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Local Favour IH2020

Innovation Academy 2020 Bulgaria

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Local Favour IH2020

  1. 1. Empowering small local businesses in Bulgaria!
  2. 2. 3. They cannot communicate their offers to their current or prospective clients. 1. Shop owners are missing on sales because of supermarkets and big chains. 2. They don't have an accessible marketing solution. PROBLEM
  3. 3. 3. Shopping path planning solution 2. Access to a community of local customers 1. Personalized digital space with customizable offers brochure SOLUTION
  4. 4. COMPETITORS Custom website • Cheaper than any digital agency • No maintenance costs • No digital expertise required • No marketing competition with supermarkets (No big chain bullies) • Location based customer targeting • Personal attention to customer support for small shops
  5. 5. PRICING 30 days UNLIMITED free trial BASIC Free No Brochure FREE 15 products /month Pay as you go Best Value Unlimited Brochures 40 BGN Unlimited products UNLIMITED /month 20 BGN /week 1 BGN /product Brochure Products Including Basic Budget
  6. 6. Farm expansion - 200k Nationwide market - 130k Sofia market Nationwide market including farmers 200 K 130 K 40 K SMEs are the backbone of our economy. 79% of the people are employed in SMEs. SIZE OF MARKET
  7. 7. Customer interviews We made 20 customer interviews with local shop owners in Lozenets, Iztok and Geo Milev and received promising feedback Mockup stage The next step was to make mockups of the platform the feedback from the interviews that we could validate before writing any code Platform release We will be able to release our platform to the first 50 early adopters that are already on board within 3 months. 30% Bulgarian market The second expansion will target the 30% Bulgarian market by branching to big cities like Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna etc. 10% of Sofia market Our mission would be to establish ourselves as market leader with 10% of the market in the beginning of next year by investing the 10k BGN mainly in marketing, sales and support. Farm market expansion After establishing LocalFavour as a market leader in the small business field we plan to introduce our platform to small scale farmers who struggle with produce placement. May 2020 May 2020 Aug 2020 Q1 2021 Q1 2022 Q3 2022 Q3 2020 Break even point Roadmap
  8. 8. Stefania Stoyanova Svetozar Mateev Product Manager Developer and Entrepreneur B Bogdan Dinchev Marketing and Sales TEAM Martin Donevski Developer and BI
  9. 9. The other part of the team Thank you for the attention!
  11. 11. 10K Budget 1.5K 2K 2K 0.5K 1K 3K Design In order to achieve great UI and UX we will use professional designers while validating everything with our early adopters. Sales We will hire direct sales to increase our market share in Sofia. Hosting The hosting budget will cover our server and domain costs Presales The presales support will finalize the deals by helping owners enter the platform. Legal Every new business comes with legal expenses and one of the biggest will be GDPR. Marketing The investment in marketing will help us to spread and increase our user base in order to be more valuable to future clients. 2K 2K 0.5K 1.5K 3K 1K 10K BREAKDOWN
  12. 12. MVP Features: - Creating list of products (free for 15 products per shop) - Creating a brochure (3 types of subscription models) - Efficient and fast Path planning based on chosen products from different shops (eliminates the main reason people prefer supermarkets - that everything is in one place) map with all the shops v2. Features: - One whole brochure based on the Neighbourhood (small businesses should pay to be on that brochure) - Subscription to a Newsletter for the weekly brochure. - Premium feature to request a product from a certain local shop (example. the Lukanka you love or specific meat for the BBQ) v3. Features: - Integration with FoodPanda platform for deliveries (our customers won’t pay the commission, we will could have a contract with FoodPanda) statistics on how many customers have made a path leading to the respective shop owners’ location Features
  13. 13. Expansion plan Step one: Small shops in Sofia •We are targeting small businesses in Sofia for starters like: small grocery shops, flower shops, craftsmen shops, fresh fish shops, fresh fruits and vegetables shops. Step two: Expand to other Bulgarian cities •Our target are all the Bulgarian cities, as the different regions in Bulgaria have different typical for the region products. We will bring out their outstanding value and give them the ability to target all the people who are passing by or on a vacation there Step three: Extend to Farmers markets and small villages •We aim to provide the possibility to farmers with fruits and vegetables production, craftsmen and also farm markets. This is will allow the producers to sale directly and avoid intermediaries which get most of the profit