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Medicalchain - ECO 15: Digital connectivity in healthcare


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Pitch by Dave Ebbit, Health Informatics Manager, Medicalchain at ECO 15, Haydock Park Racecourse.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Medicalchain - ECO 15: Digital connectivity in healthcare

  1. 1. Dave Ebbitt Health Informatics Manager
  2. 2. Challenges in Digital Healthcare Issues for Healthcare Organisations ● Privacy Control ● Siloed data ● Proliferation of unconnected apps ● Lack of interoperability ● Increasing costs of monolithic solutions ● Vendor lock-in Issues for the Partient ● Privacy Control ● Difficulty in obtaining health data ● Fragmentation and duplication of information ● Not connected to wearables or IoT devices ● Difficult to obtain value from health data “In essence, there will no longer be an EHR in the traditional sense, an institution-centric record whose patient portal is a small tip of the hat to patient-centeredness. Rather, there will be one digital patient-centered health record that combines clinician- generated notes and data with patient-generated information and preferences. Its locus of control will be, unambiguously, with the patient.” Bob Wachter MD, Chair of National Advisory Group on Health IT, England
  3. 3. What is the blockchain? Hash: 0x9bd Prev Hash: 0x6b7 Hash: 0x3yn Prev Hash: 0x9bd Hash: 0x23a Prev Hash: 0x3yn
  4. 4. Hyperledger blockchain Logic permissions MedTokens Telemedicine consultations Health data marketplace Wearables integration Insurance integration Determines who can read/write to health records Applications and services powered by health data Semantically enabled, vendor- independent health computing platform Used for economic transactions Contains transactions related to health records Health Data Platform
  5. 5. Challenges for Healthcare addressed Safety And Security ● Double layer of encryption ● Data stored data in compliant nodes ● Full informed consent ● Immutable records ● IG and GDPR compliance from the start …. one digital patient-centered health record that combines clinician-generated notes and data with patient-generated information and preferences. Its locus of control ... unambiguously, with the patient. Data Interoperability ● OpenEHR for data persistance ● FHIR standard for data messaging ● No new siloes created ● Longitudinal view of patients; health data ● Integration of wearables and IoT devices ● Open API for health data eco-system ● Borderless healthcare
  6. 6. Medicalchain Platform Patient Specialist Family Doctor General PracticePrivate Hospital Relatives Social Worker Employer Health Insurance
  7. 7. Medicalchain - the Story So Far Telemedicine Pilot ● Large GP practice: 27 doctors, 4 sites ● First iteration of the Medicalchain platform ● Unlock the GP data ● Followed by UK roll out Progress to data ● $24,000,000 raised in ICO (blockchain crowdfunding) ● 16 strong multidisciplinary team - tech, health informatics, clinical, crypto ● Based in London, Leeds and Greater Manchester ● First pilot commenced
  8. 8. Twitter: @medical_chain Telegram: Dave Ebbitt Health Informatics Manager Get involved! ● Join our community ● Propose a partnership ● Host a blockchain node ● Join us on the innovation journey