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Introduction to Innoval Technology 2014


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Innoval Technology provides independent technical expertise to the global aluminium industry. This presentation gives a brief overview of the company.

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Introduction to Innoval Technology 2014

  1. 1. Innoval Technology Providing independent expertise to the global aluminium industry
  2. 2. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd Innoval has helped aluminium companies to . . . .  Improve Customer Satisfaction  Become a Preferred Supplier  Increase or Protect Market Share  Broaden Product Range  Reduce Operating Costs  Increase Asset Utilisation  Reduce Work In Progress  Reduce Energy Consumption  Improve Returns on Capex  Optimise Investment Strategy  Maximise Success of Investment  Minimise Start-up Issues
  3. 3. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd Our Aluminium Background …  Alcan’s Banbury Technical Centre – before 2003  Developed a world class team focussed on downstream process improvements in Banbury  Development of world class aluminium product expertise  Support to all Alcan plants worldwide  Innoval formed in 2003 as a result of closure of Alcan’s Technical Centre  Based in Banbury (UK), with a global client base  Owned by Danieli  Operates independently  >600 years collective experience in downstream processes and products
  4. 4. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd What is Innoval and why are we unique?  We are a core team of 28 people – our strength is the breadth of our knowledge  Rolling and extrusion process expertise  Product expertise (metallurgy and surfaces)  Access to industry specialists when required  Our expertise and experience supplements your in-house technology teams  We’re not a permanent part of your team  You involve us only when you need us, so costs are kept low
  5. 5. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd What do we do?  We find optimum solutions to difficult process and product problems  From fast-response plant-based problem-solving  To longer term fundamental developments of intellectual property  … and everything in between  We provide access to specialist expertise and equipment  Extensive in-house analytical facilities (ISO17025 accredited)  External network of specialist providers
  6. 6. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd A Fast Growing Company  11 years of business growth  A broad client base  We have maintained our original strength and broadened our expertise  Most of Alcan’s original Rolling and Finishing team are still available within Innoval 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350Cumulative Number of Clients Year
  7. 7. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd A Global Client Base 'Innoval Technology - a truly international company' This map shows the countries in which we have worked:
  8. 8. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd A Diverse Client Base (by Sales) End Users (25%) • Automotive • Heat exchangers • Packaging • Surface critical products (includes 10% TSB/EU projects) Extrusion (27%) Rolled Products (28%) • Sheet, plate & foil rollers • 19 companies Other (7%) • Other semi-fabricators • Investors • Non-aluminium Danieli Consulting (13%) • Hot rolling mills • Cold rolling mills • Plate stretchers
  9. 9. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd We support all stages in the life of a downstream business  High level scoping studies  Support concept development  Support development of marketing to attract business and to sell a new venture  Pre-feasibility studies  Capex and Opex estimation (incl civils)  Critique market studies  Financial cost modelling  Structured approach  Technical support to bankable studies  Develop detailed equipment specifications  Financial cost modelling  Technical support during EPCM  Training of future staff  Support acceptance testing during commissioning  Set up quality systems and procedures  Develop machine setup and SOP’s  Accelerate ramp up  Achieve world class product quality  Achieve world class machine operation  Solve post- commissioning problems  Training of staff  R & D  Customer support and service  Technical due diligence  Technical auditing  Support to plant upgrade and restructuring  Support during liquidation  Asset valuation But this is the largest part of our business Identify Opportunities Evaluate Options Define Project Execute Project Operate Plant Audit Plant We can do all of this:
  10. 10. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd We work throughout your plant – rolling example Preheating / Homogenisation Hot Rolling TRC Cold Rolling Annealing Cleaning Pretreatment Coating Lubrication  Mechanical  Surface  Dimensional Quality DC Casting End-users  Asset Utilisation  Energy  Recovery  WIP Cost Reduction Alloy Chemistry Process Training Plate Rolling
  11. 11. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd We have expertise relevant to your products Marine Customer SupportAlloy Development Foil & Packaging Product Training AerospaceAutomotive Beverage CanLithographic Sheet Heat Exchangers Innovation Extrusions
  12. 12. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd Summary  A world-class team  Specialist skills and equipment  Expertise throughout the aluminium supply chain  Cost-effective and Value Added  A unique company Innoval Technology provides independent expertise to the aluminium industry
  13. 13. Commercial-in-Confidence, © Innoval Technology Ltd Please contact us to find out how we can help you: Innoval Technology Limited Beaumont Close Banbury Oxfordshire OX16 1TQ United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1295 702800 Fax: +44 (0) 1295 702898 Email: