2014 Sojourn To Revelation Tour


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INNER FAITH TRAVEL is a non-denominational Christian travel company, established to serve the travel needs of the Church. FRIDAY 14th March 2014
Depart from Australia to Cairo, EGYPT.

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2014 Sojourn To Revelation Tour

  1. 1. ift.net.au Ph: (61) 07 5530 2900 2014 Sojourn To Revelation 14th March - 14th April, 2014 ift.net.au
  2. 2. TOUR LINK Australian departures price Sojourn to Revelation Tour $6,985 AUD Optional nile cruise $1,485( incl domestic flights) Abu simbel expedition $250 AUD Business class upgrade is available upon request
  4. 4. FRIDAY 14th March 2014 TOUR LINK Depart from Australia to Cairo, EGYPT. (Meals in Flight) SATURDAY 15th March Arrive-Cairo, transfer to our hotel to rest & refresh. In the afternoon we enjoy High Tea at the Marriott (Old Palace). O/N Cairo (D) SUNDAY 16th March After breakfast, we begin a full day touring Cairo, beginning at the Cairo Museum that houses TUTANKHAMEN’S TREASURES & the Royal Mummy room. We will finish our day at the Mohammad Ali Mosque. O/N Train to Aswan (B-D) MONDAY 17th March Arrive-Aswan. Met and transferred to our cruise ship. After check-in we will visit The Unfinished Obelisk & the Temple of Philae before sailing by felucca around Elephantine Island and the Botanical Garden. Then onto the High Dam passing by the Old Dam. This evening we will be entertained by Nubian dancers. O/N (on board) – Aswan (B-D)
  5. 5. TUESDAY 18th March (OPTIONALTOUR) TOUR LINK Those choosing this option will take a morning flight & private air-conditioned coach tour of Abu Simbel. These two Temples, with their unique style, are considered to be the masterpieces of ancient Egypt. The Temple of Ramses II was dedicated to the four universal gods Ptah, Re-Her-Akhtey, Amun-Re, and to Ramses II himself. The great Abu Simbel temple is also called The Sun Temple of Ramses II. The Temple of Queen Nefertari is also Called Temple of Hathor who was the wife of the Sun God Free morning if not taking the Abu Simbel tour-In the afternoon we sail together to visit the Kom Ombo Temple, then on to Edfu O/N (on board)-Edfu (B-D) WEDNESDAY 19th March After breakfast we will visit Edfu Temple then cross the Esna Lock as we sail on to Luxor. O/N (on board)-Luxor (B-L-D)
  6. 6. THURSDAY 20th March TOUR LINK Today we visit the Nile’s West Bank to discover the largest temple in the world, the famous Necropolis of Thebes, temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahari, the Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon and visit TUTANKHAMEN’S TOMB-(Entry included). After lunch we cross to the East Bank to discover the Luxor and Karnak Temples. Enjoy a ‘Fancy dress’ on board for our last night in Luxor. O/N (on board)-Luxor (B-L-D) FRIDAY 21st March Flights to Cairo, & transfer to our hotel. We have a free afternoon to explore the city before tonight’s Sound and Light Show over the Pyramids. O/N Cairo (B-D) SATURDAY 22th March Today we visit Memphis, Sakkara, finishing at the Step Pyramid. High Tea with the ‘new arrivals’ awaits us this afternoon back at our hotel. O/N Cairo (B-D)
  7. 7. ‘SOJOURN TO REVELATION’ TOUR OF EGYPT, JORDAN & ISRAEL FRIDAY 21st March Depart from Australia to Cairo, EGYPT. (Meals in Flight) SATURDAY 22nd March Arrive-Cairo, transfer to our hotel to rest & refresh. In the afternoon we enjoy High Tea at the Marriott (Old Palace).O/N Cairo (D)
  8. 8. SUNDAY 23rd March TOUR LINK This morning we visit the GREAT PYRAMIDS of GIZA, Valley Temple and the famous Sphinx. After lunching by the Nile, we’ll enjoy a sail on a felucca. The afternoon will see us visit the Coptic Cave Church people situated in Cairo’s dump that holds over 10,000 people. O/N Cairo (B-D) MONDAY 24th March Today is a full day touring the Egyptian capital. We begin at the Cairo Museum that houses TUTANKHAMEN’S TREASURES & the famous Mummy Room (entry included). This afternoon we continue our tour of Coptic Cairo including the Hanging Church & Ben Ezra Synagogue. O/N Cairo (B-D)
