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Global Regenerative Academy IA2020.pdf

Innovation Academy Bulgaria 2020

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Global Regenerative Academy IA2020.pdf

  1. 1. Cooper medical college, USA, 1900 PATIENTS PERSPECTIVE DOCTORS PERSPECTIVE The middle age most of the people have chronic illnesses – 52 y.o. Being ill for most of the patients means rethinking lives values and striving for healthy aging. Our profession is constant innovation, striving for the impossible, fighting for Life! Medical symposia (gatherings) has been the most reliable source of information. Demonstrations of novel techniques is the 100% factor that convinces medical specialists.
  2. 2. The problem in Medicine is: Evidence-based Education! The Military has one of the largest budgets in every country. It has been this way for centuries! Medical innovations strive in military projects, some of them commercialized after WW2. Ref. Japan This doctors private practice depends on innovations in treatments, procedures, results! He needs continuous medical education to gain the highly specialized skills and knowledge to execute them on his patients. The patient is the final receiver of medical education!
  3. 3. THROUGH THE LOOKING- GLASS REGENERATIVE MEDICINE • Def. To restore structure and/or function of damaged tissues and/or organs. • Regenerative medicine is the game changer in the future management of human health. • We are looking towards: • -artificial organs, • -advanced cell regeneration techniques and cell therapies • -in vivo genetical engineering in our lifetimes! • We believe that doctors have a great role in this medical advancements. Doctors see the problems and can propose solutions, Scientists can execute solutions, Business leaders - translate them to the public. We are bringing all of them together! • We believe we can create the innovative process, guide it and translate it to its users – the doctors! -People will live longer, with fewer surgeries and more functionality! -They will regenerative worn-of tissues and probably entire organs! -They will cure chronic illnesses with stem cell science and improve healing with blood products! -They will age healthy!
  4. 4. STATUS QUO IN REGENERATIVE MEDICINE! • There is a general Academia problem in Medical education. • No formal education regarding Regenerative Medicine and little help to those who pursue it. • The only knowledge comes from industry-sponsored courses with controlled content. • They are short weekend courses. • Narrowed scientific perspective supporting the vendors claims and not the patient's optimal interests. • Filtered science through the salesman perspective. • Questionable clinical trials design and results and lack of proper large, randomized of the same. • Lack of clinical and sometimes even scientific evidence about the effects, toxicity, safety and contra-/indications of the therapy being introduced to the patients. • Lack of proper regulation directives in the field of autologous tissues and their clinical application. • Fundamental destruction of the promise in the field with self-pronounced regenerative wizards. WE HAVE SEEN THE PARADIGM S H I F T
  5. 5. “How you will prove to me this product works and it doesn’t hurt the patient?”-most common question we get from a doctor during sales process. • We started with the Global Regenerative Trade – a distributor company for medical devices in the RegMed field. • The Client: Selling the devices means convincing the doctor that Regenerative Medicine works! • Partners: Manufacturers of medical devices • Problems! • Lack of world medical community! • Lack of full time education! • Lack of published clinical reviews! • Company sponsored studies and advertising materials-no! Remember this! More on:
  6. 6. Autologous fibrin sealant or Platelet rich fibrin Dual spin, apheresis centrifuge for clinical use of autologous blood products – plasma, bone marrow 3D Additive manufacturing of titanium implants Carbon fiber implants render faster healing! Video Website Video Website Video Website Video Website 4/15 Product portfolio – Global Regenerative Trade Solves problem with slower time to verticalization after fracture, callus forming and patient recovery. Users: orthopedic surgeons Solves problem with atypical surgeries, mostly tumor removals from the head and pelvis. Users: maxillo-facial surgeons, orthopedic surgeons Solves the problem with BLEEDING during surgery! Life- threatening! Used in abdominal, hepatic, cardiac, etc surgery. Users: hospital surgeons Creates biological products by the patients bedside! Used for multiple indications in orthopedics, rehabilitation, dermatology, gynecology, urology etc. First to be commercialized 15 years ago. Users: Private clinics and practitioners, Hospitals
  7. 7. GRT services BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Global Regenerative Trade undertakes engagements on its clients behalf to secure the best possible deals for their assets or services. We do this by bringing our experience to quickly understand their technology and its market. • A typical engagement has the following characteristics: • 6 – 9 months minimum duration market scoping activity, identifying potential partners • development of information memorandum direct negotiation with potential partners • guidance on contract terms DISTRIBUTORS SERVICES Global Regenerative Trade is able to act as product distributor worldwide. Global Regenerative Trade has the ability to take care of the following activities in house • product registration • pricing strategy • reimbursement strategy and negotiations • CE marking for medical devices • indirect marketing (websites, promotional campaigns) • KOL identification and development ADVISORY SERVICES We use our experience to accelerate