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Sabina Panayotova Innovation Academy 2016 Sofia

Innovation Academy 2016 - Sofia Municipality Innovation Hackathon 2016. Sabina Panayotova. A tale of 5 cities & open data.

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Sabina Panayotova Innovation Academy 2016 Sofia

  2. 2. LONDON > 650 datasets (they were 500 in April) > 5,000 developers registered only for the transportation data Main topics: transportation, education, rent and development
  3. 3. 1. Data owned by public entities belongs to the public 2. Impacts the lives of millions of people on a daily basis 3. Saves money 4. Crowdsourcing innovation
  4. 4. CHICAGO Zoom in: from the problems of the city to the problems of the micro community. Open source, real time. Customized to work with different database engines or APIs - you can add your own.
  5. 5. Chicago arrest rates and total % of all crimes by category Chicago crime visualizations All data in Chicago is open: transportation, building maintenance records, utility usage and 911 dispatches.
  6. 6. NEW YORK > 1300 data sets Commitment: all city data must be open by 2018 by law Again transport, fire risks
  7. 7. AMSTERDAM Smart City commitment - including a separate website for that Interactive maps - combining data to help both citizens and tourists Energy Atlas - maps energy use across the city aiming at CO2 reduction and a greener city in general
  8. 8. OTHER public transport data + Foursquare data = Blindsquare (app that helps blind people get around the city, costs 30USD on the AppStore) Helsinki: Street Bump - helps the city plan how and where to spend road improvement funds Food Police - an app for restaurant health and safety scores. Ungentry = census data + open data to see how government policy impacts gentrification Boston:
  9. 9. SOFIA Commitment - over 300 open datasets by the end of 2016 on government level. Gреаt developers What more do we need? LET’S PROVE OPEN DATA USEFUL!
  10. 10. Showing transparity: Willingness to work together Identifying problems: looking at what people use the most gives a good idea what are the main problems of the city Solving problems: you already know what the problem, use data to solve it! Bigger team: Increases the municipality teams on any problem by N (N = the indefinite number of citizens who know how to use data)