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We installs the things that make communications work locally ( Orange county , Los Angeles county , Riverside county , San Bernardino county and nationwide. We provide high quality single source design, installation, deployment and maintenance of wiring, network and cloud computing systems . Innova is a cable contractor and all As one force is a network of cabling contractors our Specialties are : Technology rollouts, cat 6 cable, data cabling,technology deployment, wifi networks,networking cable,wireless installation, fiber optic cabling,network cable installation,nationwide rollout cable networking,voice and data cabling, cable networking, wirelessnetwork installation and wireless rollout , national deployment,technology rollout video.
Innova Installation and deployment services:
Local and nationwide services
Single Point of contact and accountability
Total installation solution , One stop for all installation and deployment projects
24X7 nationwide support services
On line, real time project or service ordering , tracking and status reporting
Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber, Cat 7 Cabling
Backbone and CKT ( analog , digital , T1 ..etc. ) extension , cross connect and testing
Copper Cabling ( I.e coax, audio , video , surveillance)
Router , switch and hardware Rack and stack
HUB room, MDF and wiring closet design and installation
HUB room, MDF and wiring close redesign or clean up
Data center hardware installation
Data center clean up and rack / stack
Fiber backbone installation
Component and software loading and integration
Network conversions and upgrades
Technology upgrade, Conversion and remediation
Digital Signage Installation & deployment
Large screen TV and projectors cabling and installation
WAN / LAN / WLAN installation
A/P coverage design and installation
Intercom, Music & Paging Systems
Surveillance Cameras / CCTV
Staging, configuration / imaging & Asset Management
Specialty Cabling Solutions
Security / Physical Access Control / Fire Alarm Systems Installation
Vendor Management - Single Point of Contact
Nationwide Technology Rollout
Moves, Adds and Changes
UPS installation and Battery replacement support
Site survey, assessment and information portal
On demand work force for temporary project staffing
Project and deployment web design
Office technology system installation ( site survey, design, programming and installation )
Phone systems, Voice mail ( Digital, Digital Hybrid and VOIP systems )
WIFI , Access point ( AP ) system
Public Announcement ( PA ) system
Video Surveillance and camera system
Video distribution systems, large screen TV and monitoring and signage
POS and Scanner system
Orange County coverage area : Aliso Viejo ,Anaheim,Brea ,Buena Park Costa Mesa,Cypress,Dana Point,Fountain Valley,Fullerton ,Garden Grove,Huntington Beach ,Irvine,La Habra,La Palma ,Laguna Beach,Laguna Hills,Lag

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Irvine phone systems and phone jack installation 877-448-4968

  1. 1. KX-TA824Advanced Hybrid Telephone System r e s i d e n t i a l
  2. 2. The Panasonic KX-TA824 Advanced HybridSystem is expressly designed to maximizehome communications in your home. With itswide array of features, it offers the functionsof both a telephone system and an intercomsystem, plus a whole lot more.The KX-TA824 offers a variety of options toenable customized solutions. You can assignspecific lines to each phone, make room-to-room intercom calls at the touch of a button,forward your calls to an outside location,monitor a room, page all system extensions,enjoy conference calls, and more. So you cantailor your telephone system to the variedneeds of your household.This powerful combination of flexibility, highperformance and value has made PanasonicCommunication Systems number one in KeyTelephone/Hybrid Systems*Expand Your Systemas Your Needs GrowThe KX-TA824 system works withstandard telephone lines, so you don’tneed to upgrade your phone service.It features a base configuration of threecentral office lines and eight stations.It can be easily expanded to up to eightcentral office lines and 24 stations withthe addition of two plug-in cards (modelsKX-TA82470, KX-TA82483 and KXTA82481).*Source: PBI Media, Infotech, Infotrac 2004 full year report for market share in the UnitedStates for shipments of Key Telephone/Hybrid Systems.
