Inkling 2014 Trends, Insights and Happenings


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Happy New Year. Find out what the year ahead has in-store with the latest Inkling report with contributions from 30 creative leaders, doers & thinkers.

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Inkling 2014 Trends, Insights and Happenings

  2. 2. 2 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 INTRODUCTION 2014/ 3 EVERY YEAR ENDS IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY, WITH EVERY AGENCY, BLOG AND WEBSITE UNDER THE SUN PREDICTING THE CONSUMER TRENDS THAT WILL SHAPE OUR LIVES AND OUR BUSINESSES FOR THE FOLLOWING 12 MONTHS. However, there is one problem. Although it might be interesting for 15 minutes of reading in late December, it is completely useless for the rest of the year. Don’t believe me? How many of you used Big Data, last years big trend, at any point in 2013? This year at Inkling we have taken a different approach. One we think is more interesting, more thought-provoking and ultimately more useful. Rather than trying to out gun everyone else intellectually, we have simply reached out to the brilliant (and lovely) people we know, drink, eat and work with, day in, day out. 30 movers, shakers, makers and breakers from a cross section of society taking in directors, entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, thinkers and even a political speech writer. We asked them all one simple question: What are you most looking forward to in 2014? We hope that you find it as interesting as we have. On top of the insights from our contributors we have added some Inkling thoughts, tips and things to look out for to help you get the most out of 2014. Thank you to everyone that who contributed and we hope to see/hear from you all at some point in the next 12 months. DAVID PROUDLOCK Creative Director, Inkling
  3. 3. 4 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 CONTRIBUTORS 5 TOM ANGELL Author, The London Tattoo Guide WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO IN 2014? The London Tattoo Guide is a forthcoming book which will illuminate the city’s elite tattoo studio and artists @LDNTattooGuide This is a hugely exciting time for tattoo culture. Multi-disciplined, formally trained and culturally influential tattoo artists are driving new creative frontiers, and 2014 promises to bring new artistic and social paradigms of acceptance and exposure. NICK ANGELL Founder, Angell Sound Angell Sound is one of London’s original and leading audio – post & music production companies The release of Foosball, the 3D animated film, by the Argentinian Oscar-winning director Juan José Campanella. I was approached to manage the recording and mixing of the English version, help with the voice casting and direct the actors. The challenge we at Angell Sound faced was matching the Argentinian lip sync, whilst embodying the characters and carrying the story. This required patience, good writing and wonderful actors. It has been a great privilege to be part of such an exciting project, which we all have high hopes for when it is released at the start of the summer 2014 following the World Cup. FIND OUT MORE HERE: Watch out for more hybrid tattoo studios like Sang Bleu, AKA and OneByOne opening in London. Keep an eye out for Dr. Matt Lodder’s forthcoming book, Tattoo: An Art History, which aims to raise the artistic status of body art. And in my work, I’m hoping to publish my book The London Tattoo Guide and to partner with daring brands to produce tattoo-related innovation projects. PRANO BAILEY-BOND Director Prano is an award-winning music video director who has recently shot her first feature film and it has already won several awards. Making my next short film – NASTY – my latest obsession and set to be an audio-visual treat. The film is set in 1982 and centres around a 12-year old boy who becomes obsessed with video nasties (80’s horror films that were deemed as ‘snuff movies’). It studies the blurred lines between fiction and reality – a subject that fascinates me. I’m also super excited about the film’s rich colour palette, which will burst boldly from the screen. I hope 2014 will be a year of extraordinary use of colour within cinema and the moving image.
  4. 4. 6 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 CONTRIBUTORS 7 CONTRIBUTORS BEN BOND Creative Director, Hoot Comedy Hoot are a multi-award winning comedy production company. MATT BATEMAN Co-founder, Flat_e Flat_e have 15 years experience in innovative, light-based art installations and music video working with the likes of Disney, Sony, Warp Records, Sonar and many more. The Internet Of Things With the recent US launch of Apple’s iBeacon and the success of products such as the smart thermostat ‘Nest’, we see 2014 being a huge year for connected devices. Sites like reddit have been ablaze with chatter about how micro-location through the use of WiFi and Bluetooth LE could be used and indeed subverted. It’s only a matter of time before the creative community really grabs hold of IOT and runs with it. We think that time will be 2014. BRITTNEY BEAN CEO, Songdrop is cataloguing all of the music on the internet and building new mobile and wearable experiences around music consumption. We’re going to see a whole lot of people building for wearables most likely starting with Google’s cyborg offering, Glass, which is slated for a consumer release in 2014. In the same way, mobiles changed our relationship with connectivity, Glass and other wearables will change our how we relate to the information we’re connected to. Like all great tech, at first people will find it useless and gimmicky, but as the applications for real world heads up displays start to grow and use cases start popping up, attitudes will change. We’re jumping in with a music discovery play and there are others already busy working on travel, augmented reality and gaming applications. In the end, we’re all going to end up being Glassholes. Popcorn Comedy Going to Popcorn Comedy nights in London which combine the anarchic and shambolic flavour of a music gig with Chris Poole and Bertie Peek’s amazing visual installations, showcasing the best new comedy films from emerging talent. The night mixes video with live performances from the best comedy acts around. Already a favourite with a clued-up crowd drawn from the worlds of art, film, fashion and music, 2014 is when the world wakes up to the future of event comedy. Glow Ned Beauman is one of the funniest, cleverest and most inventive writers around. After his mind-bending and laugh out loud debut Boxer Beetle, and Booker short-listed follow up The Teleportation Incident, 2014 sees the publication of Ned’s third book GLOW. He’s promising something more serious this time around but we bet it will still have more killer lines than anything else next year. Penny Dreadful / Muppets Most Wanted John Logan is arguably the best screenwriter working today. He teams up with Bond director Sam Mendes again to bring to life some of literature’s most famously terrifying characters, including Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, Dorian Gray and iconic figures from the novel Dracula, in Victorian London. The Bond theme continues with Eva Green and Timothy Dalton on screen in this new horror drama TV series for Showtime. For hiding behind the sofa, not for laughing. Recover your wits with Muppets Most Wanted helmed by UK comedy director / writer with the midas touch James Bobin and