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  1. 1. DigitalBusiness in FinlandDr. Taina TukiainenMay 16th, 2013
  2. 2. Success based onMobile, gaming, wireless, internet , machinery, forestry,20132
  3. 3. Digital Business Cluster in Finland
  4. 4. DigiBusiness – vision 2013”To foster the growth and turn digital expertiseinto world-class business.” new Finnish digital success stories is born toFinland growing a number of international startups usingdigital services is born to Finland. traditional firms are taking advantage of digitalservices and contents and Finland is back inInformation Society Development internationally competent innovationenvironment that fosters new business andgrowth has been established in Finland. Key projects: EU/Helsinki Digital Agenda 2020
  5. 5. www.karismakonseptit.fiDigiBusiness in a Nutshell Strategic group: Digital Startups (Mediatonic, Heiaheia, Moodit) Media companies (Sanoma) ICT firms (Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Rovio) Operators (Teliasonera ja Elisa) Tekes, TIVIT/EIT, Sitra, Finpro, VTT ja High Technology Ass. Universities Digibusiness Cluster in Finland (Helsinki+, Tampere, Kouvola,Hämeenlinna and Vaasa): Internationalization – EU, Russian and Silicon Valley ThinkTank Growth, Business Opportunities and Competence –Demola, Venture Garage Design Thinking – Social Media, Games, Mobile, eLearning,Open Data, Multilingual Communication and Crossmediasolutions Digital Pilots in Other Industries
  6. 6. The six grand challenges -New success on GreenCleanICT6
  7. 7. Inspiring and encouraging is neede
  8. 8. • Lauri8It’s about the community andagility !
  9. 9. Let’s build thenewbusinessestogether !
  10. 10. Let’s build thenewbusinessestogether !