  3. 3. A Variety of OptionsRoom-to-Room Intercom program night mode so that when you go to bed, only theThe KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Telephone System’s phone in the master bedroom will ring. Or you can set theRoom-to-Room Intercom takes the place of a traditional system to lunch mode after business hours, so calls in yourintercom while offering easy operation and a host of home home office will be automatically forwarded to voicemail.conveniences. You can call any room in the house from Additionally, the level of toll restriction can be changed on aany telephone in the house. And with the convenient Auto per extension basis.Answer function activated, the person you called may replywithout even picking up the telephone. If you’re finishing up Optional Built-in Messaging Cardsome important paper work in the home office, this feature (KX-TA82492)lets you speak to family members without leaving your The KX-TA824 can be equipped with an optionaldesk. messaging card (KX-TA82492) which adds simple voicemail messaging to the system. This 2-port card will store upFlexible Line Buttons to 128 messages, and has a maximum recording time ofYou can use the central office (CO) line buttons on each up to 60 minutes. Each extension has its own personalproprietary telephone to access a CO line or you can mailbox, and there is also a common mailbox for generalprogram them for one-touch operation of system features messages. Users can record their own personal greeting,like intercom calling, speed dialing or paging. With the which will be played to callers transferred to their mailbox.KX-TA824, dialing from room to room is extremely easy. When a message is left in a mailbox, the system will notifySimply lift the receiver you by turning on the built-in message-waiting lamp on aand press the button that Panasonic proprietary telephone. Built in Voice Messagingis assigned to the room is an affordable solution perfect for your residence andyou wish to call. For home office.additional convenience, thedifferent buttons may be Central Office Voice Mail Compatibleclearly labeled via built-in The KX-TA824 is compatible with the phone companydesignation strips. voice mail service making it very easy to use. The way it works is, phone messages are stored in the voice mailbox at the phone company’s central office (CO). Each outsideFlexible Ring Assignment line can be assigned its own CO voice mailbox. When aThis feature allows you to dictate which outside lines voice mail message is left on any one of the three outsidewill ring on each phone. For instance, you can program CO lines, the large message-waiting LED will flash on eachbusiness lines to ring in the office, and personal lines system phone and the associated outside CO line buttonto ring in the bedroom, kitchen, etc. And if you have a will also flash. By simply pressing the flashing outside COseparate line for your children, you can program it to ring line button and the “message” button on any extension, theonly in their rooms. user can access their messages at any time.Room Monitor Panasonic Voice Mail System IntegrationThis great feature allows you to monitor your children’s If you require a fully featured Voice Mail system with aactivity from any system phone in the house. So you can built-in auto attendant the KX-TA824 can be connected togo about household chores while keeping an ear on the our KX-TVA50 voice processing system utilizing Advancedkids. The room being monitored must contain a proprietary Proprietary Integration. Advanced Proprietary Integrationsystem phone with a built-in speakerphone. provides the VPS with more information than traditionalConferencing Integration. This information enables the system to identify the extension number of the caller, know where, from,Consolidate your conversations and save time with the call and why the call is forwarded, and recognize what theconferencing feature. It allows you to combine two calls caller wants to do. Some features are available only withfrom two different lines, so you can talk to both parties at Advanced Proprietary Integration (Live Call Screening,the same time. This feature is great for the home office, Two-Way Recording, Two-Way Transfer, Direct Mailboxand also comes in handy for personal use as well. For Access, Intercom Paging, Auto Configuration, Caller Nameinstance, parent/teacher discussions can include mom and Announcement [system/personal], Caller ID Call Routing,dad simultaneously with the use of this feature. Personal Greeting for Caller ID).Night Day and Lunch Mode Settings Caller ID, Call Waiting/Logging1Using this convenient function, each telephone line inthe home can be set to one of three modes (night, day, With the Caller ID feature, an incoming caller’s phoneor lunch) based on changes in operation over the course number (or phone number and name if provided by theof the day. You dictate flexible ring assignments and telephone company) appears on the LCD display of anythe class of service for each line. For example, you can Panasonic system display telephone. This information is
