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Zilico - ECO14: Patient Safety


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Pitch presentation by Zilco at ECO14 in Preston.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Zilico - ECO14: Patient Safety

  1. 1. ZedScan – Revolutionising Women’s Healthcare Diagnostics Darren Neill, Sales Director
  2. 2. Current Colposcopy Methods • The whole colposcopy procedure is subjective and is based on the clinical impression of the appearance of the cervix • Differentiating between mild abnormalities that will resolve and those that will develop into cancer is not possible • Visualisation is at the surface of the cervix • The use of acetic acid to identify “aceto-white” regions is pragmatic and not based on any understanding of the disease • Quality assurance is difficult 2December 2017 Commercial in Confidence
  3. 3. What is ZedScan? 3December 2017 Commercial in Confidence
  4. 4. EIS (Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy) 4December 2017 Commercial in Confidence Basement membrane Stroma Surface epithelium Normal CIN 1 CIN 2 CIN 3 Invasion Intermediate Superficial Parabasal Basal 0.4 mm
  5. 5. ZedScan is not impacted by HPV genotype • Colposcopy depends on identifying areas of aceto-white • Aceto-white is more likely to be associated with HPV16 than other hrHPV types1 • Colposcopy is less effective at detecting CIN2+ caused by non-HPV16 • ZedScan does not depend on aceto-white and detects all CIN2+ equally well • Although HPV16 causes the most aggressive disease, non-HPV16 types account for a high proportion of HG CIN (50% in this group) and are responsible for up to 30% of cancers December 17 5 1 Jeronimo et al 2007
  6. 6. Conclusions • ZedScan greatly helps with improving colposcopic performance by minimising subjectivity Over treatment Biopsy rates Follow-up appointments • Could be used as a triage in primary care alongside primary HPV testing 6December 2017 Commercial in Confidence