Data Placemats: A DataViz Technique to Improve Stakeholder Understanding of Evaluation Results


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On October 25, 2012, Veena Pankaj of Innovation Network gave a 5-minute Ignite presentation at the American Evaluation Association's annual conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The presentation was titled, "Data Placemats: A DataViz Technique to Improve Stakeholder Understanding of Evaluation Results."

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Data Placemats: A DataViz Technique to Improve Stakeholder Understanding of Evaluation Results

  1. 1. A DataViz Technique to Improve StakeholderUnderstanding of Evaluation ResultsData PlacematsAmerican Evaluation AssociationAnnual ConferenceOctober 25, 2012Minneapolis, MinnesotaVeena PankajInnovation
  2. 2. Veena Pankaj
  3. 3. PlanningAnalysis &ReflectionAction &ImprovementDataCollection5
  4. 4. Involve Stakeholders
  5. 5. VII(a). Types of ConnectionsAs a result of participatingin the National HungerFellows Program, did you develop a network ofhelpfulcontacts? (n=117)Yes, 94%*Survey numbers do not add up to 100% because respondents could choose more than one answer.How often do you reach out to your peer(alumni)network for resourcesandinformation? (n=109)Several times a year, 45%Aboutonce ayear,24%HardlyEver,17%Atleastonceamonth,14%Otherthan your peers, please note thegroupsfrom which you still have contacts.(n=106)*Other, 7%Key players (introducedthroughfellowship), 45%Field site staff, 60%Policy site staff, 70%CHC staff, 92%The Hunger Fellowship was the first time I was amember of a close-knit community of people committedto fighting poverty. That was a truly life-changingexperience. Six years later, many of my very closestfriends are fellows from my class. - Alumnus, Class 11(SurveyRespondent)I feel that we went through this experience together andwe could talk though tough issues. Strong connectionswere definitelymade.- Alumnus, Class 12 (Survey Respondent)We have amazing opportunities being part of] this hugeCHC network of people who have gone through thisprogram. Knowing people is how to get things done. -Alumnus, Class 13 (Survey Respondent)No,6%For what types of information have you reached out to thenetworksdeveloped as a result of being a fellow? (n=103)*Includes:Informationand resources during graduateschool (4)Personal updates (4)Fellow network (2)Advice on career path and new opportunitiesData and policy insightOrganizingservice projectsTo give thanks and appreciationOther, 19%When recruitingnew staff for my organization, 19%Connections/Introductionsto others in thefield, 59%Personaljob leads, 68%When seeking work related advice, 70%2134Overall themeof thisplacematCharts andgraphsillustratingpreliminaryanalysisSupportingquotationsfromstakeholders
  6. 6. Data InterpretationMeeting
  7. 7. Evaluators:Explain purposePresent each placematStakeholders:Interpret informationCome to conclusions
  8. 8. 3 Benefits ofParticipatoryData AnalysisPresentPreliminaryFindings1
  9. 9. 3 Benefits ofParticipatoryData AnalysisPresentPreliminaryFindings12StakeholderInterest andEngagement
  10. 10. 3 Benefits ofParticipatoryData AnalysisPresentPreliminaryFindings123StakeholderInterest andEngagementUse Findings
  11. 11. Veena Pankajvpankaj@innonet.orgParticipatory Analysis: Expanding StakeholderInvolvement in EvaluationAvailable at www.innonet.orgThank You!