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Karla Rimaitis - EngageWell: Recruitment comms and sketchnoting


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Presentation by Karla Rimaitis, Project Manager, Innovation Agency at EngageWell: Recruitment comms and sketchnoting on Wednesday 8 May at Radisson Blu, Liverpool.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Karla Rimaitis - EngageWell: Recruitment comms and sketchnoting

  1. 1. Karla Rimaitis - @krimaitis @InnovationNWC #sketchnote
  2. 2. @InnovationNWC Tweet Away!! @Krimaitis @innovationNWC #sketchnotes
  3. 3. @InnovationNWC /improvement_and_learning/coaching-academy
  4. 4. Adapted from Liberating Structures also available free app 1. Find someone you don’t know and introduce yourself. 2. What do you hope to get from and give from this mornings session? 3. Draw your partner – (3 minutes) swap over – use anything including colour. @InnovationNWC
  5. 5. Adapted from Liberating Structures also available free app 1. What did you hear yourself saying 2. What were you doing? 3. What did you see and hear others doing? @InnovationNWC
  6. 6. @InnovationNWC We have always combined words and images to explain our ideas and visions. From cave paintings to the worldwide hit Emojis…
  7. 7. @InnovationNWC The research is vast but my favourite seven are: Which reason is most important to you and the work your doing?
  8. 8. @InnovationNWC
  9. 9. Who’s doing the do?
  10. 10. @InnovationNWC What’s in the pot?
  11. 11. But lets break it down again: 1. Structure 2. Title 3. Words 4. Images @InnovationNWC
  12. 12. One of the biggest barriers is the perceived inability to produce images so lets go: @InnovationNWC
  13. 13. Creative thinking 1. Turn over your table name - pass it around the table. 2. You will have 2 minutes to think of a concept on your own - DO NOT DISCUSS. 3. Get together as a team table – refine ideas through conversation (5- 10minutes). 4. Draw up your final design and label it your table name (5minutes). @InnovationNWC
  14. 14. @InnovationNWC Example:
  15. 15. 1. Mohawk Frogs 2. Drinking Tractors 3. Fiery Porcupines 4. Mountain Unicorns 5. Spiked Rollers 6. Blue Gnomes 7. Dancing Skeletons 8. Grass Rabbits 9. Lightning Kings 10.Flying Lobsters So what did we get? And how did we get there? Describe the image for your table name: @InnovationNWC
  16. 16. Create your own objects and concept list Choose at least 6 words (10 max) that you use regularly – these could be words you hear in meetings or that you say e.g. “communication” “patient engagement” Create an image for each word or concept You may need to discuss ideas these with peers on your table or use a mind map to help you and don’t forget to use your phones for research. @InnovationNWC
  17. 17. Steal ideas…borrow….? @InnovationNWC
  18. 18. Create your own sketchnote using the objects you have created @InnovationNWC What do you love about your work/job role? Why does it get you out of bed in the morning? How could you improve the work you do? What skills and knowledge would you like to improve for your development?
  19. 19. Options for sketchnoting @InnovationNWC From tech to basic and back again – its important to me to have choice
  20. 20. Keep in touch NHS Sketchnote Club Sketchnote army Tnvora – Tanmay Vora Q Network – Specialist interest group Innovation Agency NWC Karla Rimaitis – Instagram and Twitter Lets Recap – @InnovationNWC
  21. 21. @InnovationNWC Thank you for being you