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5 elements of a Great Company


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Published in: Business, Education
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5 elements of a Great Company

  1. 1. Alar KolkPresident, European Innovation Academy
  2. 2. Global Fortune 100 visions & missions
  3. 3. What Makes aGreat Business?
  5. 5. Ambition# 1The leadership team of every good company has a greatambition for the company – usually one that addressesan unmet customer need. The ambition is not one ofpersonal greed; it’s about building a company thatdelivers on its promise and does it with a unique quality.
  6. 6. Customer# 2Every good company begins by meeting a customerneed. That need is often deeply understood by thecompany’s founder because they, themselves,experienced the need – and saw how that need was notbeing well met. Sometimes the founder hands off theleadership of the company to someone else whooperationalizes the idea.
  7. 7. Focus# 3Good companies stay focused on what they know andcan do well. When companies search for new ideas, theyoften drift into unknown territory and get in trouble.Good companies just keep growing and expanding intofamiliar territory.
  8. 8. Execution# 4Satisfying a customer requires relentless attention toexecution. Building a company’s capability to delivermakes the difference between turning a great idea intoa business or failure. But execution is not just aboutdelivering a product. It’s also about service.
  9. 9. Inspiration# 5Smart companies engage all of their associates in building thebusiness, from idea creation though delivery.Everyone in the company feels that they own a piece of the actionand are accountable for how the company performs. Theinspiration for a company starts at the top, but good leadershipdrives that inspiration deep into the company by engaging peoplebroadly in decision-making. People are more than mechanicalparts of the enterprise, and the more they are allowed to seecustomers, the better their business sensibilities.