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Lyubomir Yanchev, Dutch Innovation Café - Smart Cities, Sofia 2017

First edition of the Dutch Innovation Café in Sofia will focus on exchange of best practices, establish connections between the different stakeholders involved in the concept of Smart City, the use of IoT and innovations to contribute to the Smart City and seek ways to develop startup businesses into commercial frontrunners.

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Lyubomir Yanchev, Dutch Innovation Café - Smart Cities, Sofia 2017

  1. 1. MClimate Investment Deck
  2. 2. problem You don’t know what is happening in your home while you are away You are not able to control your home remotely You want comfort when you arrive at home (e.g. comfortable temperature) You want low electricity bills problem You don’t know what is happening in your home while you are away You are not able to control your home remotely You want comfort when you arrive at home (e.g. comfortable temperature) You want to optimize your electricity bills
  3. 3. SOLUTION Easy-to-install IoT devices that retrofit your old heating/cooling appliances and convert them into smart ones. App that brings your home in the palm of your hand - 24/7 monitoring and control Artificial Intelligence algorithms that learns your habits and figures out how to bring you best comfort at lowest cost Analytical tool that provides you with information about how much electricity consumes each of your home appliances
  4. 4. products Makes any new/old air conditioner (AC) smart Makes any new/old water heater smart Makes any new/old radiator smart ON/OFF your devices remotely and monitor consumption
  5. 5. Traction investors
  6. 6. 2017 plans 0 MAX Introducing sensors Motion, Light, Temperature & Humidity Door/Window Flood Sensor Smoke sensor Air quality sensor Becoming an IoT Platform Integrating other manufacturers’ products Cameras, curtains, weather stations, etc Combining all products into a single app and using AI for automation
  7. 7. product market PRODUCT ADDRESSABLE MARKETS # OF APPLIANCES IN HOUSEHOLDS Melissa Bobbie Vicki Europe, Latin America, Middle East Europe, USA Europe, Russia 62M ACs 164M Water heaters 120M Radiators References:
 2011 Water Heater Market Update; Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance 2012 Water Heater Market Profile; U.S. Department of Energy 2010 GLOBAL ELECTRIC WATER HEATER MARKET 2015-2019; Study on water heating - labelling/standards - 2001; University of Oxford & Centre d’Energétique de l’Ecole des Mines de Paris Largest Smart Home market: United States - $1.9B Average revenue per Smart Home in US: $205.75 $4.275B REVENUE CAGR (2017-2021) HOUSEHOLD PENETRATION EUROPE USA 30% 20.90% 2.5% (2017) 10.3% (2021) 8.1% (2017) 18.1% (2021) Energymanagement Market - Opportunityand Utilities MARKET $1.414B
  8. 8. Sales channels Wholesale retail utility companies telecoms
  9. 9. wholesale retail utilitycompanies telecoms Although 2015-2016 our main focus has been R&D, we acquired 37 distributors in 22 countries with 2-persons sales team HVAC Distributors, Plumbers, etc. installers end-client 50% off retail price MOQ 120 pcs 20% off retail price MOQ 1-5 pcs MSRP: Melissa: Bobbie: Vicki: €99 €129 €49
  10. 10. wholesale retail utilitycompanies telecoms Direct advertisement to end-clients and online conversion. Performance marketing is well-known tactic for consumer electronics in the home-automation area.
  11. 11. wholesale retail utilitycompanies telecoms MClimate can easily offer Utility companies the following methods to better manage their grid 
 - shave peak-hour demands
 - monitor grid performance
 - demand-response
 - sell when there is renewables overproduction
 - get more data about the customer
 - save from improving their grid (1 substation can cost up to €100M) With these methods and our products Utilities can save ±€200 annually per household We are working on a pilot project with e.on Sweden; With MClimate Without MClimate t° Price Demand YOU GET HOME €, kWh, t° Time Heating/ Cooling period
 Price is high Rush hour t° Price Demand YOU GET HOME Time €,kWH, t° Pre-Heating/ Cooling before the Rush hour Heating/Cooling suspended 
 Not buying when the price is high Temperature Recovery Rush hour
  12. 12. wholesale retail utilitycompanies telecoms Telecoms are constantly seeking new business models and revenue streams, because increased competitiveness in the TV/Calls/Internet space. Next step in Telecom evolution is offering SmartHome solutions. They need a reliable supplier of self-installed retrofittable universal products. We are already in active talks with Mtel, Vivacom, Telenor.
  13. 13. team Lyubomir Yanchev CEO Zanni Sabev Blagovest Dimitrov CDO Forbes 30under30
 TEDx Speaker Ex- lecturer at Software University Endeavor Entrepreneur Serial Entrepreneur Vienna Technical University Worked with Raiffeizen Bank, Erstebank, bewin, etc 10+ Years Experience in Graphic Design Tutor at New Bulgarian University VIVACOM App reward Vasko Boyadzhiev Sales Manager Peter Popov Financial Manager Milan Stefanov Hardware Dev. Manager Kristiyan Boyanov Software Dev. Manager Graduated Economics & Finance in New York 15 years Sales experience (USA) Implemented SMS Parking in Sofia Hardware engineer since a boy, 9 Years professional experience Worked in TOP 3 hardware companies in Bulgaria Senior Developer with extensive experience in various fields (architecture, cloud infrastructure, etc) Awarded by the President of Bulgaria for extraordinary talent Financial professional with 15+ years experience as Financial Manager (Sofica, Agrana) and Financial Controller (UniCredit Bulbank, Bulgarian Ministry of Finance)
  14. 14. For contacts:
 Lyubomir Yanchev, Managing Partner; 00 359 896 4822 29