Branding P&G plastics: customers to create + share their own custom colors and finishes. OPEN BETA  incorporate feedback Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    17. 17. Open Innovation Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    18. 18. Open Innovation - Challenges Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    19. 19. Academia Academic Content (Open Source) Publications (Open Source) Research to public sector (exc. Or non-exc. Licensing) IPR Policy, attracting talent & economic impact Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    20. 20. Final Take Aways 1 • Think beyond the Sword & Shield 2 • Think IP the innovation way 3 • Trend = Open Innovation & Social Media 4• Adopt flexible IP strategy and be ready for change. Start with Limited Exclusion in mind 5• Yes! Government needs to create an IPR Strategy, but businesses and nonprofits need to also see the value Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    21. 21. Join our IP Awareness Sessions IP Awareness Sessions Visit our booth to sign up! Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved
    22. 22. Health Check Visit our booth to sign up! Legend: POTENTIAL BARRIER FOR INNOVATION Current Level INNOVATION DISCIPLINE INNOVATION CAPACITY INNOVATION STRATEGY Desired Level Why? Where? When? Processes? People? Resources? Leadership? Culture? Metrics? Copyright 2013 © Innovety LLC. All rights reserved POTENTIAL ENABLER FOR INNOVATION POTENTIAL DRIVER FOR INNOVATION
    23. 23. Thank You! Egypt – Head Office IXL Center – Head Office Alcatel-Lucent Building, 3rd Floor, Building 7, Street 22, Smart Village Giza, 12577, Egypt. Tel: +202 35 370 251 Fax: +202 35 370 252 110 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA USA 02141 Tel: +1 617 500 7150