La presentazione di Marco Romeo a Inno2days Milano


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Marco Romeo, ad Ciaotech PNO Group, ha partecipato a Inno2days Milano come centro accreditato Questio. Ha spiegato cosa fa la sua azienda, PNO Innovation Management Services: “Supporting the full process of technological innovation”.

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La presentazione di Marco Romeo a Inno2days Milano

  1. 1. PNO Innovation Management Services Supporting the full process of technological innovationTo successfully innovate, several challenging steps need to be faced, from the innovation concept to the finalmarket uptake, passing through the project financing and development. Risk of failure in each of these steps ishigh, as proven by the fact that only a small percentage of innovation concepts eventually enter the market.PNO is specialised in the full cycle of innovation management, providing tailored support in each step of theinnovation process. Contact our international innovation consultants to know what we can do for you!Innovation Management About usPNO Innovation Management services support both PNO (in Italy operating under the CIAOTECH brand) is thelarge sized companies and SMEs in the full cycle of the leading grants and innovation management consultancy ininnovation process: Europe, with 240 employees operating with direct presence- Definition of winning innovation concepts or through partner companies in 12 European countries.- Benchmarking of key technology trends PNO offers:- Definition of the innovation market potential  public funding support: full support in the- Finding the right technology and business partners identification, attainment and management of grants- Obtaining public funding to finance the innovation for R&D and investment projects; project  innovation management services: market and- Drive the research project by users’ requirements functional analysis, technology intelligence, support in- Taking the results through to market definition of innovation concepts through advanced methodologies, dissemination and exploitation ofThe benefits advanced research results.Innovation is a challenging task for companies of any size.An innovation project can last several years from its Our assetsinception to market uptake, and is subject to several At the basis of our services are the key assets for a successful innovation process, including:internal and external factors that put the success at risk,among which are: change of responsible people, change of - Sector experts;market and technology trends, financial turmoil, - Proprietary innovation management methodologies;emergence of competitors, lack of focus on customers’ - Advanced IT tools;demands, not enough commercial resources for - Deep knowledge of public funding;exploitation, etc. - Network of thousands of companies and research organisations in Europe and worldwide, that allows usPNO, as a professional innovation management to perform field research and analysis;consultancy, supports organisations in every single phaseof the innovation process, providing: Contact our international innovation team Knowledge of technology state-of–the-art and trends; If you are interested, contact our international PNO Support in the generation of the innovation concept, consultants for further information about PNO services: making use of technology push and market driven methodologies; Netherlands Germany Indication of market context and potential; France Full support in the identification, attainment and Italy management of public funding; UK Market driven approach to project realisation through Belgium functional and market analysis; Roadmap definition and specific actions for exploitation of project results;No rights can be derived from this flyer. Contact us for more information. © 2012 PNO Consultants
  2. 2. PNO Services The Innovation PathTechnologyIntelligence©: The PNO TechnologyIntelligence © service providesyou the necessary knowledge to define and implement successful research andinnovation projects. With TechnologyIntelligence © you will receive a comprehensiveanalysis of technology state-of-the-art and trends, knowledge of who’s doing what, themost relevant stakeholders for your research interest, and a benchmark withcompetitors’ research activities. It is performed through desk research and directinterviews with key stakeholders at European level.InnovationPlace©: InnovationPlace© is an on line service supporting organisations toachieve their strategic R&D objectives through the matching and managing of R&Dprojects, organisations, and grants. InnovationPlace is based on the Open Innovationparadigm. It supports you in searching on our EU and National Grant Database, beingable to enter in R&D projects seeking partners, and proposing project ideas to search forpartners.SystematicInnovation© : The PNO SystematicInnnovation ©service supports you indefining technology innovation concepts for your products/processes, based on theapplication of advanced methodologies such as TRIZ (theory of inventive problemsolving) and QFD (Quality Function Deployment). With SystematicInnnovation you willbe supported in defining innovation concepts for your products/processes, findingtechnologies/competences to implement the innovation, and identifying public fundingopportunities that can co-finance the product/process innovation costs.Grants Consulting: PNO Grants Consulting service supports you in identifying,requesting, obtaining and managing public funding for your research project. PNO is theleading European organisation in Grants Consulting, providing support on European,National, and Regional grants. Our expert consultants provide you with their technical,financial and managerial experience to optimise your access to public funding andincrease your chances of success. We take care of all the process, from the consortiumset up, to the proposal writing, coordination of partners inputs, budget preparation andadministrative issues. Support is also provided during negotiation with grantor bodiesand compliance with grantor bodies administrative requirements.ResearchBooster© : PNO ResearchBooster© comprises a set of activities that PNOcan perform as a full partner or as sub-contractor within public funded research projects,aimed at ensuring that your research project reaches and exceeds the expectedimpacts. This is achieved from on one hand ensuring that the project is performedaddressing the end users’ needs, and on the other hand supporting the correctexploitation and wide dissemination of the project results. Moreover, PNO providessupport for a sound project management and compliance with public funding rules.MarketDriven© Innovation: PNO MarketDriven Innovation © service supportslarge sized companies and SMEs in performing research and innovation actions driven bythe market demand. The service, performed before, during or following a researchproject, provides market and functional analysis based on end-users’ needs, and specificexploitation actions and roadmaps, paving the way for a successful market uptake ofyour innovation projects.