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AFYD Presentation


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AFYD presentation

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AFYD Presentation

  1. 1. Mark. H. V. Corps Angling Advisor & Educational Outreach coordinator
  2. 2. Youth Angling Initiatives
  3. 3. Current IFI initiatives• Something Fishy• Dublin Angling Initiative• Fisheries Awareness Week
  4. 4. Something Fishy
  5. 5. • Launched in 2004 at Blackrock Education Centre by Minister Mary Hanafin• To inform & educate students about water quality, fish, the environment & angling• SF is aimed at 5 & 6 classes in Primary school
  6. 6. • 2010 / 11 - 163 schools took part Some 4000 students• 2011 / 12 - 126 schools took part Just over 3000 students
  7. 7. Dublin Angling Initiative• Set up in 1995• To promote, develop and improve angling in the Dublin & Greater Dublin area• Runs fishing courses for young people from National & Secondary schools, summer projects and youth services• Stock waterways / lakes in the Dublin area, providing anglers with a greater variety of fishing
  8. 8. Fisheries Awareness Week
  9. 9. • First run on a national scale in 2009• Aims to encourage adults & children who may never have fished before to take up angling• Work with angling clubs & organisations to promote all types of angling• Promote the role of the fisheries service in protecting & conserving our fisheries resource
  10. 10. Outreach programmes• In the UK in 2000, Mick Watson, set up ‘Get Hooked.’ to engage young people in an activity to divert them from anti-social behaviour• Originally delivered by Durham Agency against Crime• Successful so other similar projects set up such as Dreamstore, Angling Projects, Cast Angling Project
  11. 11. • It improved school attendance rates & involved participants in positive alternatives to criminal behaviour• In July 2006 the Durham scheme formed a social enterprise ‘Get Hooked North East Ltd’
  12. 12. Angling for Youth Development to offer people of all backgrounds & abilities opportunities to participate in the sport of angling, thereby improving their quality of life’
  13. 13. Objectives• Provide safety awareness through education & good practice• Develop young people’s skills & self- confidence• Encourage responsible & positive participation within the sport & the community• Raise awareness of environmental issues• Provide instruction of the highest quality in angling techniques & fishing etiquette
  14. 14. • Divert people away from anti-social behaviour so reducing crime to create safer communities• Support participants wishing to gain recognised qualifications in angling
  15. 15. • The original course was created by Strathclyde policemen, Knight & Stewart in 2002• Put in place with the help of the Scottish Anglers National Association and Knight• Developed to target ‘socially excluded’ students• Evolved for students as an academic qualification
  16. 16. Evolution of AFYD• 2002 original course designed• 2004 AFYD set up• 2008 grown into the largest angling training organisation in Scotland gaining charitable trust status• 2009 got Scottish SQA approval (and SCQF Credit) for its Game Angling and Fishery Science Courses.
  17. 17. Game angling course modules1. History of Angling & the Game Species2. Angling Equipment3. Fly Fishing (Casting & Tactics)4. Water Safety5. Angling & Wildlife Law6. Angling & Environmental Law.7. Fly Tying8. Insects & creatures of the aquatic environment
  18. 18. Modules• Work Journal• Practical Skills Assessment• Module Exam
  19. 19. Questions?