  9. 9. TUESDAY 25th March TOUR LINK REMEMBRANCE OF THE HOLY FAMILY’S SOJOURN IN EGYPT? An exciting day awaits as we departure Cairo by coach to Bo Basta now known as Tel Basta, the LAND OF GOSHEN where the Israelites lived and gathered for their departure. We visit the Exodus point from which Moses lead the Hebrew people. We then cross under the SUEZ CANAL & marvel, as the huge ships ‘float across’ the hot desert sands. From there we visit Moses’ Springs before journeying on to the base of MT SINAI for overnight. After dinner we will plan our morning climb up this mystical mountain. O/N Mt Sinai. (B-D) WEDNESDAY 26th March For the adventurous we start our climb by camel to the summit of Mt Sinai. Our vigorous 3-hour climb ending with 950 steps carved by monks over the centuries will pale as we gaze on the mountains of Saudi Arabia and Africa drenched in the brilliant colors of the rising sun. Its on this very summit that God gave Moses the TEN COMMANDMENTS. On our decent we pass by St Catherine’s that houses some of the oldest codices and manuscripts in the world & said to be the site of the Burning Bush. Breakfast awaits us before we continue our “Exodus” onto Eliat & the Red Sea for a refreshing swim in its waters. O/N (Red Sea) – Eliat. (B-D)
  10. 10. THURSDAY 27th March TOUR LINK Today we visit Timna Park & the recreated WILDERNESS TABERNACLE. We will stop at King Solomon’s mines then travel the ancient Kings Highway on in to JORDON & PETRA. O/N Petra (B-D) FRIDAY 28th March After breakfast, our Nabatean guides will lead us into Petra to see the amazing colors as the sunlight reflects on the rock faces. You may choose to enter by horseback, walk, or ride in your own carriage. We will visit the Treasury, Monastery, Roman Theatre, Royal Tombs and the high place of sacrifice. THE ROSE CITY OF PETRA, the ancient capital of the Edomites, is magnificent. We then continue in the steps of Moses travelling the age old Desert Highway to Madaba and its intricate Byzantine mosaics. We complete our day at the Ream Al Bawdy to enjoy a dinner Bedouin style. A special treat waits us after dinner when we visit a local Christian Fellowship. O/N Amman. (B-D)
  11. 11. SATURDAY 29th March TOUR LINK This morning we visit Mt Nebo & view the PROMISED LAND as Moses did before we continue onto the Holy Land. We will visit Qumran where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered, then Ein Gedi where David hid from King Saul before arriving at our Dead Sea Resort. A refreshing ‘float’ in the medicinal waters of the DEAD SEA will be a ‘treat’ after a long days traveling. Bookings for any extra mineral rich spa treatments must be made in advance (price not included). O/N Dead Sea. (B-D) SUNDAY 30th March oday we ascend by cable car the mighty fortress of MASADA, the site of the last heroic 3-year stand of 960 Jewish defenders against the Roman Empire. From its heights we enjoy tremendous views of Jordan, the Dead Sea & the foundations of the Roman Fortresses below.? The afternoon today is free to shop, swim or just relax in one of the resorts many pools. Being Sunday, for those who wish to, we will celebrate our entry into the Promised Land with an informal church service on the shores of the Dead Sea, sharing together as we feel led. O/N Dead Sea. (B-D)
  12. 12. MONDAY 31st March TOUR LINK Today is a big day as we leave the Dead Sea, on route we visit the Park of the Australian Soldier, the British Cemetery where Australian, New Zealand and British soldiers lay at rest together, Tel es Saba where the NZ Mounted Rifles and some Australians took the high place, Chauvel’s Hill from where we can view the plain where the 800 Australian Light horsemen rode into history with their famous charge and then to the Biblical site of Abraham’s well. Next we visit BEER SHEVA & stop to view an ancient Jewish alter. O/N Beer Sheva (B-D) TUESDAY 1st April 2014 Today we travel northward via Ashdod & the Mediterranean Sea Port Of CAESAREA, site of Herod’s Palace, home of Cornelius & where Paul was brought to trial. We walk by the aqueduct before viewing the magnificent views over the Valley of Jezreel & the MEGIDDO VALLEY where the final battle of ARMAGEDDON is prophesied to take place. We then travel on to Mt Carmel and Muhraqa, where Elijah called down fire from Heaven to defeat the prophets of Baal. We make a brief stop at Haifa to view the harbor from the Gardens that sweep down the hillside in an amazing splash of color. The afternoon takes us to the ancient city of ACCO where we will spend time walking the Old City & it’s harbor walls. O/N Acco (B-D)
