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This is my slide promotion for Fall of the Savior-King, a fantasy novel inspired by Genesis and ancient Mesopotamia. The book speculates what it was like for humans to interact with the biblical Nephilim and their offspring. Fall of the Savior-King is the first book in the Seven Gates of the Kingdom series.

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Fall of the Savior-King Slide Promotion

  2. 2. An Unholy Descent“For we  Genesis 6 says that in ancient times,wrestle not fallen angels cohabited with humanwith flesh women to create the Nephilimand blood…”(Eph. 6:13).  The apocryphal Book of Enoch saysMount Hermon photo rebellious angels descended on Mountcourtesy of Almogvia Wikipedia.com Hermon  Before and after the Flood of Noah, the Nephilim, along with their offspring, battled human beings
  3. 3. A New Take on an Old Story Fall of the Savior-King is a novel inspired by ancient Mesopotamia This first book in the Seven Gates of the Kingdom series speculates on what life was like when humans interacted with the Nephilim some generations after the Flood of Noah
  4. 4. Ancient MesopotamiaMap courtesy of www.searchingthescriptures.net.
  5. 5. Three Brothers Populated the World After theFlood were Shem, Ham and JaphethTheir namesMap courtesy of www.searchingthescriptures.net.
  6. 6. Book Themes“For He  Speculates from history how the ancientdelivered usfrom the domain descendants of Shem, Ham and Japhethof darkness, andtransferred us to interacted with false “gods” and Elohimthe kingdom ofHis beloved HimselfSon, in whomwe have  Features supernatural warsredemption, theforgiveness of  Identifies how generational curses derailsins” (Col. 1:13,14). destiny  Illustrates biblical principles of life and worship
  7. 7. Draws from Ancient History“Open to me  The spiritual significance of ancientthe gates ofrighteousnes cities and their protective gatess: I will gointo them,  The kingship role in Mesopotamiaand I willpraise the  The understanding of the stars andLORD” (Ps. constellations by the ancients118:19).
  8. 8. The Story Uses Hebrew NamesHebrew  Characters bear Hebrew names tonames tell astory within a describe their struggles and destinystory.  God is identified by His names in“I have Hebrewsummonedyou by name;  The ancient Nephilim and theiryou are mine” descendants are identified by their(Is. 43:1). Hebrew names or the author’s variations
  9. 9. Lessons from the book  A relationship with the Eternal God is the most important gift believers possess  We must test by the Holy Spirit what we see and hear  God wants us to track with His movements so that we triumph  There is only one true Savior and King
  10. 10. Applications for Today  This book is not history, but a literary tool to invite people to study Genesis and ancient Mesopotamia  The Bible addresses past, present and future activities between God, His beloved Israel and His precious Church  If scholars are correct, and the ancient Nephilim return during the end times, the Bible identifies how to battle them
  11. 11. Why Fantasy Fiction?  Fantasy is a popular genre that features the hero’s journey and how he or she overcomes supernatural battles  Fantasy offers a wide platform to express a Christ- centered truth about the accelerating war between light and darkness
  12. 12. Want to Learn More? www.sevengatesofthekingdom.com Buy the book at Amazon.com Follow us on Twitter “Like” us on FacebookFor interviews and presentations, please email: info@sevengatesofthekingdom.com