incomparable songs by his good friend Oscar winner Bret McKenzie. KERRIANN CLEM ASHER DRESNER Founding Partner, The Production Department (TPD) Speech Writer TPD is a boutique artist management and production agency representing photographers, set designers and illustrators from offices in London & New York. A former speechwriter for Ed Milliband, Asher is currently setting up Lincoln Jay, a company dedicated to helping high achievers craft their personal story. The Production Department (TPD) was founded to help new artists hone their commercial offering without compromising their passion or craft. Clients have been asking for skill, over name, more and more which is brilliant news for our emerging photographers and illustrators. Work is more collaborative than commissioned and relationships are more important than ever. If this continues the output of commercial work we see will be outstanding in 2014. JAMES DIXON Chair of the NHS Sustainability Leads Network James has a decade’s worth of environmental sustainability experience and is currently working for one of the elite Shelford Group of NHS Trusts, treating 1.4 million patients a year with a turnover of £900m. Still a strange term for some, but “Sustainability” will be high on the agenda for our health sector in 2014. January sees the launch of the new sustainability strategy for not just the NHS but the whole health, public health and social care system. This more integrated approach to sustainable healthcare is a real opportunity to expand on the success of the NHS’ carbon reduction efforts to date and move into changing models of care. So… cue more GP prescriptions for Green Gyms, more in-home Skype consultations with hospital specialists and District Nurses pootling about in zero emission Nissan Leafs. What can you do to increase the price of a bunch of random objects from a junk shop, worth $1.25 on average, by 2,700%? New York Times Magazine writer Rob Walker knows the answer. He collected a bunch of these objects - an old wooden mallet, a lost hotel room key, a plastic banana - and put them on eBay. But he added a secret ingredient: a short story by a contributing writer to give the objects significance, context, or just to make you laugh. A nutcracker became ‘the only witness to the tragic death of legendary chanteuse and muse to famous Ecuadorian footballer.’ A worn monkey puppet became the inspiration for a lost work by Franz Kafka. You get the idea. Even though it was clear that all the stories were fictional, the objects sold for a combined value of $8,000. (He donated the money to nonprofit creative writing organisations). The message is simple but powerful: the right story can considerably increase the value we place on things. Get your personal or brand story right, and the perceived value of what you do goes up too. And that is powerful news for anyone involved in price-setting or brand-building. MORE INFO ABOUT THE EXPERIMENT IS AT HTTP://SIGNIFICANTOBJECTS.COM/
  5. 5. 8 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 TOP 10 / FILMS FILMS O6 / SIN CITY: A DAME TO DIE FOR Unbelievably it is 9 years since the original Sin City leapt off the screen and it still feels just as fresh today. A Dame to Die For is the second of Frank Miller’s graphic novels and you can expect another ensemble cast (including most of the originals) and a repeat of the interweaving narrative to keep you hooked. O7 / EXODUS The biblical epic is officially back and it’s Crowe (Noah) vs Christian Bale in the fight to be the new ‘Charlton Heston’ and with support from Ben Kingsley, Aaron Paul and Sigourney Weaver it sounds like a beast of a film. Oh and did we mention Ridley Scott is directing? Amen. O8 / TOMORROWLAND This is one of the most secretive film projects of 2014. A lot of buzz and speculation has been following the project for sometime, some even thinking it to be a Star Wars sequel. However, we know that Brad Bird (The Iron Giant & Impossibles) is at the helm. We know Tomorrowland is a Disney project and it shares the name of the futuristic themed land found at Disney theme parks. We expect big things. O1 / ROBOCOP Yes it’s going to be bad, terrible even, it will be severely lacking in quotable one-liners and undoubtably full of CGI nonsense to hide the lack of a script but it’s Robocop, and if you are male and grew up in the 80s you know you have to taste the forbidden fruit, “Dead or alive you’re coming with me”. WATCH THE TRAILER O2 / NOAH This is Aronofsky’s first film since Black Swan and is something he has been thinking about since he was 13 years old. We are expecting much more than the traditional Hollywood machine epic as Aronofsky has a gift for visceral film making which genuinely makes the viewer feel something. It ain’t always pleasant but it is usually great. WATCH THE TRAILER O3 / THE SECRET SERVICE Matthew Vaughn & Mark Millar are reunited for the first time since the original Kick-Ass for this ‘junior-James Bond’ animation. What has really grabbed our attention is the graphic, film noire style visuals which when combined with the return of Sin City, could mark 2014’s hottest design trend. O4 / BIG EYES Tim Burton has let us down so many times in the past: Alice in Wonderland, Planet of the Apes, need we go on. But there is a still genius in there somewhere and in 2014 he is working with the same writing team behind one of his biggest (and lowest budget) successes, Ed Wood. Big Eyes is another absurd biopic and stars Christopher Waltz. This is the last chance saloon for Mr Burton with us. Don’t let us down. O5 / GONE GIRL Take one of the biggest books of 2013, David Fincher the director of Fight Club and Ben Affleck riding hide high on the back of Argo (pre-Batman come down) and you have a massive hit waiting to happen (or a huge turkey). 09 / TRANSCENDENCE Long time Christopher Nolan collaborator Wally Pfister makes his directorial debut, taking charge of this Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall vehicle. Scientists are on the cusp of creating artificial intelligence superior to man and a terroristic organization aren’t too keen. We are expecting Pfister to take it to the next level with some beautiful visuals. 10 / INTERSTELLAR 2014 is a massive year in terms of the blockbuster directors as Christopher Nolan returns to our screens on the back of the Batman Trilogy & Inception. Interstellar follows a team of space travellers who travel through a wormhole with mind-bending visuals sure to follow. Get to the iMax for this one. WATCH THE TRAILER 9