  13. 13. WEDNESDAY 2nd April TOUR LINK Today we visit NAZARETH VILLAGE to experience the Nazareth Jesus knew. Leaving Nazareth we travel onto Galilee, watch as we round the crest of a hill to see the specular SEA OF GALILEE unfold before our eyes. This afternoon we continue to explore the Biblical area of Galilee. Remember how Jesus walked on the water? Our traditional sailing vessel will take us across the Sea of Galilee, stopping in the middle for a time of reflection and singing. We then disembark at Nof Ginosar a kibbutz located on the shores of the Kinneret where we will see the remains of a boat from the time of Jesus. O/N (Galilee) Ma’agan. (B-D)
  14. 14. THURSDAY 3rd April TOUR LINK We continue our journey in the ‘footsteps’ of Jesus, arriving at CAPERNAUM, the city of Jesus; visiting the ruins of the synagogue where He performed many miracles. We see the excavations of St Peter’s house and visit TABGHA, where Jesus multiplied the five loaves and two fishes. Ascending to the top of the MOUNT Of BEATITUDES, we’ll read the Sermon on the Mount. (If time permits we may enjoy a St Peters Fish lunch by the Sea). After lunch we visit the Spice and Date Farm then an opportunity awaits those who feel led to be baptized by immersed in the RIVER JORDAN. We travel through the scenic countryside of the Upper Galilee to the GOLAN HEIGHTS, stopping at the MOUNT OF TRANSFIGURATION before continuing up to the source of the Jordan River on the slopes of Mt Hermon. Then onto CAESAREA PHILIPPI where Peter made his confession that “Jesus is the Messiah”. We visit Tel Dan the ancient site of the Northern Tribes of Israel Cult Centre. O/N (Galilee) Ma’agan. (B-D)
  15. 15. FRIDAY 4th April 2014 (EVE OF THE SABBATH) TOUR LINK Leaving Galilee we travel the Jordan Valley to Ein Harod, Gideon’s Spring & BEIT SHEAN, where King Saul’s body was hung on the city walls. Then onto the oldest city in the world, JERICHO where the ‘walls came tumbling down’ & site of Elisha’s Spring. After lunch we stop by the Sycamore tree in which Zacchaeus was meant to climb to see Jesus. Leaving Jericho, we stop to reflect near TEMPTATION MOUNTAIN. Our route into Jerusalem will take us via the OLD JERICHO ROAD (Security permitting) and Wadi Kelt where we will stop to view St George’s Monastery. We make our memorial ascent up to Jerusalem as the sun sets over the City of Gold. O/N Jerusalem. (B-D)
  16. 16. SATURDAY 5th April TOUR LINK The “Sabbath Rest” a FREE DAY in JERUSALEM. is yours to enjoy. We’ll celebrate a communion service together as we walk the ramparts of the OLD CITY. Spend time shopping in the many markets with-in the old walls and take in the atmosphere that is OLD JERUSALEM. Tonight, if possible, those who wish to, will attend a Jewish Service. O/N Jerusalem (B-D)
  17. 17. SUNDAY 6th April TOUR LINK Today we tour NEW JERUSALEM passing by the Israeli Knesset to the Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls. We visit the Model City, site of a replica model of Jerusalem in the time of Christ, including the Jewish Temple. Then onto Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, a memorial built in memory of the six million Jews lost in the Holocaust. O/N Jerusalem. (B-D) MONDAY 7th April We start our day at the Herodian, King Herod’s Palace, refuge, administrative centre, and burial place built between 23 and 15 BC. We then make a pilgrimage to where it all began, BETHLEHEM Of Eprahtah, the birthplace of our Messiah. We will spend some time in the Shepherds Field; visit Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity. Stopping at Rachael’s Tomb & the tomb and study of Jerome a church father from Italy who translated the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate). After lunch we will shop for Olive wood at the Three Arches O/N Jerusalem. (B-D)
  18. 18. TUESDAY 8th April TOUR LINK Our Jewish Quarter experience will include the Cardo, the WESTERN WALL, the most sacred site for the Jewish people, The Temple Institute featuring authentically recreated temple instruments & the Burnt House. We ascend the TEMPLE MOUNT to the DOME OF THE ROCK, (security permitting) the site where Abraham offered up Isaac. The Herodian Tunnel is now open for us to explore, and a scale model of the Temple Mount during the time of Herod is the highlight of our underground visit. We then visit the Archaeological Park and stop to sit on the Herodian Steps. Walking then to MT ZION and the location of the UPPER ROOM where we will reflect on the events of the Last Supper. We will finish our day at Caiaphas House. O/N Jerusalem. (B-D)
