Training Courses for the Aluminium Industry


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A suite of training courses specifically for the aluminium industry, written and delivered by experts.

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Training Courses for the Aluminium Industry

  1. 1. Training Courses An opportunity to learn from Our training courses cover a range aluminium industry experts of topics from metallurgy, surface treatment and analytical techniques to rolling and process control. • Give your engineers the in-depth product Product specific courses, such as for knowledge they need to really make a difference beverage cans or foil packaging, are also available. • Learn about the latest developments in your Each training course consists of a sector, and how they could impact your business number of modules. It is possible to choose an entire course, or you can • Discover how process improvement techniques, select modules from several courses tried and tested in the aluminium industry, can to design your own. improve your efficiency and product quality Building further on this flexibility, we can offer company-specific courses where we can tailor the training to the particular needs of your company, taking into account your products and processes. Our courses can be run on your site, or at Innoval’s facilities in Banbury. Why choose Innoval? • Training specifically for the aluminium industry • Courses written and delivered by experts with many years practical experience within the aluminium industry • Flexible training program: you specify the content • Courses tailored to reflect your products and processes value through • Small group sizes innovation
  2. 2. The Training Courses: Introduction to Aluminium Advanced Manufacturing Methods A perfect starting point for anyone entering the aluminium This comprehensive course introduces several well-known industry, this course covers the production and processing of techniques for process improvement, including statistically aluminium, its properties and alloy and temper designations. It designed experiments, six sigma and lean manufacturing. also includes metallurgy, surface treatment and experimental techniques for problem solving. The tutors have had years of experience in successfully applying these techniques in the aluminium industry, so they are well ‘Introduction to Aluminium’ provides a good foundation for the placed to offer practical advice to delegates. other courses we offer. Computer Modelling - 4 courses Aluminium Products - 5 courses Our Computer Modelling courses are geared towards The following courses are ideal for engineers in the aluminium applications in a processing environment. The courses can industry who want to increase their knowledge of material range from entry level, which provides a general overview, to behaviour during fabrication and in service. Topics include very specialised courses at degree level and beyond. Each metallurgy, surface treatment, corrosion and lubrication. subject has been used extensively in industry by the course tutors. There are five courses available: There are four courses available: • Beverage cans • Foil packaging • Genetic algorithms • Automotive body structures • Programming • Heat exchangers • Neural networks • Architectural painted sheet • Finite Element Modelling Aluminium Rolling Technology Please visit our web site for more information (http:// The first rolling technology course specifically for the aluminium or contact Helen Forrest at industry! This is an invaluable course for anyone involved in rolling. It covers all the important aspects of hot and cold rolling of aluminium products, and is written and presented by Innoval rolling specialists with over 160 years practical experience in former Alcan rolling operations. Many of the presentations are supplemented by hands-on workshop sessions using computer simulations. Who are Innoval? Innoval Technology is a materials consultancy comprising engineers, materials scientists, and business managers. We specialise in light metals applications and provide technical expertise, contract research, analytical and testing services. Collectively our team has over 400 years experience of aluminium technology, and is equipped with the skills, knowledge and latest technology to solve all your materials problems and development needs. We have published in excess of 350 technical papers, and we are approved to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025. For more information contact: Innoval Technology Tel: + 44 (0) 1295 702800 Beaumont Close Fax: + 44 (0) 1295 702898/9 value through Banbury, Oxon Email: innovation OX 16 1TQ UK