  6. 6. 10 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 CONTRIBUTORS TREVOR GULLIVER WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO MOST IN 2014 CEO, St. John Founded by Trevor, Fergus Henderson and John Spiteri, St. John has been a Smithfield & London institution since 1994 VICTOR FRANKOWSKI Dunne Frankowski Professional photographer and partner in creative coffee consultancy Dunne Frankowski. JAMES ELLIOTT Co-founder, Pizza Pilgrims Pizza Pilgrims is a joint venture between the Elliott brothers that has gone from London’s hottest pop-up to a TV show, book deal and now Soho restaurant. We’re really excited about the star of the show not being a big slab of meat! Don’t get me wrong, keep the burgers coming in 2014, but it’s great to see more and more places giving vegetables the attention they deserve and not just retiring them to the “vegetarian food” sideline. The Margherita pizza was the Neapolitan answer to having no money to buy meat, forcing them to focus on producing the best tomatoes, mozzarella & dough. They ended up with something we think is hard to beat - let’s have more thinking like that in 2014! Technology More integration of health and technology for people’s day to day life. With Apple realising it’s Apple watch, Google glass and devices being able to map everything from your heartbeat to tiredness levels, we will see an increase of usage technology to help us live more healthy lives. Digital caps and monitoring of day-to-day activities which affect climate change will also come in to play, as people need to start adapting to climate change. Food Asian and South American food will be on the rise in both restaurants and street food at affordable prices. Collaborations between unrelated industries will be on the rise. Fashion and food, sport and food, lifestyle and food. With rent being so high people will be looking at alternative premises for creative ventures, a rise in collaborative working spaces. Raw cooking will also be on the rise in the UK. Gin and whisky bars will make a comeback. MIMI GABINO Eat Your Own Ears Eat Your Own Ears is one of London’s most legendary promotion houses, responsible for Field Day, Underage Festival and XOYO I’m definitely most excited about Field Day becoming a two day event finally after 7 years and getting PIXIES to headline the Sunday. Why has this any cultural relevance? Very few festivals are able to expand in the current market and we are extremely proud of being able to do so in our true home of Victoria Park in East London. Another thing is that culturally, Field Day is one of the only festivals in London that mixes the best of all genres of music on the same stages for a young, music loving crowd. Last year we saw Zimbabwean Thomas Mapfumo playing the same stage as the likes of Solange, Four Tet and Animal Collective... And 2014 will be even better! 11 AMY GOLDING Artistic Director, Curious Monkey Theatre Curious monkey is a theatre company creating and touring provocative, playful theatre about all of us. In 2014 Amy will working at the Old Vic on secondment. With the nation’s thoughts currently focusing on Nelson Mandela and his extraordinary leadership it seems apt that next year, the 20th anniversary of the end of apartheid, there will be a number of South African plays being performed in the UK. The Young Vic’s production of South Africa’s famous play ‘Sizwe Banzi Is Dead’ originally devised by Athol Fugard, John Kani and Winston Ntshona is one to look out for. Also AFrovibes; a biennial festival of South African theatre will be bringing 6 incredible new plays over that will tour to venues, including: Stratford Circus, Live Theatre, Northern Stage, Contact and The Dukes, Lancaster. The opportunities that recession gives to the small guys and the individual are passing. The funded chain operators have been cherry picking the operations they can spin out in the past year or so and the high street and the city centre are even more the domain of the large operators now. Life is location, logistics, marketing and exit for these boys and our biggest kitchens are on industrial estates. However, some folk have stayed the course and are doing well, be they microbrewers, restaurants or even distillers not seeking the “Grey Goose” dream. The not so good will pass away and life is interesting because what is proven is that small is OK and if you are good enough you will do well. Even if social media is not the ticket to success it once was! Folk are genuinely interested in seeking out the good places and often for themselves. Some of the large operators make sure that they have a charity or crusade in the bag to add authenticity but maybe folk are getting a little tired with the plethora of conflicting advice, food media self-interest and actual hokum, that said the underlying understanding that you are what you eat is a real thing these days, if only we could turn it into you are where you eat too! MARK HINDLE Global Social Team, Nokia Mark is part of the global marketing team at Nokia, where he has worked on campaigns with the likes of David Bailey and Deadmau5 Smartphone sales finally overtook those of the feature phone in Q2 2013 thanks to great innovation like Nokia’s 41 megapixel Lumia 1020 inspiring consumers to upgrade. It’s not surprising, but what really changes things is the growth in lower end smartphone adoption (under £100 up to £250). These people may not have the same specs to play with as the high-end owner, but there’s a world of connected excitement ahead for these new smartphone owners. Whether it’s developing apps, games and HTML5 assets that are less power hungry, targeted ads, or even harnessing the reach and insight from all these extra bodies always online - there’s a huge opportunity for marketeers to engage new audiences through contextual mobile experiences, with added ‘why’ and ‘where’ in 2014.
  7. 7. 12 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 TOP 10 / PLACES TO EAT - PLACES TO EAT 1. the miller If you are in the London Bridge area you could do worse than grabbing a quick lunch or after work drink/bite at The Miller. Food comes in the form of Street Kitchen’s first foray into Hotdogs, all sourced from the UK. Sausage party!!! INKLING TIP: BOSTON HOUND - FREE RANGE PORK SAUSAGE, PORK BELLY, CELERIAC SLAW, BBQ SAUCE, MUSTARD MAYO, PICKLED RED CABBAGE, PICKLED CUCUMBER & CRACKLING. PHEW! NUMBER FIVE TH E C LOV E C LU B Set in Shoreditch Town Hall The Clove Club is one part cocktail bar, one part top dining experience. Serving ‘interesting and often overlooked British ingredients’ this 5 course taster menu is beautifully balanced and super tasty. We left a little bit hungry to be honest but it is still good enough to make this list. The martinis are pretty good as well. INKLING TIP: BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN & PINE SALT (AS PART OF FINGER FOOD APPETISER PRIOR TO TASTER MENU) Bone Daddies SIX DOTORI Possibly the best kept secret on this list and the most raved about restaurant in Inkling history. Set in the most unlikely locations of Finsbury Park Station, Dotari is an incredible Japanese/Korean restaurant with some of the best sushi in London. We defy you not to be surprised by how good this place is upon leaving, it doesn’t even have a website. INKLING TIP SUSHI. ALL OF IT KINGS CROSS CONTINENTAL STORE When the main man is Ross Shonhan, formerly of Zuma and Nobu, you know you are in for a treat but Bone Daddies doesn’t come with the eye watering bill at the end. This is a seriously delicious and hip Ramen Bar in the heart of Soho. Opened in 1964 and still one of Kings Cross’s best kept secrets. 80-year-old owner Leo Giordani hasn’t had a holiday in 22 years and his passion comes out in the quality produce he sells. There is no better place to buy salami, ham, olives, cheese, pasta, brand, wine and oils. Get there whilst you still can. INKLING TIP: TONKOTSU RAMEN: WITH SPRING ONION, CHASHU PORT (20 HOUR PORK BONE BROTH). WEAR A BIB. Every ingredient is sourced directly from Naples to bring a truly authentic Italian Pizza to the streets of Soho. f you don’t use San Marzano tomatoes, it isn’t pizza. Fact. Add to that the wonderful innovation of Prosecco on tap and the classic Aperol Spritz and you have a winning combination. INKLING TIP: NDUJA: MARGHERITA WITH NDUJA (A SPICY, CALABRIAN PARK SAUAGE) FOUR / 13 UPSTAIRS AT THE TEN BELLS Originally a 3 month pop-up by Young Turks, Upstairs at the Ten Bells was so popular it is now a permanent restaurant and retains three chefs from the original line-up. The menu changes every week but sticks to seasonal, modern British and a wonderful location in Spitalfields. INKLING TIP: WITH AN EVER-CHANGING MENU OUR TIP IS GO FOR THE FISH, IT NEVER LETS YOU DOWN. INKLING TIP: THE ITALIAN MEATS, GREEN OLIVES AND HARD ITALIAN CHEESES – BARGAIN! 