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Workbar 3 30-12


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Workbar 3 30-12

  1. 1. Integrated Social Media Marketing and Public Relations for Entrepreneurs Bobbie Carlton Carlton PR & Marketing Mass Innovation Nights @BobbieC & @MassInno #IntroToPR
  2. 2. The Parade: Promotion/Event
  3. 3. “Elephant Escapes! TramplesRoses!!”
  4. 4. Public Relations
  5. 5. Social Media: The New Circus
  6. 6. What does the mass media stilloffer?
  7. 7. Mass Media vs. Social Media
  8. 8. Mass Media vs. Social Media Facebook has 850 million users Boston Globe has 250,000 daily print readers  is a top 1000 website  5.5 million uniques a month
  9. 9. Get Started: What Are YourGoals?
  10. 10. Identify: Who is Your Target Market?Business Goals: Sales
  11. 11. The Basic Tools Agreed upon goals Message –simple and direct A message document, a news release, a takeaway  Message document: social media friendly Credibility builders – customers, examples, influencers A social media channel
  12. 12. News Releases for SEO
  13. 13. News (not Press) Release SEO  2 to 3 word keyword phrase  In your headline  In the first 150 characters  Use as the anchor text for the first hyperlink; connect to relevant keyword-rich landing pages  Write for people not search engines.  The headline needs to be 65 characters or less  2-3% keyword density
  14. 14. News Release Distribution Secrets  Marketwire, PR Newswire, BusinessWire  Free(?) release distribution  Geography is the key – smaller is better  “Industry” gets you the proper trade publications  What does the SEO option get you?
  15. 15. Key Takeaways: Reach YourAudience Know your audience Search is key – own it Reporters under siege  Understand what drives them. Connect via social media Leverage social media channel
  16. 16. Connect with me: @BobbieC or @MassInno Give me your card and I will send tips for leveraging @MassInno