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New England Small Farm Institute 2014 Transition plan

A short overview of the small farm educator history and stakeholder engagement initiative at NESFI - located in Belchertown Massachusetts. Note - to view the presentation with proper animations, copy and paste this URL:

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New England Small Farm Institute 2014 Transition plan

  1. 1. New England Small Farm Institute 2014 Transition Plan – Prepared by Karen Ribeiro, Environmental Consultant, Inner Fortune
  2. 2. NESFI At a Glance The New England Small Farm Institute (NESFI) is a stewardship entity for the 420-acre Lampson Brook Farm operating under a 20-year, renewable lease agreement with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Nine farm partners and agriculture projects are featured on 120 acres, proposals are being accepted for the enterprise zone, and additional public interests are being considered for enjoyment of the 300 acres of woodland and trails.
  3. 3. Judy Gillan - a Pioneer in Sustainable Agriculture! Protection and transformation of the Belchertown State School 420 acres of land that would otherwise have been industrialized Agricultural learning tools that have been rebranded across the nation and the globe including Exploring the Small Farm Dream and Planner Models for On-farm Mentoring, On-Farm Composting, and Shared use infrastructure that allow small farmers to be viable and successful
  4. 4. NESFI Partnerships
  5. 5. NESFI At a Glance Click the mouse to see pictures of the presenters at the standing room only Farmers Workshop that kicked off the 2013 North American Biochar Symposium
  6. 6. Biochar Banquet Bounty at the New England Small Farm Institute
  7. 7. The “New” NESFI The Regenerative Enterprise model by Ethan Roland and Gregory Landua
  8. 8. The “New” NESFI ?
  9. 9. How Can You Plug In to NESFI? Workshops Community Technology Programming Administration Stewardship Call NESFI @ 413-323-4531
  10. 10. Thanks For All You Do! To get involved, click and fill out this form: NESFI Stakeholder Engagement Form