08/ With a promise of the ‘Best of British’ ingredients Damson & Co is tapping in to the renewed confidence and pride in Britsh cuisine and it doesn’t disappoint. Beautiful food and drink with a very relaxed atmosphere both day and night. A great place for a little one on one catch up. INKLING TIP: TALK TO THE STAFF. THEY ARE SUPER KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS AND CAN BE TRUSTED TO POINT YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FROM SPARKLING ENGLISH WINES, BEAUTIFUL FRESH SEAFOOD AND PUNCHY CHEESES. Another Endurance pop-up alumni, Mother Clucker’s converted army ambulance has been putting pride and quality back into the much maligned Fried Chicken shop. The perfect antidote to all the Turkey and especially good on a hangover. INKLING TIP: THEY MOVE AROUND A LOT SO FIND OUT WHERE THEY ARE NEXT ON TWITTER @CLUCK_YOU NINE For all the hype surrounding Meat Liquor and Lucky Chip, we have to admit that our favourite burger in the capital has to be Patty & Bun. From the amazing pop-up at the Endurance to the restaurant just off Oxford Street, they are delicious. INKLING TIP: WINGER WINGER CHICKEN DINNER: SMOKED CONFIT WINGS WITH BBQ SAUCE & SPRING ONIONS *** ENJOY! ***
  8. 8. 14 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 CONTRIBUTORS 15 REBECCA MARRIOTT Co-founder, We Love This A creative agency specialising in experiences, style & design. 2014 the year for craftsmanship Contemporary consumers have a much more considered approach to what they buy, and have displayed an increasing desire to support independent, local producers and craftsman. This trend started in 2013 but we see it gathering momentum in 2014. The growth of craft beer and the re-emergence of vinyl records are the first indicators people are embracing ‘craft’ again. YANNAKIS JONES Writer, Director & Educator Multi-award winning copywriter, Yannakis has recently started making documentaries for the likes of BMW. He is also a tutor at Central St Martins. I’m looking forward to a big year for British directors on the big screen. Gareth Edwards who made Monsters (2010) on pocket money has been given $160 million to do an epic reboot of Godzilla. This teaser trailer grabbed 10 million views in 2 days! At the artier end of the spectrum, ’Under the Skin’ Jonathan Glazer’s return to form with Scarlett Johansson as an alien running amok in Scotland. Trailers don’t come sexier or more enigmatic than this. Uncompromising Welsh martial arts action director (5 words not normally seen in the same sentence) Gareth Huw Evans will be back with RAID 2, ‘a story that begins two hours after the first movie ends’. We have also seen a refreshing shift in the alternative spaces used to reconnect people with products to promote this expanding trend. LIZZIE MABBOTT A.K.A HOLLOW LEGS Author & Blogger Voted the second best food blog in the UK in the Observer Food Monthly Award, in 2014 Lizzie will release her very first book. I’m looking forward to the anti-junk to counter-balance the style of food that dominated 2012 and 2013 – the interesting vegetables, more inventive vegetable preparations. Asian food in particular I hope - heavy on vegetables and light, bright and punchy flavours. Carefully-sourced and well reared meat is something I believe will carry on strong into 2014, since the horsemeat scandal unfolded this year. Rare breed meats (mangalitza pork seems to be all the rage) and specialist cuts will be top of the list for home cooks. TIM LINDSAY CEO, D&AD D&AD represents the global creative, design and advertising communities and celebrates brilliance in commercial creativity What am I most looking forward to in 2014? In a word, Brazil. Sao Paulo is one of the most exciting places in the world, with the most vibrant, buzzing and talented advertising and design sectors anywhere on the planet. It’s always a thrill to visit as they make D&AD feel very welcome. But overlay that with the World Cup and everything goes off the scale. Despite the evident misgivings of many Brazilians, it’ll be a fantastic tournament. TOM OXLEY ‘We Love This’ are right at the heart of this evolving passion and appreciation of artisan products. 2014 will see us organically merging local suppliers and produce with unique design led experiences, whilst intertwining the accessibility of the digital age. TOM OXLEY Photographer An established music photographer, Tom has pushed the boundaries of the art form with his Moving Portraits series featuring the likes of Liam Gallagher and many more. It’s going to be a predominantly image led year, where visually striking photographs and artwork, will capture the imagination of the public, more than any written word. Longer lenses and smaller HD cameras that can be put in previously inaccessible places, will ensure that global events such as the Winter Olympics, the World Cup and the centenary of the start of WWII, will place greater scrutiny on those in the limelight. Essentially, it will be the year of the close up. I’m looking forward to all the pre World Cup adverts from the major sporting brands. I expect them to be fun-filled, lively big budget powerhouses involving the best players at the tournament, focused on special boots/earrings/haircuts, whilst the players concentrate on a repertoire of tricks. Personally I’m excited about shooting the 4th instalment of my “Face to Face” series, but this time turning the lens on the photographers themselves. Some of the biggest and most influential image-makers on the planet, up close and in great detail. DR MARK RATNARAJAH CEO, FindMeHealth is a new independent UK comparison site offering choice, convenience and control to the growing numbers choosing private medical care. Growth of Healthcare Apps Health Insurance Providers and increasingly Employers will explore consumer-friendly mobile services such as healthcare-specific apps. Similarly, consumers are downloading apps in the demand for instant access, compelling content and userfriendly navigation to manage their chronic conditions such as diabetes and promote health and wellbeing. Customers will also use apps to access medical guidance online when they find themselves diagnosed with a medical conditions or concerned about specific symptoms without sacrificing the quality of treatment they receive. Big Data will shape provision Measurable clinical outcomes linked to customer behaviour and demand will help providers better prepare and optimise their service offering to customers and improve governance and clinical standards. Electronic user data, realtime customer feedback and socio-demographic profiling are becoming powerful tools to the healthcare industry, just as they have been in the retail industry for many years ‘Openess’ will drive Service Improvement A system of public feedback will reshape public and private health services. A number of platforms are allowing validated consumer feedback to measure user experience, recommendation and engagement by monitoring real-time information across a wide consumer audience. Information transparency and social media management will impact on brand perceptions and influence service quality.
