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Make Your Data Count: Tips & Tools for Visual Reporting


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In their session at YNPNdc's 2015 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, Johanna Morariu and Katherine Haugh presented on helpful tips and tools for visual reporting. This handout includes their suggestions, great examples of visual reports, and tools anyone can access to create powerful visual reports.

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Make Your Data Count: Tips & Tools for Visual Reporting

  1. 1. Make Your Data Count New, Visual Approaches to Evaluation Reporting #YNPNdc15 @j_morariu@Katherine_Haugh Reporting & Dataviz Tools All-Around Great Visualization  Excel is a great tool for creating a wide variety of charts and graphs, and with a little customization, they can be beautiful!Tutorials:  Tableau & Tableau Public web-based visualization. Tableau Public is free, but all the data you upload is publicly available—be careful with participant names and other personal information  ManyEyes free,web-based chart/graph tool  R is a free, open source tool for data management, analysis, and visualizations (including static and interactive charts as well as dashboards). Full R resource listavailable at  d3 is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data (a great option for coders) Visual Reporting Templates & Examples  Nancy Duarte isa highly skilled communicator. Check out her guidance and resources, including Slidedocs  Great example of a slide report from the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance (MBCA) Analysis.pdf  Another great example of a slide report from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO)  A great example of using dataviz to spice up data reports from Innovation Network’s State of Evaluation project Color  Color Hex color informationandcolorschemes  Color Oracle color blindnesssimulator.  Color Palette Generator based off images  Design-Seeds Browse designer-qualitycolor palettes  Instant Eyedropper drag the eyedropper over colors to identify RGB codes, HEX codes, and more
  2. 2. Make Your Data Count New, Visual Approaches to Evaluation Reporting #YNPNdc15 Image Editors  Flickr Creative Commons free photos  GIMP Open Source image editor Word Clouds  Tagxedo tagxedo.comand Wordle wordle.netare two free, web-basedword cloud tools Infographics  Infogram free,web-based infographic tool Mapping  Editable Maps:  CartoDB mapping and analysis of geospatial data  GoogleFusionTables fordatamanagementandvisualizationinthe cloud  Color Brewer 2.0 color advice for cartography Social Network Maps To learn more about social network analysis, check out Johanna Morariu’s post:  NodeXL a free plug-in for Excel to collect and map network data. Get started with Johanna Morariu’s 4-step tutorial:  Gephi is also a network map tool, and it can work with NodeXL to allow for further customization of network map visualizations