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Every month Mass Innovation Nights helps to launch 10 new products in the Boston region. In the past 5 years, we've generated thousands of tweets, blog posts, Likes, status updates, online video and pictures -- for free. More than 600 new products have been launched through this community effort. How can you create a similar event in your city?

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  • 91 of our alumni have since brought additional new products to market.
  • Inno nights host materials-june2014

    1. 1. Innovation Nights LLC • In Boston area, InnoNights hosts a free-to-attend event featuring 10 local startups the second Wednesday of every month. Events in other cities could be quarterly, bi-monthly, etc. • Event attendees help spread the word about companies and their product launches using social media • The model is ‘frictionless,’ there is no cost to entrepreneurs to exhibit or attend. Innovation Nights was founded by Bobbie Carlton, Carlton PR & Marketing
    2. 2. Innovation Nights LLC • Since 2009, Mass Innovation Nights has hosted 60 events in the Boston region showcasing 600+ local products We want to bring Innovation Nights to your city!
    3. 3. Event Model Event Sponsors & Hosts Exhibitors & Experts Participants & Guest “Franchisee” (You)
    4. 4. Sponsors SPONSORS help defray the costs of InnoNights events and/or provide a venue, refreshments, contribute to event • Advertise through website, newsletters, event to reach local innovation community • Promote products or services to increase sales and generate new business opportunities • Target entrepreneurial community and small businesses
    5. 5. Exhibitors & Experts EXHIBITORS and EXPERTS promote their products, services, or themselves by tabling at InnoNights events. • Opportunity to promote products and services, generate buzz via social media • Reach potential clients and users, business partners and investors, potential hires • Receive feedback to refine pitch or product
    6. 6. Participants/Guests PARTICIPANTS represent a range of students, entrepreneurs, investors, media and services providers • Learn about exciting local products and companies • Develop relationships and connections • Promote their own businesses and services • Support start-ups and local innovation with their knowledge and social media/community influence
    7. 7. Local Franchisee Local Franchisee demonstrates a commitment to local innovation and act as an advocate for start-ups and entrepreneurs by hosting regular events Responsibilities • Recruiting sponsors, exhibitors, and participants • Updating social media, online and newsletter • Organizing and promoting the event
    8. 8. Support local innovation Be part of furthering local innovation and facilitating the key partnerships that will help companies generate buzz for new products.
    9. 9. Build your reputation Hosting Innovation Nights in your city helps build visibility, connections and credibility within the innovation community. It is an opportunity to apply your experience and expertise for the greater good while promoting yourself or your business.
    10. 10. Develop revenue opportunities Not only is Innovation Nights a great way to approach business development, it is also a platform for additional revenue opportunities such as advertising, training or promoting your own products and services.
    11. 11. Benefit from our experience Innovation Nights has organized monthly events since 2009. Building upon our experience, practices and online platform, we can make sure that you hit the ground running and avoid trial and error with our process, technical assistance and training.
    12. 12. Reach a wider audience Increase your reach and exposure by joining us. Help startups showcase their products on a local and national scale. Put your city on the map as a center of innovation
    13. 13. Use our flexible event model Our event model is flexible in format and frequency and suitable for your needs and resources.
    14. 14. For your investment, InnoNights will: • Provide an exclusive license to operate events in your region • Promote your events and products through Innovation Nights website, social media, newsletter and PR outreach • Provide web platform, training and expertise • Coordinate content sharing across regions Franchise Agreement •Easy to get started •Share of sponsorships •Time: approx. 20 hours/event
    15. 15. Promotional • Promote events using your local network • Build associated social media accounts • Maintain the content featured on your subdomain of the InnoNights website • Create and distribute online newsletter Event • Coordinate exhibitors and experts for events • Obtain sponsors and venues for each event Franchise Responsibilities
    16. 16. 17% 11% 10% 8% 6%5% 5% 4% Web-based Software & business Food & Grocery Mobile Marketing & Advertising Business Services Health & Personal Care Clothing, shoes, accessories Products
    17. 17. Half a billion+ vc, angel, investor, grants, and awards Photo by Janet Egan
    18. 18. 91 have since launched other new products
    19. 19. 18 Acquired or Merged
    20. 20. 395 Still In Business
    21. 21. Serious Tweet Reach 11,163 → 6,378,255
    22. 22. Testimonials “Not only did we get great traffic and leads from the Mass Innovation Nights website leading up to the event but our lead generation program the night of the event exceeded our expectations. Even today, more than a month later, we continue to see our most engaged and highest quality leads coming from the site.” Matthew Mamet, Marketing,
    23. 23. Testimonials “We did Mass Innovation Nights in a quiet way – we were last minute substitutions for a company that couldn’t come but we still got six sign-ups in a single night and ten qualified leads the next day. Not only that, but one of our beta customers was Rubbermaid, from Ohio. Since we hadn’t yet launched, we knew that query must have come through visibility we got at Innovation Nights.” David Jenkins, VP of Sales, Conversion Associates
    24. 24. Gracious hosts get visibility too Charles River Museum of Industry, IBM Innovation Center, Clock Tower Place, MassChallenge, Microsoft NERD Center, CCR , Continuum/VideoLink, Verizon Innovation Center, Cummings Center Beverly, Tradecenter 128, Merrimack Valley Sandbox, VMware, Intrepid Labs, SCVNGR / Level Up, The Boston Globe, Space with a Soul, Isabella Products/the Wheelhouse, Fresh Tilled Soil
    25. 25. Thanks Sponsors!
    26. 26. Although events are free to attendees, experts, exhibitors, they generate revenue through • Event sponsorship • Advertising • Affiliate partners/fees • Services Revenue Stream
    27. 27. Innovation Nights can be a platform for additional revenue streams • Speaking and consulting opportunities • Workshops, lecture and online seminar series • Premium video or podcast content • Elite membership package, exclusive content • Market and audience data • Media mentions and publications Revenue/Benefits
    28. 28. Kristen Avini, Program & Events Manager Bobbie Carlton, Founder Tim Stansky, Business Development Contact us ?