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English language in my future profession


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Всероссийский проект "Global knowledge"

Published in: Education
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English language in my future profession

  1. 1. EnglishEnglish languagelanguage in my future careerin my future career
  2. 2. At present time the knowledge of foreign languages is not desirable but necessary. And the language which most people use when they make a contact with other nationalities is English
  3. 3. There are someThere are some reasons why learningreasons why learning English is importantEnglish is important inin the life of athe life of a contemporary man:contemporary man:
  4. 4. You increase your range of communication. It is spoken by 800 million people all over the world.
  5. 5. There will be no problems with applying for a prestigious job Being a good specialist you can take part in the international conferences And share your ideas with colleagues from other countries
  6. 6. If you know language you can teach children
  7. 7. A foreign language can help you know your language better
  8. 8. You can visit many countries to get acquainted with culture and customs of different nations
  9. 9. That’s why I wish my future career was connected with English language
  10. 10. My choice is a teacher ofMy choice is a teacher of English language!English language!
  11. 11. These are my personal goals:These are my personal goals: Teach English to young generation Provide different effective methods of teaching Constantly improve language skills Remain an up-to-date and digitally fluent educator Instill in students a sense of their place in the larger world
  12. 12. There is a shortage of teaching staff. According to UNESCO, in order to achieve a universal access to primary education by 2015 18 million teachers will have been required. There’s the same problem in our country. The government and our president do the best in solving this problem.
  13. 13. In conclusion, teaching is one of the most challenging and respected career choices. And the teachers of English individually and collectively have the ability not only to change the world, but to improve it.
  14. 14. The teacher of foreign languages can be compared to candle: it lights the way for others, and its flame can be passed on without diminishing the candle itself.
  15. 15. Thank you for attention!Thank you for attention!