  4. 4. displayed while the telephone is idle or while you’re on a Simply page and ask the individual you’re trying to reach tocall, allowing you to screen calls at a glance. The KX-TA824 pick up the nearest phone. Once that person dials the pageeven allows incoming calls to be screened from any display pickup code, they’ll be connected immediately. Roundingtelephone in the house. Calls that are not answered can be up the troops for work or play has never been easier.recalled by accessing either the personal or system-wideCaller ID log. Direct Inward System Access (DISA) with Outgoing Message and Fax Detection4Single-Line Device Integration When several family members share one telephone line,The Panasonic KX-TA824 Advanced Hybrid Telephone you can make sure callers reach their intended partySystem allows you to connect many types of single-line directly using Direct Inward System Access with Outgoingdevices such as answering machines, cordless phones, Message and Fax Detection Card. This option has a built-infax machines, computer modems, and even your favorite 3-Level DISA Auto Attendant, which allows you to programnovelty telephone, without the need for additional cards up to three messages that will instruct the caller to dial aor modules. Additionally, the system can pass Caller ID single-digit code for the desired party. The caller is theninformation to any Caller ID compatible single-line device. routed to the appropriate extension automatically. DISA also enables you to call into the system from outsideBacklit Display and Dial Keypad your home or office and utilize one of the system’s lines toEasy-to-operate Panasonic KX-T7700 series telephones are make calls. This feature can be helpful when you need toperfect for personal and home office use and are designed make calls from a remote location or a cellular match nearly any decor. Their easy-to-see backlit dial Additionally, if a fax call is received (and a CNG tone iskeypad makes these phones ideal for use in the bedroom, detected) during the outgoing message, the call will behome theater, or any poorly lit area. Model KX-T7736 automatically routed to the designated fax extension,includes a 3-line backlit LCD and model KX-T7731 includes eliminating the need for a dedicated fax line.a 1-line backlit LCD. Off-Premises Call ForwardingDoorphone and Door/Gate Opener2 This feature comes in handy if you’re going to be awayAdd security to your home with an optional Doorphone and from your home or home office and don’t want to miss anyDoor Opener Adapter Card. With this option installed, the calls. Simply program the system to forward your calls toKX-TA824 can interface with up to four door intercoms an outside telephone number or to your cellular phone and(KX-T7775 or KX-T30865) and can you can answer your calls wherever you go.control up to four electronic doorcontact closures. If you have more Background Musicthan one door intercom, you can This feature allows you to connect an appropriate audioassign each one a specific ringing source to the system so family members can play musicpattern3 to help you determine which through any proprietary phone in the house with a built-intercom was pressed. The KX-T7775 in speakerphone. When the phone rings and the call isDoorphone is equipped with contacts answered, the music will temporarily stop. Additionallythat allow guests to ring a standard the music will be played to callers who are placed ondoorbell as well. You can also use system hold.the adapter cards to control most lowvoltage devices. PC Programming (Remote and On-Site System Administration)System Speed Dial Your Panasonic dealer can program the KX-TA824This function lets you program up to 100 32-digit Advanced Hybrid Telephone System utilizing a PC. Infrequently called numbers into the system for quick and addition to quicker installation, this method allows theeasy dialing from any system phone. So family members, technician to save a database of your specific networktrusted physicians, favorite restaurants for take-out, the parameters for use in getting the system back up andlocal service station and more will be just a push of a running quickly in the unlikely event that the system shouldbutton away. fail. For remote programming the system is equipped with a built-in modem card, allowing your Panasonic dealer toToll Restriction make changes to your system from their office withoutThis feature lets you prohibit certain outgoing calls by having to visit your home. So your system can be adjustedrestricting selected system extensions from accessing remotely, at no inconvenience to you and your family.specified area codes or exchanges. This can help prevent 1 – Requires subscription to name-and-number Caller IDyour children from making long-distance calls. Toll service offered by certain telephone companies for a fee.restriction can be changed based on time of day. Also requires an optional KX-TA82493 Caller ID card. 2 – Requires an optional KX-T30865 Doorphone and anPaging and Page Pickup optional KX-TA82460 Door Opener Adapter Card. 3 – Distinctive ring patterns are only compatible with PanasonicThis feature allows you to make a voice announcement proprietary phones.simultaneously to all proprietary phones in the system. 4 – Requires an optional KX-TA82491 DISA card.