each client’s unique requirements, Global Regenerative Group can design and implement customized advisory projects. Examples include: • Risk assessment for clinical investigation of novel compound • Target market selection • Develop your idea into a product and business • Commercialization of your intellectual property • Expanding your reach and expertise through Regenerative Medical events on every continent. EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT New companies, particularly spin-out or start-ups, frequently need seasoned experience to get them moving in their early stages. The Global Regenerative Trade is comprised of trained professionals in the field of Regenerative Medicine, creating innovative solutions for our customers’ needs and backing those needs with quality products and personnel that lifts businesses to new heights. Provider of regenerative medicine business expertise to medical device manufacturers, project developers, clinic owners, private practitioners.
  8. 8. Part 2 of OUR SOLUTION GLOBAL REGENERATIVE ACADEMY • Initiate full time worldwide-available Regenerative Medicine education programs. • Be completely industry-independent! • Rely on evidence-based medicine. • Medical events – yearly Congress and focused trainings! • Filter out the bad science and provide a platform for idea creation. • Postgraduate and Continuous Medical Education options. • Create a discussion platform where doctors can connect. • Create Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures of usage of Regenerative Medicine • Manage multicentered controlled clinical trials in RegMed therapies in order to make evidence-based decisions. • Initiate scientific research in stem cell science. Clients • Medical doctors(mainly on private practice) • Business orientated physicians • Scientists/medical doctors • Societies active members Partners • Societies • Universities • Hospitals Over 2.3 trillion events industry market
  9. 9. Key Opinion Leaders Regenerative Neurology Pain management
  10. 10. WHAT HAPPENED IN SEPTEMBER 2019? • The Global Regenerative Congress /GRC/ 2019 is the largest upcoming event in the field of Regenerative Medicine. • Completely industry-independent event, delivering evidence- based medical knowledge in the field of RegMed. • 150 early adopters from 15 countries gathered in Sofia. • It is the debut event of the Academy. • 10 participants attended hands-on trainings in 3 different specialties • Over 50lectures from 30 renowned international speakers DUBAI 2020, 18-20 SEPTEMBER 300+participants from 40 countries NEW ON THE AGENDA – Regenerative Neurology panel, Wound care panel Physicians entrepreneurship session, Industry session Global Regenerative Journal grand opening – Hands-on trainings and CME certification 47 confirmed speakers so far 2019 2020
  11. 11. Hands on training in a hospital or clinic Doctors recognition about the value of RegMed in their clinical practice Doctors join the Academy digital platform and learn more about RegMed- events, videos, articles, KOL… Global Regenerative Trade – medical devices distribution and sales Creates an international community eager to advance RegMed Global Regenerative Finance – invests and develops doctors' ideas for products Global Regenerative Care – digital platform for patient's advocacy in the field of Regenerative Medicine Over 200 billion market Distributes Medical devices that has been scientifically and clinically proven to be effective. Invests in RegMed products for the future of medicine Digital platform for value creation and knowledge exchange in the field of Regenerative Medicine Innovative Business model The Global Regenerative Academy is part of the Global Regenerative Group. Competitive advantages in gray boxes. Open access Journal for peer reviewed regenerative medicine publications MVP 5 000 levs for website creation and marketing Start-up Scale-up – 5 000levs for 1 year of digital marketing Internationalization
  12. 12. From Science to Practice Revenue streams Academy events(tickets, trainings) Medical Device sales Post-event sales on Videos, Academy memberships subscriptions, Journal publishers Future projections Non-equity investors 2nd focused training Signed agreements with Societies 2021, 2/3 World Congress Japan Initiate clinical study Journal issue 2021, 3/3 World Congress USA Signed agreements with Societies 2022 Global Regenerative Care launch Focused training Journal issue 2021,1/3 Dubai World Congress Concomitant Sales Partnership agreements with Universities 2020 POC: Sponsored a practical training with the National University of Malaysia in Oct. 2019 – 30 doctor attendees (no slots available for more) and over 50 registered participants. We are seeing a lot if interest from doctors out of the Middle East (Doing the Dubai Congress during world Expo 2020) Current COVID-19 Pandemic has postponed our academic collaboration with Addenbrookes hospital and Cambridge university, UK. PONSIST – society of surgeons from middle east PanArab Spine surgeons society
  13. 13. Team! Никола Гривов Стажант-лекар, дипл. 2020 Медицински университет София Global Regenerative Trade Диян Ганев Стажант-лекар, дипл. 2020 Медицински университет София Global Regenerative Academy Още привлечени към екипа чрез подписани споразумения са: • Лекари от 8 медицински специалности • Бизнес лидери от над 30 държави • Над 400 Дистрибутори • Над 50 Учени и лекари “How you will prove to me this product works and it doesn’t hurt the patient?”-most commonquestion we get froma doctorduring sales process. Remember this? • GRAcademy will provide data from Key Opinion Users from around the world – if they use it it must be good • GRTrade will make sure the manufacturer has all certifications • GRJournal will provide published scientific articles The Solution:
  14. 14. QUESTIONS?