  19. 19. WEDNESDAY 9th April TOUR LINK Awaken in the city of the Great King, feel the atmosphere that sets Jerusalem apart from any other city in the world. We have a full day of touring Old Jerusalem today, following in the ‘footsteps’ of Jesus, including the MT OF OLIVES and the GARDEN Of GETHSEMANE. We enter the Old City through St Stephen’s Gate we visit The Pool Of Bethesda, where Jesus cured an invalid. We visit Ecce Homo Convent to view the Lithostratos, and the Pavement, then the Praetorium, site of the public trial and condemnation of Jesus. Continuing through the picturesque Bazaar streets we pass the Stations of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa. At the Holy Sepulchre church we visit the lower level grotto, possible burial place of Jesus. We meander through the Old City streets to the Citadel of David and then Christ Church. O/N Jerusalem. (B-D)
  20. 20. THURSDAY 10th April TOUR LINK This morning we visit the GARDEN TOMB, where we share a special time of worship and Communion with the empty tomb in the background. The serenity of this place makes it a spiritual oasis within this bustling city. Then on to visit Christ Church (if possible we will visit Herod’s Tunnel) View the Light Horse Museum and lunch at the Cafe. Our day ends with a visit to the Pools of Siloam as we reflect on our Holy Land pilgrimage. O/N Jerusalem. (B-D)
  21. 21. FRIDAY 11st April TOUR LINK Early morning departure to the airport for our flight to Athens where we will be met & transferred to our hotel The afternoon is free to walk the Palatka, enjoy the souvenir shops & art galleries.? O/N Athens (D)
  22. 22. SATURDAY 12th April TOUR LINK Today we climb to the marble-capped ACROPOLIS & visit the famous PARTHENON and the Erechejion. We then walk to nearby Mars’ Hill where the Apostle Paul delivered his well-know sermon. Our tour continues with highlights of modern Athens: We will stop and leave the bus by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier & Parliament House for a view and to take photos of the changing of the guard, We then continue on foot, walking to the Presidential Palace, Panathenian Stadium, Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Academy, the University & the National Library. We can, if we wish, be picked up by our bus to return to our motel, however some may still choose to walk back as it is only a short distance, this will allow for more photo opportunities of the city of Athens O/N Athens (B-D)
  23. 23. SUNDAY 13th April TOUR LINK Departure from Athens to Dubai, & connecting flights home. 1, 2 & 3 day tours of Dubai as a stopover are available on request (B- meals on plane) MONDAY 14th April Arrival to Australia with a new understanding of the Bible & memories to last a lifetime (Meals in Flight)
  24. 24. SUMMARY OF TOUR Price includes Round trip airfare Australia to Cairo & Tel Aviv/Athens to Australia. All airport assistance, touring expenses in all countries visited, with an English speaking tour guide in new air-conditioned coaches, overnight accommodations in 3/4 star hotels, with meals (Breakfast – Dinners) where indicated. All entrance fees, Sea of Galilee boat expenses, and majority of hotel and airport baggage handling. Price does not include Drinks with meals, visa costs, Travel Insurance, tipping expenses, departure/ticket taxes. Single room supplement cost available on request. Additional extra trips must be booked and paid for 60 days before departure. AUSTRALIAN DEPARTURES PRICE SOJOURN TO REVELATION TOUR $6,985 AUD OPTIONAL NILE CRUISE $1,485( incl domestic flights) ABU SIMBEL EXPEDITION $250 AUD ALL PRICES BASED ON TWIN SHARE & REMAIN SUBJECT TO A MINIMUM OF 20 FULL PAYING ADULTS. BUSINESS CLASS UPGRADE IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST
  25. 25. Inner Faith Travel 20 Grandview Terrace, Tallai, QLD 4213, Australia (61) 07 5530 2900 Fax to (61) 07 5530 3911 ift.net.au