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Dealer mobility: mobilу apps for car dealers


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Dealer Mobility ( - a mobile platform for building a new communication channel between a car dealer and car owners using smartphones and social networks. Dealer Mobility makes it possible to quickly create unique mobile app for car dealer without additional investments into software development

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Dealer mobility: mobilу apps for car dealers

  1. 1. DEALER The most powerful platform for dealing with a car dealership’s mobile audience Product of Bright Box company Special offer 1
  2. 2. • web portals (intranet and extranet solutions) • analytical systems • mobile applications • additional remote management equipment for cars • Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg) • Belarus (Minsk) • Cyprus • China, Hong Kong (R&D-center) • Kazakhstan (Almaty) Offices in five countries: 2 ITSOLUTIONS FORAUTOMOTIVEBUSINESS AZURESERVICEFORBUSINESS PARTNEROFTHEYEAR INTERNATIONALCOMPANYCORE COMPETENCIES:
  3. 3. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower 3 Steve Jobs
  4. 4. of car dealerships’ clients own a smartphone of incoming traffic on dealerships’ websites comes from mobile devices 76% 25% 60%use mobile apps 40 minutes per day • tiny • uninformative • COMPLICATED 4 MARKET REVIEW *according to a 2014 Bright Box survey And this is what a car dealership’s website looks like in a client’s smartphone
  6. 6. The industry standard on the market of mobile solutions for car dealerships 5out of top20 dealership groups in Russia350+ +30% every quarter 51iOS and Android users 6 dealerships 000
  7. 7. DEVELOPMENTOFA CARDEALERSHIP’S APPLICATION Developing the application 4-6 months Project duration $50,000+ Initial price $7,000+ Support and Upgrade (monthly) Deciding to develop the app Collecting the functional requirements Searching for a contractor Developing the Terms of Reference and specifications financial and reputational risks High involvement in the process Constant headache Amending and validating the Terms of Reference Fixing errors and bugs Publishing the application in App Store and Google Play Elaborating the product Technical support +$5,000 Mobile website 7 Typical Testing
  8. 8. LAUNCHING DEALER MOBILITY™ Deciding to create the application 5-7 days launching in from $500 monthly cost free technical support Publishing the app in App Store and Google Play You already accept requests from the website and the app We elaborate the product, add new features and optimize conversion rates free mobile website free new features 8
  9. 9. DEALERMOBILITY™ FORCLIENTS First of all, it is an official car dealership application developed to meet all clients’ needs that: •includes all the necessary employees’ contact details; •is designed in compliance with the dealership’s corporate identity; •contains all the necessary information about the work of the service centers; •enables the user to request an appointment for a service 9 30%of the clients use Dealer Mobility on a monthly basis 4+average App Store rating
  10. 10. PURCHASING A CAR SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE CLIENT BENEFITS • monitor special offers; • see the list of the vehicles available now; • sign up for a test drive; • get credit, arrange compulsory Motor Third- Party Liability Insurance (OSAGO) and Casco (hull) insurance; • track car delivery; • consult managers and specialists Reach any of the listed functions in only 3 touches! 3touches only 10 • request an appointment for scheduled maintenance and repair service; • track the repair status; • track spare parts delivery; • get information about additional services (tyre storage); • have direct contact with the mechanic;
  11. 11. WHATDEALERMOBILITY™ GIVESTOABUSINESS •convert mobile audience into requests and loyal customers; •develop cordial relationships with the audience, which are tactically based on detailed data on the client; •target messages and attract audiences to special offers and events; •communicate with clients, send them targeted special offers; •reduce the load on call-centers * according to the calculations of a car dealership in Moscow and Saint Petersburg with a turnover of 2 bln roubles/year, active client base of 7,000 people and selling about 980 cars per year ALSO: Tripling client activity (6 service and maintenance visits per year)) Doubling the average bill by using special offers, cross-selling and loyalty programmes 11 REPAIRSERVICEORTESTDRIVEREQUEST* THEPRICEOFONE SCHEDULEDMAINTENANCE,
  12. 12. 7000 people Active base* × 60% Mobile audience × 30-80% Mobile app users (depends on the brand) 20%× Active app audience (min. once a month) CALLS 35%× =235Calls a month 10%× =67Service requests a month AFTERSALES 3-5%× =34 SALES 101requests a month = $5 for one request from$500 for Basic DM subscription / CALCULATIONS *according to the calculations of a car dealershipin Moscow and Saint Petersburg with a turnover of 2 bln roubles/year selling about 980 cars per year 12 Convert into calls Convert into service requests Convert into test drive requests Test drive requests a month
  13. 13. ECOSYSTEM DEALERMOBILITY™ The complete toolkit for working with mobile audience MOBILEAPP + MOBILEWEBSITE DEALERSHIP CONTROLPANEL PERSONALACCOUNT MANAGER This is Marina, our manager in Minsk MARKETING MATERIALS 13
  14. 14. A steady source of incoming calls, new requests and service visits MOBILEWEBSITEANDAPP • Adapted car catalogue with a filter for more than 20 search parameters • All the necessary dealership services in one mobile interface • The incoming mobile traffic is instantly involved into communication Press to see app examples 14