  9. 9. 16 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 MUSIC 01/ 03/ 17 BONDAX | DEBUT ALBUM Bondax played our first Dog Days party for Hush Puppies way back in July and absolutely rocked the rooftop. At just 18 years old they are responsible for one of Inkling’s favourite mixes of 2013 with the brilliant “Introducing Mix” for Red Bull (see link) and they are now being labeled ‘The Next Disclosure’. We impatiently await the debut album. LISTEN HERE 02/ TOP 10 / MUSIC SOLANGE | NEW ALBUM Her big sister might be one of the biggest stars in the world but 2014 is looking like being the year Solange fully emerges from her sisters shadow. 2013 was officially her break out year with the excellent True EP and several UK festival slots which went down a storm. Since then she has done the sensible thing and got stuck into the studio and her new album has some wonderful sounding collaborations including Sampha (see below). Can’t wait for that one. SONGDROP | APP The new kid on the block, Songdrop is going up against some of the biggest names in the digital economy but never the less is starting to pick up a lot of buzz and traction. Pulling together your YouTube playlists, Bandcamp, Vimeo and Soundcloud links into one player means you can say goodbye to tabs and listen to tracks whenever you like. Sign up before all your friends do. 04/ AVALANCHES | NEW ALBUM 14 years ago Avalanches burst on the scene with the groundbreaking, and much copied, Since I left You and then went quiet. In the last 14 years there has been a lot of online gossip, mythology and false starts but 2014 is the year they finally deliver the sophomore release which Guardian journalist Nosheen Iqbal described recently on Twitter as “Exactly the same but in a really GOOD way’. 05/ ROYAL BLOOD | ON THE UP Every year a new act becomes the talk of the town. Sent down from on high to save rock music and a high adrenaline set of banging tunes and reputation for an awesome live show. Remember Wolfmother? Or the hype around The Vaccines. This year Royal Blood are the name on everyones lips and will be supporting the Arctic Monkeys’ Finsbury Park date this summer. Expect to see them on every “Best New Music” list this year.
  10. 10. 18 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 MUSIC TOP 10 / MUSIC 19 09/ 06/ 07/ 08/ FLYING LOTUS | NEW ALBUM It seems like we have already had a follow-up to 2012’s Until The Quiet Comes due to the prodigious work ethic of Steven Ellison. He has established one of the most innovative labels in America with Brainfeeder, as well as rapping alterego Captain Murphy, not to mention becoming a director and curator of his very own radio station in Grand Theft Auto V. This promises to be one of the defining albums of 2014. SPOTIFY | FREE TO MOBILE Spotify have changed their business model in an attempt to attract more young users with a free to mobile version of the music streaming site. We think that this is a big step change for marketeers everywhere and signals the return of a long forgotten art form, the radio ad. Where else can brands guarantee a captive youth audience? Let the creative revolution begin. SAMPHA | ON THE UP The voice behind the mask of SBTRKT steps out on his own two feet in 2014 with a solo album. Following a raft of collaborations including the aforementioned SBTRKT, Jessie Ware and Drake. Seriously one of the most beautiful and unique voices we have heard, we look forward to new material in 2014. 10/ BIPOLAR SUNSHINE | ON THE UP Selected by Rudimental as part of our Bacardi Beginnings campaign, things have just been going up and up ever since for Bipolar. First he was snapped up by Universal and has a debut album on the way Then Rudimental asked him to support their national tour and he recently announced his own national tour. A top guy who deserves all the success 2014 looks like it will bring him. DAVID BOWIE | TOUR? Rumours persist about the return to stage of David Bowie for the first time in 8 years. Reports suggest that AEG and Live Nation are in a huge bidding war for what would undoubtedly become the hottest ticket on planet earth. Fingers crossed we get to tick something off the Inkling Bucket List by seeing the great man live.
  11. 11. 20 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 CONTRIBUTORS 21 VICTORIA STEWART ANTON REYNEIRS With a CV taking in Saatchi & Saatchi, BBH & Glue, Anton has been focusing his expertise on developing Asian markets for BBDO. MICHELLE ROWLEY Co-founder, Kaibosh Kaibosh is a Scandinavian eyewear brand based in Oslo, they recently had a pop-up at Box Park and can be found in cool retailers from Berlin to Copenhagen and beyond. At Kaibosh we’re looking forward to helping more people change the way they feel about prescription eyewear. We’ve set out on a mission to make choosing and wearing eyewear more affordable and more fun by taking it out of the opticians and into the fashion world…We’ll also be launching the world’s first reversible sunglasses… FIND OUT MORE AT WWW.KAIBOSH.COM Editor, Dalstonist is designed to celebrate and track down the best of this city’s street food. Regional Planning Director, BBDO Singapore “I’m the bitch you hated, filth infatuated” blared out of my living room TV as I danced around in an O’Neill hoody, two sizes too big with a questionable undercut in the spring of 1996. That was literally the last time I was excited about a music video. Until now. Pharrell Williams’ 24 hours of interactive ‘happy’ along with Dylan’s digital channel swapping of ‘Like a rolling stone’ has brought the salivation back to film based music marketing. It’s the tip of a digital iceberg, but what an exciting hunk of the icernet it is. Cast aside for over a decade as a budget sapping indulgence, the music video now has the resurgent power to reinvigorate high end music production. The appearance of ‘interactive production’ featuring on music label’s cost estimates, is something I’m genuinely excited to see in 2014….. and I’ll have a better hair cut this time. MARK WILDING Food Editor, Evening Standard & Blogger, London Street Foodie Dalstonist is the leading source of local news and lifestyle information for 18-34 year olds in Dalston and the surrounding area. DAN RUTTLEY Founder, Monument London Monument creates content across platforms that people love to share. Vietnamese food in London We have probably all eaten good Vietnamese food in London over the last few years, but I think next year we will see even more, hot on the heels of two new fun Vietnamese eateries opening before Christmas and a host of books out about the subject. The reason it will be popular? It is fresh, fragrant, and a lot of it healthier than a lot of our other fast food, plus it hasn’t “hit the big time” yet in London in the same way that something like ramen noodles have. Concepts will be fun and so will the food... I look forward to the day when I don’t receive a press release about another fucking pop-up vintage cocktail bar with a sideline in craft beer and ‘street’ food. Surely there is only so much mileage in making a vacant shop look as shit as possible then serving drinks in jam jars? The insatiable demand for new authentic experiences presents a huge opportunity for anyone prepared to take risks and offer something truly different. Whether you work in food, nightlife, music, or all three, consider whether you are contributing anything new to the cultural landscape or merely following a well-worn formula. The Rise of Content on Handheld devices – mobile & tablet take over the YouTube space With the phablet now a world staple, I’m expecting