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Michael Norris - Access to Funding Liverpool SME Workshop


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Presentation by Michael Norris, FCMA, Acorn Healthtech Cofoundery

Published in: Healthcare
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Michael Norris - Access to Funding Liverpool SME Workshop

  2. 2. - Our mission is to give digital health startups the best possible chance of success. - Acorn partners with innovators to build digital solutions in the healthcare sector. We do this by providing investment, expert-led mentorship and a cofounding team. WHO ARE WE?
  3. 3. 98% of Digital Health Startups Fail. *
  4. 4. * REASONS FOR FAILURE? 1-5 Accounts for 86.9 % #1 Building something nobody wants #4 Failing to execute sales and marketing #2 Hiring poorly #5 Not having the right cofounders #3 Lack of focus #6 Other
  5. 5. Most of these failures are preventable with experience. Startups don’t get a chance to gather this experience. They are often too fragile to weather even one failure.
  6. 6. Acorn: Healthtech Cofoundery
  7. 7. WHO ARE WE? ACORN You
  8. 8. COFOUNDERY - A cross skilled, experienced team of cofounders that have founded 27 startups in the last 9 years. - Acorn has founded 16 startups in the last 21 months. - Work part time whilst growing your startup - no need to quit your job! - Clear path to product, market and follow on funding, via a proven process.
  10. 10. MENTORSHIP - We work with founders to get your business plan and investment decks into place. - Opportunity to work together pre-investment. - No cost