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IT/Telecom Moving Checklist

Technical Considerations
If you plan to keep your existing ISP and phone company ( CKT provider ) , make sure you give them 50 days notice so they can help you move your services in a timely manner. Negotiate since rate has been reduced.
Your new business address, contact information for your phone vendor, data network vendor, and internal company contact point plus the services that you will be requiring for your new location. ( change business cards and Website info )
Is there low voltage wiring from the location that the local telephone company drops off the cables at your building to your equipment room? This is called MPOE ( main point of entry ) , make sure your CKTs are extended to the IDF , MDF or Hub room ( computer room )
Is a dedicated power circuit for the equipment? Make sure there is one with adequate grounding for switches and router and common outlet for cleaning crew . make sure they are marked
Are the occupancy certificate and signed lease completed? Certificate of occupancy is issues after inspection ( Ceiling inspection , floor inspection , safety inspection..etc. )
Is insurance required to work in the building? make sure all trades have liability and workman comp insurance with you and building owner as traditionally insured or you be liable for any damages caused.
Do you have building access (contact person and hours)? Building manager needs to be contacted for elevator access ( specially during the move ) , weekend access and door access and keys.
Contact Innova Global technology cabling vendor to run your phone ,data, video and audio wires. Since you making the call , there would be no sales involved and they can reduce their cost . They offer High quality and low cost installation nationwide.
Make you get a copy of the layout of the new location to include the furniture and your network cabling . This will ensure that the wiring for the new location can be pre-installed properly. Marking workstations with office numbers and cubical number is a must . With it you know , cable and power out letscounts, and you can mark the boxes accordingly . Then , mover knows what goes where .
When will the telecommunications and IT equipment be ready? Make sure you test phone system, router and switches in the new place as its is cross connected to the CKTs. If you do not do this , your move might be delayed
What is the location of the MPOE (minimum point of entry) for the phone company? You need a cross connect cable ( 25 pair, 50 pair or few cat6 cables between MPOE and HUB room
Schedule wiring according to the construction and furniture timeline for newly built structures.
Identify the telephone and data cabling closet/room within the space and make sure you know closet room ready date ( Paint, power, floor and electricity )
Confirm minimum requirements for the server room, including room dimensions, electrical requirements, floor coverings, HVAC with alarm and the

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Lowcost highquality network cabling irvine ca slideshare

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