  15. 15. DEALERSHIPCONTROLPANEL • update useful and reference information; • publish news and special offers; • manage car stock and car modifications; • work with client requests for maintenance, service and test drive and messages from your clients; • manage loyalty programmes and maintenance schedules and details; • create full-blown reports in one click 15 Your personal website for managing app content and processing requests WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH IT:
  16. 16. Everything for offline activities on the dealership premises MARKETING MATERIALS ALSO: • smart-banner on your website to encourage your clients to use the mobile app • mobile placeholder banner for WiFi networks You logo here 16 ROLL-UPPOSTER LEAFLET BOOKLET
  17. 17. To swiftly and professionally tackle any issue PERSONALACCOUNT MANAGER • assistance in implementing and configuring the platform in the company; • daily consultancy service on any Dealer Mobility issues; • organizing training sessions and instructing employees how to use the system; • recommendations on the most efficient use of the system to achieve maximum results in marketing Marina Natas ha Alekse y Denis 17
  18. 18. SUPPORTAND ELABORATION • regular surveys help increase the quality of the service; • none of the updates in operating systems goes unnoticed – the development team reacts instantly; • continuous SLA maintenance guarantees that the system always remains highly available 18 Dealer Mobility™ continuously supports the platform and elaborates its features:
  19. 19. Make the decision and sign the contract HOWTOLAUNCH DEALERMOBILITY™ We assemble a trial app in 5 days: You have a choice: Test it for one week for free Test the app for 30 days or if you are not satisfied, you receive a full refund in 5 days 19 • design the app icon; • aggregate the entire content of your website; • upload it to the app
  20. 20. Basic features: • News, special offers, instant messages for clients; • requests for scheduled maintenance (including prices), service and test drive; • dealership catalogue; • information about the clients and their cars; • app usage reports STANDARDfrom 500 USD/month (VAT not included) Social services: • clients questions and answers; • rating of service advisors; • social network integration; • development of new modules and modification of existing modules PROFESSIONAL Basic features: DMS integration: interactive appointment request for maintenance, service and test drive; • online repair status tracking for clients From 1 000 USD/month (VAT not included) New and second-hand car stock • modification and implementation of modules for dealing with special tasks CORPORATE Basic features: DMS integration Social services Price on application New and second-hand car stock 20 TARIFFS Development upon request:
  21. 21. It is important for us to use any available means to communicate to our clients with maximum efficiency, so the development of a mobile app was a question of paramount importance for us. We were facing the necessity to quickly convey the information about our new services and special offers to the client, and thanks to the use of Dealer Mobility™ platform we have managed to solve this problem promptly and with minimal investment. Khoren Akopyan Chief Commercial Officer Volkswagen Center Sever 21 It is important for us to always be available to our clients. A mobile application is the most efficient way to communicate with them. The use of the Dealer Mobility™ platform has allowed us to launch our mobile app in a just a few days. Our clients’ interest in this service indicates that we have chosen the right approach to solve this problem. Getting information and purchasing services from their mobile phones have become the norm for many our clients. Launching the Dealer Mobility™ mobile app has allowed us in to quickly offer a product that addresses the most important and current requirements of our clients. Our company has always aspired to be a leader in the use of modern technologies for our clients’ convenience. The mobile app is a bridge that allows us to be accessible to them and offer help when it is really needed. Within the first few days after the launch of the application more than a thousand clients downloaded it. Users keep registering in the app and use the available service at a high rate. It shows that we have managed to make the right decision about our clients’ demands and have offered a service that is truly convenient and in demand. Igor Tchernyshev IT Director AVILON automotive group Alexander Terebukhin Executive Director ZAO Terra-Avto Alexander Oksin Marketing Department Director Modus Group of companies Mobile internet technologies reveal motorists an entire new world of opportunities, and as a Hyundai distributor, we have done everything to offer car owners and brand enthusiasts a mobile service of unparalleled convenience to communicate with their dealership. Relying on the bright box company experience, we have managed to develop a full-featured product based on Dealer Mobility™ platform in a short time. Askar Djunisaliev Director Hyundai Auto Kazakhstan The features of Dealer Mobility have let us meet tight deadlines while creating a uniquely designed mobile application. The partnership with bright box company has allowed us to ensure the development and service of the ideal functional system by a team of professionals. Oleg Boiko IT Department Director Genser Group of companies
  22. 22. ORDERATRIAL VERSIONOF DEALERMOBILITY Продукт компании +7 (495) 929-70-75 +7 (905) 565-63-63 Ivan Mishanin Managing Director 22 And begin to attract test drive and service requests starting next week