YouTube upgrades to include more in-app functionality, linking videos to the wider (app) world, filling the mobile annotation void. We’ll have enhanced ability to tell live, on location stories across devices, especially in 4G environments. JONATHAN SHAKHOVSKOY Founder, Script Script is a music and content agency. Context is a big word for 2014. In music I hope that means getting beyond the technology of how music is delivered and back to what is delivered. The public debate over the merits of streaming services for music artists (Thank you Mr Yorke and Mr Byrne) and the growth of the use of apps as albums is symptomatic of the need for music artists to find a way to put the context back around their music - artwork, lyrics, moving image, interactivity. Dr Dre and Trent Reznor’s hotly anticipated Beats Music platform will attempt to provide one solution from January. GO TO: HTTPS://BEATSMUSIC.COM ROBERT WADDILOVE Head of Strategy, Across The Pond ATP is an award-winning creative agency specializing in online video content and channels for innovative brands. In 2014 we are most looking forward to brands being bold with how they approach video online. It’s the most engaging way to connect with audiences and we’re aware that it’s scary, as for many, it’s unchartered territory. Big questions marketeers have is how this new way to connect with audiences can provide good or better ROI from their marketing and media budgets as opposed to the traditional media platforms they are used to (and comfortable with). Creating content for YouTube audiences online has to be fully realised and not an afterthought of a TV campaign. It’s time to move past this. It’s time to get excited about starting the conversation. There’s no need to chase a TV audience; grow it natively online and let them feel part of it. The YouTube ecosystem is thriving and audiences are growing with it. It’s time for brands to join in the fun and really try new, interesting ways of informing, educating, entertaining, engaging and interacting with their audiences. ANDREW WILKIE Creative Partner, True Place We believe in creating bright new paths to true places because the greatest success comes from owning unique space. Doing your thing, your way. “Feeling the heat” Brazil will be big. The World Cup will be beautiful and fun, much like the locals. But there will be upsets. Belgium will win, unexpectedly. And that’s my hope and burning desire - 2014 will be a year of unexpected triumphs. Trends will be bucked and an unexpected but long overdue creative revolution will blindside us, leaving us gasping for breath. Its impact will ripple through the world of music, fashion, film and literature. It will be honest, spontaneous, visceral and scary (hurrah). Oh and John Cooper Clarke will, finally, be deservedly massive (and receive a knighthood).
  12. 12. 22 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 TOP 10 / FASHION / BEAUTY 23 FASHION/ BEAUTY O5 / VOGUE FESTIVAL O1 / KATE MOSS RETURNS TO TOPSHOP After a three-year hiatus, Kate Moss, the face of the British fashion industry is once again teaming up with her buddy Sir Philip Green at Topshop for a new collection which is set to hit stores in April. There is no doubt fashionistas will be vying (grabbing, snatching & bidding!) for a piece of Kate’s designs which are sure to set the tone for summer on the high street. O2 / GET IN THE SWING In fashion and beauty the obsession with 60s fashion continues for Spring/ Summer. Back brush your hair and get your flares out as Spring/Summer will once again welcome a myriad of 60s style favourites. Look to Raoul’s S/S catwalk for a wealth of inspiration or Emilia Wickstead’s colourful trapeze dresses. If that’s not enough to get you in the swing then head to David Bailey’s newest exhibition on show from February at the National Portrait Gallery. O3 / APPLE BRINGS IN THE FASHIONISTAS You only have to look through your Google glasses at designers like Diane Von Furstenburg or Henry Holland, who have showcased such trends on the catwalk, to understand the powerful impact technology is having on the fashion industry. And vice versa. With Apple having recently recruited Angela Ahrendts (former CEO of Burberry) and Paul Deneve (former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent) it seems highly indicative of the emphasis Apple will be placing on its wearable products in 2014 and how it is aiming to position its accessories. O4 / MAC X PEDRO LOURENCO With 2014’s Brazilian World Cup on everyones agenda it is interesting to see how brands not remotely associated with football will get in on the action. Cosmetics brand MAC has dabbed its perfectly shaped brush into the mix in a fitting collaboration with Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenco. And no we won’t see eyeshadows in blue, green and yellow. Like the brand, Lourenco is known for his bold and occassionally psychedelic styles so thankfully this is set to be a lot of more sophisticated. Back for its third year the Vogue Festival will once again be curating a stellar programme of talks and workshops at the Southbank Centre this March. Along with Vogue’s Fashion Night Out the last few years have seen Alexandra Shulman (Editor of British Vogue take big steps towards making high fashion more accessible and responsive to the masses. Last year saw Victoria Beckham, Mario Testino and Vivienne Westwood. Our eyes are peeled for who’s next. O6 / RYAN LO The bold designs of Ryan Lo led the way in the coveted Fashion East catwalk in September. A self-taught designer who supposedly learnt his skills from YouTube videos, he certainly made a statement with his quirky collection inspired by 1950s housewives and Sylvanian families for S/S 2014. Now he has been sponsored by NEWGEN to design a collection for A/W 2014. We say watch this space. O7 / SOFT PINK FEMININE FLORAL PRINTS It paints a clear picture about the Spring/Summer season when soft, pink, feminine, floral & prints were the most frequently used words across social media during the September catwalks. Pink has been a clear runner for a while – people have not moved on from that M&S coat. So expect pastels aplenty to lighten up our summers. O8 / ONLINE STYLE SESSIONS We’ve seen e-commerce sites take action “to break down the barriers between the brand and customers” – think about Ebay’s pop-up shop. But it all ended up being rather temporary. Well, ASOS have just upped their game with the launch of their free 15 minute live online styling sessions (launched on the 16th of December 2013 through Google helpouts). As the biggest high street brand not on the high street and it’s vast product range it seems rather fitting. Watch out as ASOS build and develop on this foundation for 2014. SEE HERE O9 / KANYE WEST X A.P.C Following his infamous interview with Zane Lowe no one can doubt Kanye West’s passion for fashion. When asked why he was focusing more on fashion than music Kanye responded with– “It’s not illegal to not listen to music. It’s illegal to walk around naked”. Poignant. Having given Fendi the idea for the leather jogging pants, we shall wait with baited breath for what his collection with A.P.C will serve up in 2014. Hedi Slimane will be shaking in his boots. 10 / ART ATTACK There is no doubt that designers look to the masters of the past and present for inspiration when pulling together their creations. And painted across the catwalk for Spring/Summer are influences from them all, including Mondrian and Matisse. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that they are both exhibiting at the Tate in 2014.
