How creative is your classroom?


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Media & Learning 2013 -Presentation by Astrid Ottenheym (Innofun)

New technologies can only be used effectively in the learning process when they are implemented in the pedagogy. Therefor she uses a very practical, inspiring and proved pedagogical design. Astrid works with school leaders and teachers also in a inspiring innovative classroom, called the eLab in Breda. She works there in co-creation with the schools and facilitate learning in a social-constructivist way. For a successful and fundamental innovation is clear vision about the what, why and how regarding to learning and teaching in the 21ste century and innovation essential. Astrid’s statement is: Investing in teachers to be creative is investing in education and the development of students.


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How creative is your classroom?

  1. 1. How  crea)ve  is   Your  classroom     #mlconf13   @AstridO6enheym   December  2013  
  2. 2. Experience.  Inspire.  Act   We  believe  in:   •  Knowledge  crea2on  in  a  challenging  work   en  learning  environment   •  Knowledge  crea2on  by  collabora2ng  and   knowledge  sharing   •  Knowledge  crea2on  with  technology     Our  themes     •  Innova2on  Educa2on2.0   •  Knowledge  Management   •  IT  &  Social  Media   •  Tablets   •  Employer2.0   •  Blended  Learning   •  Social  Networking   •  Blended  Learning   •  Flipping  The  Classroom   •  Personal  Learning  Networks  (PLN)  
  3. 3. Our  partners  and  clients    
  4. 4. What     is     crea)vity?  
  5. 5.  Is  this  crea)vity?  
  6. 6. THIS?  
  7. 7. Socra)ve  for  toddlers!   Who  was  crea)ve  here?  
  8. 8. The  capacity  to  draw  conclusions  from   exis2ng  knowledge  and  to  apply  it  in   situa2ons,  genera2ng  new  ideas,   perspec2ves  and  products.  
  9. 9. Why  is  a  crea)ve   mind  important?  
  10. 10. Cri2cal  thinking     Crea)vity     Problem  solving   responsibility   Communica2on   collabora3on   adaptability   Flexibility   Informa3on  literacy   Inquiring  a?tude   ICT    literacy   Self-­‐control   Social  media     literacy   Personal     leadership   Ini2a2ve   Ways of thinking Ways of WORKING By means of 21st By means of 21st century century SKILLS tools
  11. 11. Decisional  mind   Resilient   Curious  mind   Independent  mind   Solu2on  focussed   /  purposeful  mind   Moral  thinking   Collabora2on  seeking  mind   Divergent/   convergent  thinking   State  of  mind   Cri2cal  thinking   Analy2cal  thinking    
  12. 12. Not  only  for  new  jobs!  
  13. 13. ) cilita Fa   ship ader ng  le 21 st  centu r Social  media   &  ICT  tools   y  skills  tea c Innov a)ve   schoo l  envi r Holis)c  perspec)ve   Digita l  infra struct ure   hers   onme nt   Conte nt  kno w ledge   Pedagogical  knowledge  with  social  Media  &  ICT     How  to  create  a   crea2ve  classroom?   Engaging     learning  environment  
  14. 14. Our  pedagogy:  6  steps  model     1.  Ac)vate  prior  knowledge  /   sharpen  learning  ques)on   6.  Reflect   5.  Validate   2.  Select   informa)on   Learning  cycle   with     social  media   and  ICT   Social  media   Groups   Virtueel   ques)ons   4.  Present   value  /     Best  prac)sing   Student  as  ac)ve  crea)ve  learner   Teacher  as  crea)ve  educa)onal   designer  ,  coach  and  validator     3.  Learning   interac)on   Feedback   (Re)tweet   reasoning  
  15. 15. Crea)ve  classrooms  results   2013:  500  teachers    200  school  principals  /  governors  
  16. 16. Students  as  journalists   Literacy  and  wri)ng  skills  
  17. 17. Anima2e  werkproces  maken   •  Make  and  share  anima2ons   •  Easy  and  simple   •  You  have  to  determine  loca2on,  background,   characters    and  the  story.   •  Informa2on  will  become  a  moving  anima2on.     Japan  launched  a   surprise  aXack    in  Pearl   Harbour    at  the  7th  of   December  1941   Describe  an  event   from  the  second   world  war:   •  Make  an  anima2on   about  this  event.  
  18. 18. Digital news agency 21st century skills: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking skills, ICT literacy .  
  19. 19. FAKEBOOK   Learning  assignment   •  Make  a  Fakebook-­‐profile   based  on  a  historic  figure   •  App  this  to  other  classmates   •  Take  a  look  at  2  profiles  of   other  children  and  post  your   feedback.   •  Wednesday  we  con2nue  with   this  assignment  in  the  class.     Interac)on  by  means  of:   •  I  like   •  Reac)on   •  Reac)on  on  reac)on  
  20. 20. What  we  do  or  what   we  are  going  to  do   we  publish  it  on  our   own  page.  
  21. 21. Learning  assignment:   •  Make  a  Mind-­‐map  about   Egypt  in  the  2me  of  the   Pharaohs   •  Share  your  Mind-­‐map     with  other  children   •  Give  feedback  on  2  Mind-­‐ maps    of  other  children.     •  Adjust  your  Mind-­‐map  if     necessary.   Interac)on  by  means  of     .        Sharing   •  Reac)on   •  Reac)on  on  reac)on  
  22. 22. Make  an  instruc)on  video   about  a  math  topic.  
  23. 23. Skype Interview with Jaspers dad, he is a soldier in Afghanistan •  Tomorrow we have an interview about Afghanistan with Jasper’s dad •  Ask your parents what they know about the situation in Afghanistan. •  Which questions would you like to ask Jasper’s dad ? •  What have we learned from the interview?
  24. 24. My  dream:     every  school  a   crea)ve  school  
  25. 25. With  Kind  regards Astrid  OXenheym  MLE/ME Senior  educa2onal  advisor  /  manager   innova2on  &  business  development Å    mobiel:  06-­‐12178003;  tel:  076  5245500     email: @AstridOXenheym hXp://