  5. 5. Choose From a Wide Range of System Telephones The Panasonic KX-T7700 series telephones offer a compatibility are among the many features available. wealth of features from which to choose, so you can Each model comes in either charcoal black or white, build a system that easily fits your family’s needs. so you can choose the phone that best matches the Flexible CO line buttons, programmable soft keys, décor of your home. monitor speakers, automatic redial and headset Features KX-T7750 KX-T7720 KX-T7731 KX-T7736 KX-T7740 Programmable CO Keys 12 12 12 12 Programmable Feature Keys 12 12 12 12 Auto Answer/Mute Key • • • Monitor • Speakerphone Key with LED Indication • • • Transfer Key • • • • Hold Key • • • • Navigation Key • • Speaker Volume Control • • • • 3-Position Ringer Volume Switch • • • • Message/Ringer Lamp • • • • 3-Line, 16-Character Backlit LCD Display • 1-Line, 16-Character Backlit LCD Display • Backlit Dial Keypad • • LCD Contrast Adjustment • • J Type Handset • • • • 2.5mm Headset Jack • • • • 48-Button DSS Console • Colors Black/White Black/White Black/White Black/White Black/WhiteAdd a Wireless System Phonefor Productivity and Mobility The KX-T7885 cordless phone KX-T7885 KX-TD7895 uses Panasonic Sound Charger™ • 12 CO • Digital Spread technology for great range Line Capability Spectrum Technology and crisp, clear sound. Model • 3-Line Multi-Function • 12 CO Line Capability KX-TD7895 adds Digital Spread Backlit LCD Readout Spectrum technology for an even • 3 Line, Multi-Function, longer range and protection from • Caller ID Compatible1 Backlit LCD Readout eavesdropping. Both models • Headset Jack & Belt Clip • Caller ID Compatible1 feature flexible keys that can be • Message Waiting Indicator • Headset Jack and Belt Clip programmed to access central office • Long-Life Nickel Metal • Message Waiting Indicator lines or system functions like speed Hydride Battery dialing. They also have fixed keys • Long-Life Nickel Metal for intercom, hold, redial, confer- • Vibrating or Ringer Signal Hydride Battery ence and transfer functions. • Vibrating or Ringer Signal
  6. 6. BB-HCM371A camera TV monitor receives image BL-WV10A TV adaptorIP Camera Compatibility Most of the Panasonic network cameras are equipped with built in I/O connectors for sensors,For added security and monitoring of your house microphones, speakers and external device control,when you are away from home, Panasonic offers a making it easy to integrate with the KX-TA824. Forwide range of Network Cameras. You can check the example, by placing a camera at the entrance ofimages on your PC, on your cell phone while you’re your home and connecting it to the Panasonicon the go, or, with the optional TV adapter, right on KX-T7775 door phone, you can see who’s at theyour living room TV using the built in web page. The front door when the doorphone button is pressed.cameras are easy to use and all you need to set one You can even open the door when it’s connected toup in your home is a broadband connection. an electric door strike.Choose Voice Processing for Additional OptionsBy adding an optional Panasonic KX-TVA50 VoiceProcessing System, you can enjoy automatedattendant services, individual voice mailboxes andmore – without expensive software or hardwareupgrades. And when the KX-TA824 AdvancedHybrid Telephone System is integrated with theKX-TVA50 Voice Processing System, you canbenefit from the advanced features listed below.With all of these choices, it’s easy to custom-designa system that’s just right for your home.Caller ID Call RoutingCaller ID ScreeningCaller ID Name AnnounceIntercom PagingTrunk ServiceAutomatic LoginToll SaverLive Call ScreeningTwo-way RecordTwo-way TransferPersonal Greeting for Caller ID
