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Jipange Youth Organization Profile


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A model of a youth initiative

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Jipange Youth Organization Profile

  1. 1. GROUPS UNDER JIPANGE· Move on Afrika· Forward Ever, Backward Never· The Change Initiative· Mabadiliko Youth Group JIPANGE YOUTH·· Robust Flora The Green Movement ORGANIZATION JIPANGE MEMBERS TEAM BUILDING SESSION· Furaha Center for the Deaf AT NGONG HILLS· Spine Youth Group· Voice of the Youth· Zindua Afrika Programs· Cosmopolitan· Golden River· Rusalep· S.P.Y.G· The real change in youths P. O. Box 174 00518,· South turks youth group JIPANGE YOUTH RESOURCE CENTER Nairobi, Kenya VISION Having a well governed society and an Tel: +254 721 275 139, empowered youth +254 725 760 600 MISSION E-mail: Be the best coalition of youth groups, empowering the youth and promoting the practice of good governance on community development projects.
  2. 2. Background Information. OUR PARTNERS OUR ACHIEVEMENTS· Jipange is an umbrella organization of 16 youth groups in Nairobi.· Jipange Youth Organization seeks to realize im- · Plan Kenya proved development and democratic outcomes · Little Sports organization · Operation of Jipange Youth Resource Center. through the active engagement of young citizens in policy planning, resource decision making and · Ministry of Gender, children & Social Development · Construction of Kayole South Sec. (Kshs 3.9M), CDF project by Forward Ever . implementation in following areas: Youth and · Ministry of Youth and Sports governance, Reproductive health and Life skills, · Charitable organizations/churches. · Matopeni Primary School (Kshs 2.3M), CDF project Economic empowerment, Environmental manage- by Forward Ever. ment and ICT. · Networking with local CBO s and NGO s · Feed the Children · Membership in District level committees.· Jipange Youth Organization has identified govern- ance processes, institutions and structures that · Conducted civic education. are involved in management of devolved funds, · Erecting street lights in Kayole south- implemented water, education, health, food and has engaged in phases 1-4 (Kshs 11M) by Mabadiliko. them. · Social Auditing on CDF and LATF/LASDAP projects.· Jipange has been empowered and been offered an opportunity to access information and partici- · Exchange programs with other youth groups from pate in the governance agenda other parts of the country · Reproductive Health Counseling, Girl child educa- tion and referrals by TCI · Economic empowerment of the youth through IGA sOBJECTIVES · Conduct consultancy, research, survey, training, proposal writing, concept paper, development &· To empower the Young generation socially and eco- project management by MOA nomically.· To advocate for good governance· To promote positive behavior among the young people.· To promote environmental stewardship.· To promote access to information CAPACITY BUILDING FOR JIPANGE YOUTH JIPANGE YOUTH CONDUCTING SOCIAL AUDIT AT KAYOLE SOUTH SECONDARY SCHOOL