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Inkling's WIRED report

  1. 1. WIRED 2012 : The Brewery - London : 2012 1
  2. 2. WIRED 2012 This is all about creatives and innovators who are going to change the world and our job is getting them out there. David Rowan Editor WIRED MagazineWIRED 2012 : The Brewery - London : 2012 2
  3. 3. THOUGHTSFocusing and Scott Harrison Charity: Waterlearning from Owning [Click]the specifics A Direct Relationship With FansLady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, shared his [Click] Lady Gagainsights on Lady Gaga’s own social network Littlefor fans, Little Monsters. By creating a direct Monstersdialogue with her community she aimed to regain Sociala direct connection with her fans as opposed to Networkthem being owned by a third-party like iTunes. [Click]The site has been built to gather data which holds Top 5 celebsspecific details about her fans. For example, thesite can tell her what song fans in Sweden are investing inlistening to before they go on a night out and social mediathen incorporate this into her set list for her next [Click]show is Sweden. Gaga, unlike other celebrities,is recognising the power of listening to fans Ashtonand conversing with them to benefit the brand Kutcherthat she has built. This differs from most other and his techcelebrities who are simply investing and badging investmentssocial platforms. Separate [Click] WiredSimilarly, Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO of interview withCharity:Water, has realised and reacted to the need Troy Carterfor supporters to have a direct understanding of the [Click]process of charity. By recognising that a lot of hisfriends did not give to charity because of reservationsaround whether the donated money actually reached Justin Bieberthe people in need, he set out to reinvent the non-profit not a ventureorganisation through total transparency and came up Capitalist?with the 100% model. A model that proves that 100% of Justin [Click]all public donations go directly to the cause. By focusing Timberlakeon the specifics that donators want to see such as photos tries to bringand GPS coordinates on a map, he can encourage their MySpace backsupport and he is directly answering his audiences [Click]demands.WIRED 2012 : The Brewery - London : 2012 3
  4. 4. Insights on how charities are using social media [Click] Report measuring the megaphone – How are Charities Using Social Media? [Click] Charities have doubled social media engagement in a year [Click]Social MediaCharitiesWIRED 2012 : The Brewery - London : 2012 4
  5. 5. THOUGHTSTransformation American Express SmallEconomy Jess Greenwood Business Saturday [Click]Representing the Nike+ Fuelband, Jess referenced thisGreenwood talked on the rules of business, woman’s work quite alooking forward specifically with technology bit. Possibly a bit oldand recognising the growing importance of a but very interesting.“transformation economy”. The technological [Click]industry is now said to be dominated by the cash-hungry venture capitalist, the tech opportunist Delta Airlinesand bloggers who are all interested in making a – Luggagequick buck rather than looking at ideas with a Trackermore inspired long term effect. Brands need to be [Click]looking for innovations that consider the good ofthe consumer alongside the good of the brand. Nike+ Wristband“Brands have done this whole selling experiences thing [Click]for a long time - the idea that if you buy this toothpasteit will change your life. This (transformation economy) isa way to be different, to actually change your consumerslives”. So, brands need to reassess and reach out to their The insatiablemarket, thinking about change (big or small) and about appetite of techcreating value in a new way for the consumer. Looking startups in London atto American Express’s Small Business Saturday, Delta the moment/Airline’s Luggage Tracker or indeed Nike’s Fuelband, Good stats WIRED [Click]we can see how brands and consumers are benefiting Rreportfrom the “Transformation Economy”. Big brands aregetting big results by simply transforming experiences [Click]and interactions.WIRED 2012 : The Brewery - London : 2012 5
