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Guides, Ghillies & Boat man

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  • Importance of water to humans.
  • Guides ghilles boatman

    1. 1. Mark.H.V.Corps IFI Angling AdvisorMarine & Countryside Guiding FETAC Level 6
    2. 2. A Boat man is• Someone who earns a living by transporting people or cargo by boat• Angling context – does the rowing• Unskilled – did the work pre outboard engines
    3. 3. What is a Ghillie?• Ghillie or gillie is someone who acts as an attendant on a fishing, fly fishing, hunting or deer stalking expedition• Angling context – someone who knows a particular river / fishery well• Supports the anglers / looks after the fishery
    4. 4. What is a Guide?• Guides are often employed in many aspects of travel / adventure. To improve the overall travel experience / make clients feel safer due to expertise of the guide• Angling context – someone who in there angling discipline can maximise an anglers experience• Failte Ireland & Inland Fisheries Ireland accept the following Guide qualifications• Advanced Marine and Countryside Guides Certificate• National Angling Guide Certificate (OCN Level 3)
    5. 5. Skills / experience / knowledge required?• Experienced / skilled angler• Knowledge of variety of techniques• Knowledge of fisheries• Knowledge of fish species• Good angler• Technical angling knowledge• Boat handler (ISA / RYA L2)• Communicator• First Aider• Risk Assessor• Lifesaving abilities• Common sense• Entomology• Legislation
    6. 6. Value of qualified Angling guides• Centre of excellence (FI)• To provide a high quality Irish experience for visiting anglers which has a holistic focus that is broader than just the angling and includes all elements of the holiday ‘travel, stay, fish, play’
    7. 7. Guides are• Give someone who is on the ground & can monitor what happens in the fishery• Have a vested interest in developing the fishery / ensuring the quality remains high for the product• Give a contact with a full working knowledge of the fishery• Give someone who can respond to the vagaries of the weather / fishing conditions to maximise the anglers trip• Give someone who can speak an anglers language
    8. 8. Centre of Excellence Included Fisheries that offer• Suitable fish stocks• Provide angler friendly accommodation• Have boats & engines for hire (if appropriate)• Tackle shop / bait suppliers• Guides / Ghillies• Entertainment
    9. 9. Decline in Angling Tourist numbers• General economic situation• Strength of € against £• Drift nets• Changing angling trends• Increased competition• Perceived decline in some fish stocks• Fish farming• General negative publicity
    10. 10. • Inadequate / poorly targeted marketing investment• Perceived expensive destination• Ferry costs• Lack of coordination• Poor / lack of information• Accessibility of fishing• Complex licensing requirements• Value for money
    11. 11. C of E replaced by ‘Hubs’ idea to• Effectively market the best• Focus on segments of the market that are significant in size• Where demand exists• Where current supply can meet expectations• Focus on the needs of the visitor
    12. 12. Work with the industry• To develop the quality of what is being offered• Develop infrastructure• Improve cooperation between relevant sectors
    13. 13. Any Questions?