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EIA2017Portugal - Miguel Santo Amaro - Portugal: A Startup Nation

Miguel Santo Amaro - Portugal: A Startup Nation

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EIA2017Portugal - Miguel Santo Amaro - Portugal: A Startup Nation

  1. 1. “Portugal, A Startup Nation” by Miguel Santo Amaro EIA @ Lisbon, 2017
  2. 2. A convenient and secure way for students to find and book accommodation online
  3. 3. £400bn spent each year by students in the private rental sector Growing market: 262m students worldwide by 2025 Increasing mobility: International student numbers increasing 7% YoY since 2000
  4. 4. Accommodation is the first step in a student’s journey and represents the single largest portion of spend Rent ranges from 30-50% of student spend, yet the market is: ● Fragmented ● Inefficient ● Offline
  5. 5. Building a trusted brand to enable monetisation throughout the student experience A category leading brand and valuable gateway to the £400bn, global student market
  6. 6. Rent Guarantee system for students and landlords. Through the Guarantee, Uniplaces will start acting as a guarantor to students who would normally need a local guarantor to rent a house, enabling them to pay rent monthly instead of up front. It will also guarantee that landlords get their rent paid for the full contract term. The Uniplaces Guarantee Designed to protect our landlords
  7. 7. +8 000 Participants +300 Applications
  8. 8. The Uniplaces Academy is a platform providing students with an opportunity to gain work experience, develop their personal skills and earn money on the side during their studies.
  9. 9. PÚBLICO 25 de Julho de 2011
  10. 10. Portugal invests only 1.29% of its GDP in R&D, below the OECD avg. of 2.3%
  11. 11. From Portugal to the World .