  6. 6. THOUGHTSCritical mass vscredible massThe creative portal ‘Behance’ is a portal set upto showcase creative work from around theworld. It is ‘a platform to remove the barriersbetween talent and opportunity’. Scott Belskytalked about creative meritocracy as the properand transparent attribution of talent, sharingexamples from the site such as Lichfaktor and Lichfaktor [Click] -:Diego Stocco. The site also allows interestinginsights as it can often be a gauge on how peopleare creatively responding to issues around theworld, creative expressions of events like theearthquake in Japan.Most interestingly what this platform has created is anenvironment for gauging credible interest in creativeprojects and content. The Behance community will notonly engage with the work but will also look upon itwith a discerning eye, referencing the credible massrather than the critical mass for a type of curation onthe site by the creative community. The site raises thequestion of how to genuinely ‘discern quality’, something Diego Stocco [Click] -:that brands will increasingly be searching for as thesocial sharing and ranking continues.WIRED 2012 : The Brewery - London : 2012 6
  7. 7. THOUGHTSDriving forwardwith ideas in theface of failure Project Walk [Click]-:Mark Pollock, an extraordinary man who, afterlosing his sight aged 22, continued to embarkon a series of remarkable adventures includingthe running of 7 full marathons in 7 days- inthe Gobi desert! Tragically, during the HenleyRoyal Regatta of 2010, fate struck once again asPollock fell from a third story window, ultimatelyparalysing himself from the waist down- which,needless to say, left him completely immobileand wheelchair bound. And yet, a strong andinspiring unwillingness to accept the status quomanifested itself within Pollock, who has sincemade it his mission to walk (run, even!) again. Run In The Dark [Click] -:During his talk, Mark expressed his interest inrejecting much of what doctors and science have to say has developed a mechanical ‘skeleton’ that giveson such matters, and firmly believes in the notion of opportunity for paralyzed individuals to walk again.pushing the boundaries and allowing science to catch A true demonstration of the endless possibilities ofup later. ‘Sometimes we choose our challenges’, he technology for the good of mankind, this was no doubtsaid, ‘and sometimes they find us.’ (We need not look a heartwarming moment depicting, in all honesty,any further than Christopher Reeve, ex-superman nothing short of a miracle. It’s a healthy disregardactor, for an example of such perseverance). It was in for the impossible that drives us forwards, and thisthis spirit that staff from Ekso Bionics were invited talk, I believe, was the perfect encapsulation of such ato the stage, a remarkable American company which philosophy.WIRED 2012 : The Brewery - London : 2012 7
  8. 8. THOUGHTSGotye on Multi-InstrumentalMusicPop sensation Gotye turned on the intellect inorder to discuss the incredible phenomenon thatfollowed as his release ‘Somebody that I used toknow’ snowballed its way through YouTube ata remarkable rate. The #1 social video websitein the world is known to produce trillions (yes,trillions) of unique visits every single year asmore than 800 million users browse its pagesevery day, and no doubt you’ve heard that60 hours of video are uploaded to this singlecompany’s servers every minute (that’s an hourof video uploaded every second, for those whoare counting). So when you’ve got somethingthat works- got something that captures peoplesattention and actually drives them to react insome way- you really know it. You can tell byclicking refresh every few seconds and seeingthe viewings go up in double figures- just like The digital revolution of theGotye. But this certainly wasn’t just a mindlesscelebration of a remarkably successful video. last decade has unleashed creativity and talent in anPerhaps the most interesting point that arose fromthis investigation into the power of social video was the unprecedented way, withfact that the platform has, in many ways, completely unlimited the rule books. The digital revolution ofthe last decade has unleashed creativity and talent inan unprecedented way, with unlimited opportunities.Nowadays, anyone can be a musician; anyone can be afilm maker; you can do it from your bedroom. But doesdemocratized culture mean better art or is true talentinstead drowned out? You decide.WIRED 2012 : The Brewery - London : 2012 8
  9. 9. About InklingInkling is a creative marketing agency that specialisesin idea generation, research and brand strategy, socialmedia, digital production, PR, experiential, eventproduction and content creation.If you would like to talk to us about how we can help youplease call Nicola, Jono, Will or David on 0207 697 9587or email