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GSVC - net impact symposium_design thinking 2012


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GSVC - net impact symposium_design thinking 2012

  1. 1. Global Social Venture Competition Asia-Africa Regional Finals, March 08 - 10, 2012Net Impact Symposium - Design Thinking March 10, 2012
  2. 2. NET IMPACT SYMPOSIUMDESIGN THINKINGDesign thinking is a discipline that uses the designer’s IMRB Innovation Labssensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is We have partnered with IMRB Innovation Labs, a leadingtechnologically feasible and what a viable business strategy innovation consulting practice, for this year’s symposium. Atcan convert into customer value and market opportunity. It is a the heart of Innovation Labs’ philosophy is ‘Design Thinking’ - ahuman-centered approach, the ability to combine empathy for problem solving approach that uniquely combines the powerthe context of a problem, creativity in the generation of insights of three very critical skills - Empathy, Creativity and Rationality.and solutions, and rationality to analyze and fit solutions to the Using empathetic creative problem solving skills, coupled withcontext. foresight and business strategy, Innovation Labs works with organisations with short-term and future growth opportunities. The team includes an eclectic team of professionals from variedRelevance to Social Entrepreneurs backgrounds - Futures (with formal training and expertiseA social entrepreneur commits himself to higher levels of in Scenario Planning), Business Strategy, Design Thinking,complexity by embracing the double bottom-line concept. Industrial Design / Visual Communication, Design Ethnography,Not only is he trying to solve a social issue but he is also and Innovation Consulting.trying to generate profits to sustain his enterprise. Any social Innovation Labs has been working with a variety of clients inentrepreneur has to do the fine act of balancing these two India, Europe and North America, across a variety of innovationobjectives. projects that include • Identifying disruptive innovation for rural telecom growth• By understanding the approach of designers when they try to solve a problem, social entrepreneurs will be able to • New product development for leading food / snack invigorate their creative problem solving process to a new company level • Future opportunities in the Indian market, 5 years from• Social Entrepreneurs face a multitude of issues on a day- now (using Scenario Planning and Design Thinking) for to-day basis. These arise in diverse areas and are unique global technology firm at the same time. Exposure to design thinking methods • Service innovation in the financial services category will help them come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Innovation Labs won the Pepsico Marketing Impact award for Retail Product Innovation in 2011.The Design Thinking SymposiumThis year, The Design Thinking Symposium is being hostedalongside the Asia-Africa Finals of the Global Social Venture SPEAKERSCompetition (GSVC, 2012). Organised by the Net Impact Parameswaran VenkataramanClub at the Indian School of Business, The Design ThinkingSymposium 2012 will focus on Param is currently Head - Innovation Labs at IMRB, India’s leading market research firm. Innovation Labs is an innovation consulting practice, and specialist unit of IMRB International(a) Exposure to the principles and process of design thinking part of Kantar. Kantar is WPP’s insight, information and and the process of identifying and developing innovation consultancy network. opportunities(b) Relevance of Design Thinking to social entrepreneurs Over the last 15 years, Param has worn various hats - Ethnographer, Innovation Consultant, User Researcher, Design(c) Successful social entrepreneurs sharing how design Manager - in companies such as Technopak, GE Healthcare, thinking principles have been used to arrive at solutions Sapient Corporation and for the India / China /
  3. 3. US / UK markets. He specializes in using ‘Design Thinking’ as Nishant Banorean Innovation tool, for addressing strategic business problems Nishant is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Desta/and opportunities for organisations Choices Prosperity Solutions. Desta is a for-profit, for-impactParam has worked with clients across a wide range of business organisation that has a technology platform and a network ofproblems focused towards the emerging markets - paint village managers to make available income generating andpurchase behaviour of women consumers, career management cost saving products and services in remote rural areas. With afor an HR consulting firm, diabetes management for a strong focus on Agriculture, Education and Health, Desta aimshealthcare company, child immunization in rural India. to contribute significantly to rural prosperity.Param is a member of the Executive Council for The Centre for Nishant is very passionate about researching and implementingEmerging Market Solutions at the Indian School of Business, scalable solutions for poverty reduction. His other interests lieHyderabad. He has delivered several seminars, lectures with motivating youth to contribute to the development sectorand led workshops on Innovation and Design Thinking at via Net Impact and contributing to reduction in lifestyle diseasesISB (Hyderabad), IIT-Kanpur, UK Design Council (London), via . As the President of the Net Impact ChapterWellingkar School of Management, IIT-Madras and other at the ISB, he led the club to win the Best Internationalleading educational / corporate institutions. Graduate Chapter by launching strong programmes such as iDiya (, which is now a leading platform in India to identify, mentor and make available seed funding toAshwin Mahesh new social enterprises. While at ISB, Nishant was honouredAshwin is the CEO at Mapunity, which develops technology to with the most prestigious award - Rajat Gupta Gold Medal fortackle social problems and development challenges. Their GIS, Excellence in Leadership for outstanding leadership and allMIS and mobile technologies are used mostly by government round performance.departments and civil society organisations, and in the R&Dinitiatives of commercial ventures. The company is incubated at Rahul PanikerInternational Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. Rahul is the Co-founder and President of Rural Products ofAshwin wanted to be a physicist, instead went to business Embrace, a social enterprise bringing to market a low-costschool, but decided he’d be better off working harder on his infant warmer that can work with or without electricity, for usereal passion. He then trained as an astronomer. This was a in rural areas of developing countries. Embrace, which Rahullot more fun, since the world is much more livable at night. co-founded with Jane Chen, Naganand Murty and Linus Liang,Besides, he discovered a star - although an unimportant one hopes to give a fighting chance to the millions of premature andknown only as ‘the companion to LkHα 234’. He then thought low-birth-weight babies born every year through this device.he should try something closer to earth, with a reasonablechance of getting a job. This led to a decade spent as an Rahul loves people. At Embrace, his mission is to understandatmospheric scientist studying clouds and snow in Antarctica, the rural user and their aspirations and translate their needs toand also working on satellite-based detection technologies. products. His work has taken him through the many villages and small towns of India, from Bhorugram in Rajasthan, toThese isolating professions could only be sustained by some Bamni in Chattisgarh, to Bhadrachalam in Andhra Pradesh,parallel career, which has taken the form of public affairs and where he applies his training in design thinking and thedevelopment communication. He co-edits the public affairs entrepreneurial approach he picked up in Silicon Valley. Rahulmagazine, India Together, and is an urban affairs researcher at holds an MS and PhD from Stanford University, and a B.TechIIM Bangalore and with the Government of Karnataka. from IIT Madras. He is an alumnus of the (Institute of Design) at Stanford.