  13. 13. 24 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 BEST OF FRIED GOLD 2013 25 BEST OF FRIED GOLD 2013 SIGN UP TO FRIED GOLD AT WWW.THISISINKLING.COM FOR THE VERY BEST CREATIVE CULTURE FROM AROUND THE WORLD JAN FEB MAR APRIL MAY JUNE GREENPEACE THE LAST BAR FIGHT PRINTABLE CLOTHING OK GO ANAR OFFICE TURNTABLE Crowdsourcing meets environmental activism in this ‘spoof’ campaign aimed at exposing one major corporation involved in shady activities. Clever. The greatest video game of all time is surely one that rewards its winners with beer. Welcome to the Beercade Machine: a damn fun place to hang out. Amazing invention by Joshua Harris, where the future could be printable clothing. Just wait until brands start making clothing cartridges. Mind. Blowing... OK Go team up with Sony on an ambitious and exciting mission to create an audiovisual representation of the Aurora Borealis. In a bid to help young people in trouble, a child abuse charity has taken a fresh approach by creating billboards that look different to children and adults. Analog meets digital yet again in Kontor Records’ latest endeavor: a vinyl record in an envelope that actually transforms into a working turntable. SEE HERE PLAY HERE SEE HERE SEE HERE SEE HERE SEE HERE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC SPRINKLER DARKSIDE ENFOJER DUPE MICROSOFT BOMPASS & PARR In case you hadn’t heard- the sun is set to SHINE this weekend. And that’s fantastic timing for Juicy Water, who invite you to enjoy their super-sized water sprinkler in Victoria Park. The people behind Wallace and Gromit create a new set of videos celebrating the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s classic Dark Side Of The Moon album. Digital meets analogue as Enfojer creates a functional home photo lab where you can develop your smartphone photos into print using traditional techniques. Do you buy bottled water? This clever stunt might make you think twice. Copyright beware, Microsoft are launching a game changer app. Scan an object. Turn it into a 3D model. Send it to your 3D printer so it will be ready for you when you get home. Bompass & Parr seem to be the PR agency ‘get out of jail free card’ these days but you can’t deny this sounds like a great way to see in the New Year. SEE HERE PLAY HERE SEE HERE SEE HERE PLAY HERE SEE HERE
  14. 14. 26 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 01/ TOP INKLING MOMENTS OF 2013 08/ BENEFIT TEMPTATION TELEPHONE: APRIL On a sunny day in April Inkling rewarded the people of London with a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the leading lady, but only if they were brave enough to answer the Temptation Telephone. SEE HERE 02/ 09/ CUTTY SARK BRAND FILM: JULY Possibly the strangest shoot we have ever been on, it took four hours to set up the first shot and it was over in less than 0.4 seconds. Resulting in nearly 7 minutes of footage which we are sure you will agree looks beautiful. N.B. Some chairs may have been hurt in the making of this film. Zero CGI used. 10/ SEE HERE 03/ 04/ 05/ 27 BACARDÍ BEGINNINGS 24 A&R: JULY In just 12 hours double chart toppers Rudimental and Biploar Sunshine wrote, recorded, released and performed a brand new track to get BACARDÍ Beginnings 2013 off to a flying start. WOODLAND: SEPTEMBER Inkling’s first ever Indian client, Woodland are an iconic outdoor clothing brand and our campaign Adventurer Wanted gave the Woodland community the chance to experience once in a lifetime adventures. It lead to an extra 250,000 Facebook likes and had over 3,000,000 interactions (from just 2.5m likes) in just 6 weeks. VFX: NOVEMBER 2013 saw the festival expand from 4 nights to 2 weeks but that still didn’t stop the Inkling team selling out each and every one. Highlights included an exclusive screening of Gravity in association with Framestore and coverage in one of the PR Holy Grails, Metro’s In Focus. BACARDÍ BEGINNINGS AV TO 3D: DECEMBER A blockbuster year at Inkling was ended with a true innovation for the final leg of BACARDÍ Beginnings 2013. Kele (Bloc Party) and Bobbie Gordon supplied the music and we created the world’s first-ever 3D printed vinyl record store. Kate Moross designed a limited run of sleeves for each vinyl and all the proceeds went to Nordorff Robbins. WILDERNESS FESTIVAL: AUGUST Wilderness was the very first Inkling client, year one we won best new festival, year two best small festival and this year, following a lot of hard work from a very dedicate press office, we were all able to celebrate selling out for the first time. Roll on 2014… HUSH PUPPIES DARKROOM: AUGUST We were inspired by the wonderful Life Magazine for this wonderful pop-up on London’s Brick Lane, the home of London photography, which enabled consumers to hire an analogue camera and develop they’re very own images over the bank holiday weekend. 06/ BACARDÍ: BEATS PER MINUTE: AUGUST The second installment of BACARDÍ Beginnings brought together Toddla T and Roses Gabor to create a new track. This time we released only the first beat before the track was gradually unlocked via social media interactions one beat at a time through the BPM app. 07/ CUTTY CARGO: SEPTEMBER At the end of the festival season we launched the first Cutty Cargo event in London celebrating the best of creative culture in the capital with Jessie Ware, Duke Dumont, Meat Liquor, It’s Nice That, Miss Polly Rae and many more. Next stop New York… TOP INKLING MOMENTS OF 2013/
  15. 15. 28 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 INKLING PARTNER THOUGHTS ON 2014 INKLING THOUGHTS ON 2014/ DAVID PROUDLOCK Creative Director, Inkling My big prediction for 2014 is that it will be a year of change. May 7th marks the one year countdown for the next general election and the start of a series of debates that will question the very fabric of British society from the future of the NHS, Scottish independence, financial and economic systems, immigration and our role on both a European and global scale. These are massive questions and I believe they will, finally, result in the great outpouring of creative talent we were promised on the back of the recession. Political and social turmoil has inspired some of the greatest and most important art ever from the countercultural movement of 60’s America and punk right here in 70s Britain. Like him or loathe him (personally I am rather fittingly apathetic) Russell Brand appears to have struck a cord with a younger generation, and even more incredibly, he has woken the all too comfortable creative class to finally express a point of view beyond selling their product. Fingers crossed today’s artists might have something to say about the big questions we all face beyond the dating game, money or celebrity. A YEAR OF CHANGE. What does this mean for our business? Well I think this sense of change is already permeating progressive marketing organisations and it is only going to increase in speed. Key to this change will be the progression of ‘generation-y’ into positions with decision-making power. Why? Because they are the first truly digital generation and the ones most likely to rewrite the old rules, devised in the Madmen era and led by TV and advertising agencies. A new, fluid way of working is coming, led by this new wave of decision makers, with big, sticky ideas taking centre stage where any agency can lead brands to greatness. Experience can no longer be measured in years served. 