  7. 7. KX-TA824 Features ListSystem Features Doorphone Call Personal Speed Dialing Voice Mail Integration DSS Console Pickup Dialing Walking COSAuto Attendant DISA (3 Levels) Electronic Station Lockout Power Failure TransferAccount Code Entry Telephone Features Electronic Station Lockout Prime Line Preference - IncomingAlternate Calling - Ring/Voice – Cancel All Prime Line Preference - Outgoing Message Waiting for AnotherAnalog CO Line Auto-Configuration Extension Emergency Call Proprietary Telephone Setting DataAutomatic Callback Busy Absent Message Capability Exclusive Hold – Intercom & Trunk Default SetAutomatic Hold by CO/DSS Button Analog Caller ID Call Waiting from Executive Busy Override Pulse to Tone ConversionAutomatic Outside (CO) Line - Extension Central Office Remote Station Lock Control Access Executive Busy Override - Outside Analog Caller ID for Extension Ringing Line PreferenceAutomatic Pause Insertion (CO) Line (FSK) Ringing Pattern SelectionAutomatic Redial Executive Busy Override Deny Analog Caller ID from Central Room MonitorBGM Through External Pager Extension Group Office Saved Number RedialBusy Station Signaling (BSS) External Feature Access Background Music (BGM) Screened Call TransferCall Forwarding - All Calls FAX Detection Using DISA - to Extension Call Log Information, IncomingCall Forwarding - Busy/No Answer Flash Secret Dialing Call Log Lock, Incoming in theCall Forwarding - Follow Me Flexible Numbering Extension Simple Voice Message feature Common AreaCall Forwarding – To Trunk Group Call Pickup Station Hunting - Circular Call Log Lock, Incoming in theCall Hold – Intercom & Trunk Hands-Free Answerback Station Hunting - Terminate Personal AreaCall Hold Retrieve – Station & Hands-Free Operation Station Message Detail Recording Call Log, Incoming in the Common Trunk Area - CLEAR ALL Idle Line Preference SMDRCall Park Extension Button Confirmation Intercept Routing (DISA Only) System Administration On-SiteCall Pickup Deny Flexible Buttons Intercom Calling System Administration PC RemoteCall Retrieving from a TAM Handset/Headset Selection Last Number Redial and OnsiteCall Splitting Line Access Buttons Limited Call Duration System Data Default SetCall Transfer - to Outside (CO) Line Message Waiting Log-In/Log-Out System Speed DialingCall Waiting Microphone Mute Music on Hold Time (Day/Night/Lunch) ServiceCalling Party Control (CPC) Self-Extension Number No Line Preference - Incoming Timed Reminder Signal Detection Confirmation One-Touch Dialing Timed Reminder, RemoteConference Volume Controls Operator Call (Wake-Up Call)Consultation Hold Operator/Manager Extension Toll RestrictionDate and Time Setting Outgoing Message (OGM) Toll Restriction for SpecialData Line Security Outside (CO) Line Ringing Carrier AccessDirect In Lines (DIL) Selection Toll Restriction OverrideDirect Inward System Access Outside Calling Toll Restriction Override-System (DISA) Paging – External Speed DialingDirected Call Pickup Paging Through Built-in Speaker Unattended ConferenceDistinctive Dial Tones - All Calls Unscreened Call Transfer - toDo Not Disturb (DND) Override Extension Paging Through Built-in SpeakerDoor Opener - Group Unscreened Call Transfer toDoorbell/Door Chime Connection Paralleled Telephone Connection Outside (CO) LineSpecifications: KX-TA824 Control Unit Capacity: 3-8 CO Lines, 8-24 Dialing Tone to Pulse or Pulse Backup: Several Hours with External 2-Conductor Jack Extensions Conversion: to Tone UPS (depending upon Music: use) Intercom Path: 4 Paths Switching: Space Division CMOS SMDR: RS-232C Interface Port Crosspoint Switch Connections: CO Lines: Modular Jack (D-Sub, 9-Pin) Dialing External: Tone/Pulse (RJ-11) Method: (10 pps, 20 pps) Power Failure: Transfer: 2 CO Lines Power Source: AC 120V, 60Hz to Pre-Assigend Intercom: 4-Pin Modular Internal: Tone/Pulse (10 Dimensions 11-3/4” x 14-1/2” x 4” Extensions Connector (RJ-14) pps, 20 pps) (H x W x D): Paging: Phono Jack Weight: 11.7 lbs.
  8. 8. Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company Panasonic Customer Service Panasonic Puerto Rico, Inc.Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America 9 am – 9 pm (EST) Monday through Friday San Gabriel Industrial Park, Ave 65 de Infanteria,Executive Offices: One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 10 am – 7 pm (EST) Saturday and Sunday Km. 9.5, Carolina, PR 00984(201) 348-7000 1-800-211-PANA (787) consumerproducts@panasonic.comDesign and specifications subject to change without notice. CSD050066SS