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Fill your waiting room with new patients from Healthcare Digital Marketing


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Patients are influencing healthcare more now than ever before and their behavior is shaping how you market to them. With the rise of private healthcare services worldwide over the years we have seen more patients making their own decisions on where to obtain their healthcare needs.

Patients are turning to Google and social media for answers, they visit Google and type in questions related to the services you offer in search for answers. However for the most part they are faced with websites that just talk about their services and not educated the patient first.

If you are not creating content that answers your patient’s questions then they will leave to other hospitals/clinics who has adopted effective Digital marketing strategy that works to attract patients.

In this Webinar, You will learn:

Key trends determining patients success
Why Digital? – Your patients are online
Checklist of the perfect Digital Marketing campaign
Building patient centric responsive website
Example Campaign – Healthy Heart Awareness
Performance and Tracking of the campaign

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Fill your waiting room with new patients from Healthcare Digital Marketing

  1. 1. AGENDA Key Industry Trends What factors patients considers while booking an appointment online with your hospital/clinics? Setting up the patient centric website Where to invest in digital marketing platforms to drive more patients online? LIVE Q & A
  2. 2. KEY INDUSTRY TRENDS Doctors Becoming Employees Consumers Becoming Avid Researchers Marketers Targeting Consumers and Payers Digital Channels Overtaking Traditional Marketing Digital Content is Key to the Decision Process
  3. 3. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth WHY DIGITAL? - YOUR PATIENTS ARE ONLINE They’re digitally connected throughout the day, on many different devices They’re searching for information - - 77% of patients use search engines prior to booking appointments, Search drives nearly three times as many visitors to hospital sites, compared to visitors from other referral sites - 44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device schedule an appointment. Before the moment of conversion, patients typically search on symptoms and condition terms - Websites like WebMD or Practo see an high spike in unique users per month, consumers are searching for user generated reviews of the hospitals/clinics
  4. 4. WHY DIGITAL? - YOUR PATIENTS ARE ONLINE But, are they finding the right information? / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth
  5. 5. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth THE CONCLUSION The Digital revolution in healthcare industry is yet to start and going forward more and more consumers are becoming Smart to take better decision for their healthcare needs
  6. 6. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth DIGITAL MARKETING CHECK-UP Has your Hospital/Clinic adopted digital marketing yet? Do you have a strategy and goals in place? Think about your digital presence – What it should include and what it is lacking? How you are planning to reach your target audience?
  7. 7. CHECKLIST OF THE PERFECT DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth Strategy, goals and KPI’s Clearly defined, detailed audience personas Responsive Website Search engine optimized website content Premium Content Consistently updated blog Personalized, segmented email marketing Social media presence & consistent updates Regular analysis of metrics and performance
  8. 8. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth LET’S START WITH A STRATEGY Set goals – Do you want X amount of new patients this year? $X revenue from new hospitals you are opening? Strategize activities to meet those goals?
  9. 9. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth Who is your target audience? What are they looking for? What questions do they have? What are their pain points? How can your organization reach and help them? DEFINE YOUR PERSONAS
  10. 10. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth DIGITAL PRESENCE – RESPONSIVE WEBSITE Welcoming and representative of your existence Responsive – accessible and easily viewed from any device Modern design Intuitive navigation and organization – don’t make people dig for information
  11. 11. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth DIGITAL PRESENCE – RESPONSIVE WEBSITE A Ideal Website – First good impression
  12. 12. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth
  13. 13. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth
  14. 14. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth DIGITAL PRESENCE – RESPONSIVE WEBSITE An Ideal Website should not be like this
  15. 15. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth
  16. 16. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth
  17. 17. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth
  18. 18. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth WEBSITE CONTENT Optimize your website content for search engines Remember, the majority of people looking for health information comes from search engine to your website Feature physician bios – allow patients to put a face to a name Consider video Incorporate welcoming imagery
  19. 19. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth PREMIUM CONTENT Help establish your organisation as a thought leader and build trust with your target audience Fact sheets, checklists, videos etc.
  20. 20. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth BLOG Further contribute to SEO efforts Address your target audience Answer common questions
  21. 21. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth EMAIL MARKETING Personalized Targeted Keep your organisation top of mind Provide the right content at the right time Doesn’t stop with potential patients/customers – delight current patients/customers, too - 93% of patients are likely to select a physician who offers communication via email
  22. 22. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE & MARKETING Join the right social media platforms to make the most sense for your organisation Post consistently Respond
  23. 23. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE & MARKETING Get ready for reviews Get found! - Over 40% of patients say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health - 90% of respondents ages 18-24 said they would trust information shared by others on social media platforms
  24. 24. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth METRICS & PERFORMANCE TRACKING What’s working? What isn’t? Consistent reporting Refine your tactics
  25. 25. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth EXAMPLE CAMPAIGN – HEALTHY HEART AWARENESS Website - Dedicate a portion of your website to the campaign, set up call to actions (CTAs) that lead to a premium content. Visitors can download and to schedule a risk assessment Premium Content - Checklist – “A Heart – Healthy Diet Plan” - Fact Sheet – “Healthy Heath Awareness”
  26. 26. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth HEALTHY HEART AWARENESS Email Marketing - Test different subject lines to encourage email opens and clicks - Send an email on the first day of February that introduces Healthy Heart Month and promotes your campaign - Send periodic emails throughout the month - If you already send a weekly/by-weekly blog digest, make sure you add the blog posts related to the campaign - Promote downloads of your premium content – checklist, fact sheet etc. - Inform readers about the importance of health - Provide the option to schedule a risk assessment
  27. 27. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth HEALTHY HEART AWARENESS Social Media - Create images to use in your posts promoting the campaign – ensure correct images sizes - Create an editorial calendar of campaign posts for each platform for the month of February – ensure they fit in with your normal posting schedule - Use social media to promote your blog posts, premium content pieces and the ability to schedule a risk assessment
  28. 28. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth HEALTHY HEART AWARENESS Tie it all together! Marketing automation tool (Hubspot, etc.) Reporting and analytics to measure success
  29. 29. / ontapgrowth #DigitalGrowth Q & A
  30. 30. T H A N K Y O U E m a i l : h i @ i n n o m i n d t e c h . c o m C o n t a c t u s f o r D e t a i l e d M a r k e t i n g a u d i t o f y o u r H e a l t h c a r e f i r m /InnoMindTech /