29 ‘CONTENT IS KING’ WILL PARKINSON Managing Director, Inkling THE RISE OF THE ROBOTS ‘Content is King’ is one of classic marketing clichés of our generation but at what cost to experiential marketing? 60% of the UK population now owns a smartphone and it’s no wonder that we are engulfed by the glow of screens in the air at the majority of events we attend - from gigs and festivals to sporting events and even school plays. This means audiences are paying record ticket prices to watch a very low-res version of a performance on a screen 10x smaller than the TV in their living room. Both the Rolling Stones and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have recently taken the step to ban mobile phone usage during live performances out of respect for the artists but also to ensure the most important element of the experience is maintained, the atmosphere. Why are audiences doing this? FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and the vain hope that you are recording something truly unique and of value to your social circle. However, the reality is a video you will probably watch two or three times as a wonderful live show passes you by, rather than the next viral smash hit. What does this mean for experiential marketing? Well, I believe that brands need to resist the temptation to simply document live experiences to complete the hygiene factor of ‘branded content’ in favour of a narrative lead approach to content that not only adds value to consumers in attendance but also for those who couldn’t make it. We must always start by asking ‘why will a consumer watch this?’ Rather than ‘what can we capture?’. This new approach to experiential and content will blur the lines of both and will transform powerful experiences into engaging content. JONO MARCUS Digital Director, Inkling What excites me most for 2014 is the rise of the robots, when we hit the point when artificial intelligence will have permanently outpaced the capabilities of human intelligence. I mean that is exciting right? The Cybermen haven’t start destroying our towns and villages yet, but marketing automation is one of the fastest growing sectors of the technology industry, growing at 11.8% in 2012 according to the IDC 2012 Worldwide Marketing Automation Vendor Share Report. Better marketing automation allows marketeers to finally use the realms of data coming in from and about customers to learn about their audiences as efficiently as possibly. This shortcuts a lot of the waste in the process of working out what forms of communication should be sent, who they should be sent to and when. So let the robots loose I say! Though you might want to remember that it will probably not be until 2030 that robots will actually be able to craft appealing content using the information they can process so well, which is when the point of singularity* will finally have hit. And if a robot still can’t come up with ideas that make people laugh, cry, smile and share yet; then we humans will still be in a job in 2014. “... you just can’t differentiate between a robot and the very best of humans.” Isaac Asimov, I, Robot
  16. 16. 30 INKLING REPORT / LOOKING FORWARD TO 2014 THINGS TO DO 31 06/ 07/ 08/ 01/ 02/ 03/ 04/ 05/ THE PHOTOGRAPHERS GALLERY: BURROUGHS, WARHOL, LYNCH What links together William S. Burroughs, Andy Warhol and David Lynch? Well, apart from being some of the 20th century’s most iconic creative forces they were all keen photographers on the side. Three exhibitions running concurrently at The Photographers Gallery, near Oxford Circus, gather archive material together for a series of revealing shows. BAILEY STARDUST: THE NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Possibly the most iconic photographer in history, Bailey Stardust promises to be one of the hottest gallery tickets in town in 2014. The great man himself has selected and printed 250 images of a career photographing the great and the good in fashion, music, famous, infamous and the general public. RICHARD HAMILTON: TATE MODERN A much over due first retrospective of one of the founding fathers of Pop-Art, Richard Hamilton who sadly died in 2011. The exhibition will include iconic pieces including: Fun House - an immersive room combining images from movie posters, magazines and art history as well as his depiction of Mick Jagger in the series Swingeing London 67. PIXAR IN CONERT: ROYAL ALBERT HALL Sadly there will be no new Pixar film in 2014 but fear not as the Royal Albert Hall host the UK Premiere of Pixar in Concert where giant high-definition images of all the classic characters from Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Wall-e and many more accompany a classic score performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orhestra. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Expect Shakespeare to be high on the cultural agenda in 2014 as the country celebrates his 450th birthday. Benedict Cumberbatch makes his first stage appearance since Frankenstein playing the lead role in Hamlet, Mark Rylance takes on Richard III and no doubt Kenneth Branagh will have something up his sleeve. 09/ 10/ TOUR DE FRANCE: LONDON Not since 2007 has London held a stage of the Tour de France and the sport of cycling has been through nothing short of a revolution in the UK in the last 7 years. Team GB have dominated two Olympic games, Team Sky have won back to back tours and participation is at a all time high across the country. Expect London to come to a stand still for the day. Let’s hope Boris uses to occasion to sort out the dismal facilities available to cyclists in the capital. FIRST FLIGHT ON VIRGIN GALACTIC It is here at last!!! I feel like I have been in a million brainstorms in my career on this very topic. Virgin Galactic will finally blast into outer space in 2014 with the first flight penciled in for August. NBC are going to broadcast the flight live and no doubt the Hollywood glitterati will be joining Richard Branson and family. With tickets costing $250,000 I think this might drop off our to do list. DISOBEDIENT OBJECTS: V&A The V&A always produce exhibitions that force you to reappraise what you have seen before and appreciate it in a new light and 2014’s Disobedient Objects promises to do just that. Examining the powerful role of objects in movements for social changes, this promises to be an excellent journey taking in Suffragettes, apartheid, the Berlin Wall and many more. SHERLOCK HOLMES: MUSEUM OF LONDON 2014 is going to be heavy on the enduring Arthur Conan Doyle character, The Mark Gatiss reboot will be back on our screens as well as this exhibiton which promises to ‘delve into the brain of one of the most famous Londoners of all time”. DENNIS HOPPER: THE LOST ALBUM: ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS We were very sad to hear of the passing of Dennis Hopper in 2010. A true one of a kind: counterculture icon, actor, director, artist and general drugs fuelled lunatic. Only discovered after his death, Burlington Gardens bring together 400+ photographs documenting America’s cultural and social life. Sure to be a fascinating and unique slant on the American dream.
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